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Movies & TV SeriesAmerican Wedding (2003): Some Known Facts of This Movie

American Wedding (2003): Some Known Facts of This Movie

I almost lost my popcorn.  The fact that I did not have any popcorn is probably the only reason I didn’t.  The raunchy American Pie series reaches the pinnacle of its gross-out history (as it should) in its third and—supposedly—final chapter, American Wedding.

A lot has changed since the first American Pie took multiplex audiences by a gross-out storm in 1999.  In fact, Alyson “This one time, at band camp” Hannigan is the only one of the lead female stars remaining from the original.  It’s a shame because have you seen Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth or Mena Suvari in anything elseof note lately?  The same can be said of the lone member of the guys who didn’t return, Chris Klein (Rollerball? Please).

The third movie, as you might expect, follows the wedding of Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Hannigan) from the embarrassing proposal to the ceremony that almost did not happen.  The wedding preparations take our characters through a gay bar dance-off, an encounter between in-laws and strippers, a distasteful new kind of cake icing and a ring caked in, um, “chocolate truffle.”  But I mean, hey, doesn’t everybody’s?

There are plenty of big laughs in this film and sometimes I almost fell out of my seat.  In fact, I laughed harder in this film than I did in either of the first two films.  Even when the film had me on the verge of losing my popcorn, I was still laughing my head off.

The only real problem that I had with the film was that it seemed to focus less on the couple getting married and more on the character of Stifler (Sean William Scott), despite Jim and Michelle’s efforts to not invite him.  I have a problem with this because I tend to find Stifler more annoying than funny, but fortunately he provides some of this film’s biggest laughs.

Also funny, as you would expect, is Eugene Levy as Jim’s Dad.  His advice scenes to Jim are some of the series’ most memorable moments and in this chapter he even gets to give advice to his new daughter-in-law.

There were times in American Wedding when I went for awhile without laughing, but the big laughs were more than enough to make up for it.  I give it a B+.

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