10 Ways to Style Your Simple Denim Shirt

ways to style your simple Denim shirt

Our closet comprises dresses to skirts, series of blouses to overcoats and a bunch of bottoms wears. But among all, the Denim shirt is our BFF. How can we rock casual, boho, and street-chic with one single clothing? The answer to this query is our favourite pieces of denim.

Ever wondered how can style icons and fashion models awe the world with their simple yet stylish denim shirt? No worries, we can pave your way through the gateways of being a fashionista with these simple hacks to style your denim shirt.

Here are the 10 ways to style your Denim shirt for your everyday glam look:

Denim-on-Denim look

This look is simple yet stylish. It will set major fashion goals as it is comfortable, free, and yet so stylish. One can pull this look up especially on work days and a sunny and bright day out. It brims out casual looks in a trendy and classy manner to bring the fashionable you.

One need to pair a denim shirt with similar denim jeans. One can also contrast it with light-colored or dark shaded jeans to give a color contrast feast to eyes. A pair of sunglasses along with oxfords or sneakers would give the casual-chic trend.

Denim as a jacket

Who said Denim shirt use is limited? They might not go through the latest trends viral this year of using it as a jacket. This gives you the carefree chic look engulfed in sophistication. One can easily pull this outfit for college and outdoors.

One can pair a denim shirt with a tank top or tube vest as a jacket and jeans. Accessories this outfit with a hat or a simple pendant jewellery. This outfit will top your favourites and you will thank us sooner.

Denim dress

Denim dress must be tried out by girls. It brings the uber-feminine you and represents your fun-loving personality. It’s so simple yet so sleek one. It’s a perfect outfit for your brunches and day out with your girls.

Pair your favourite denim shirt with a floral print or simple dress. You can access it with a bright colour belt and beads as jewellery to go super stylish. One can even pair it up with strappy flats or boots to go boholicious.

Denim and shorts

This super easy and simple fashion idea can make you the trendsetter and is a no-brainer at all. This look can be pulled off in summer seasons even in winters with super ease without burning a hole in your wallet. This street style is the latest style that brings your adventurous and rock chic style.

One can pair their denim shirt with bright or contrasting cotton shorts. Girls, you can accessories them with chunky neckpiece as a style statement and sneakers or boots. Complete this whole look with a side handbag or a cool backpack.

Denim and skirts

Ever wonder how to get a classy look without being overdressed for a sunny day out? No worries. We can certainly help you with it. The simple solution to this query is the combination of denim and skirts. This outfit is the embodiment of elegance, casual style, and beauty all in one. It will help you awe the streets with a sporty as well chic look.

One needs to pair up their favourite skirts, were it floral prints, midi, or maxi skirts. Sport up this look with white sneakers along with your favourite chunky neckpiece. A denim shirt also looks great paired up with a tulip or pencil black skirt. This outfit will give you major fashion goals informal meetings and workplaces too.

Leather on denim

When you have two knights together on your side, it calls for an easy victory. In the fashion world, leather and denim are definitely warriors to fight at your side. This looks like a difficult combination. But this outfit will certainly give you the desired street style look that you yearned.

Pair up your denim as bottom wear and a leather jacket. Pull off this look with leather pants and boots. Further, accessories the look with a blanket scarf. Ideal for winter this look will help you melt hearts by your highway.

Denim as a tie-up

Denim can be used as an excellent accessory in your outfits. This uplifts the style statement changing your boring, dull clothes into something trendy. Surprised?

Tie up your denim shirt with just a simple knot on your waist pairing it up with any bottom wear like jeans or shorts. pull off this look with plimsolls. Accessories this look with geek glasses or sunglasses. Sport this adventurous and casual look on weekends, vacations, and even on a picnic.

Denim as a formal wear

Denim is always thought of as representing a casual and street look. But little do people know its use as formal wear. Denim is even trendy in the formal sphere. They are super comfortable and paired with the right clothing that embodies elegance and sophistication.

Pair up your denim shirt with dress pants, tucking it in. You can wear pumps or ballets along with it. Pull off this high fashion corporate look with a leather tote bag or handbag. This will help you steal glances even at your workplace.

Denim and joggers

This combination of outfits is one of my favourite. Super easy, comfortable, and yet so much class in one single combination. This style idea is perfect for girls who want to stay stylish at low maintenance. With the bonus of easy to carry out on every occasion. Treat indeed!

One can pair up your denim shirt tucked in a simple skinny jogger for this look. Accessories this look with converse sneakers and sunglasses. One can also enhance this outfit with a trendy backpack.

Denim and floral prints

This is one of the stylish but rarely applied fashion ideas among girls. Mostly female sapiens are doubtful regarding this style hack. So here we are to bid adieu to your doubts. Denim and floral prints are one of the fresh style ideas which are trending all over this year in fashion pages. This look creates a tinge of casual yet feminine touch intertwined with lots of style and elegance.

Pair up your favourite denim shirts with floral prints trousers and ballets. Accessories this look with chokers or pendants along with bracelets to adorn your look. One can also pull off this look with a stylish evening clutch.

Thus, above are certain fashion ideas one can pair up with a Denim shirt. This will certainly help win hearts and set out major fashion goals with these simple yet stylish tricks.


10 All time Fashion Essentials for Wardrobe Makeover

All time Fashion Essentials for Wardrobe Makeover

Fashion is not a child’s play. It comes with trending up old resources into something unique in art. Most styles and trends change with the passage of time just like seasons. This leads to the most asked question “How to stay glamorous all seasons?” The answer is certain basic fashion essentials which will never let your style go out of time and will form your closet classics. This will solve your problem by getting dressed up in the mornings without any doubts on what to wear and are the basic foundation of your wardrobe.

So here are the ten basic fashion essentials which will give your wardrobe a makeover that will help you melt hearts all seasons-

Denim diva

What is the best outfit to bring out the casual chic in you? Denims. Denims are the most trusted fashion essentials for every season. It gives you the sleek casual look for your workdays or outings with friends. Pair it with a fitted jeans to style and comfort. A denim shirt can also be worn with a maxi dresses or skirts of any kind to give you the perfect boho look. Its your BFF in every fashion hack you try.

Vivid scarfs

One can paint the boring work clothes with a tinge of colours by scarfs. Scarfs are embodiment of femininity and bring confidence in you. No wonder the girl in green scarf found hard to part with it in the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. It can be paired with everything from shirts to leather jackets. It’s the basic essential which can bring out casual to fusion styles as a trendsetter.

Perfect jeans

It is the most concrete foundation of your closet. Be it boyfriend jeans, high-waist or flared, it can be matched up with a series of blouses to give you the chic look. One can also pair Kurtis. It can also be paired with leather jackets and blazers to give a rock-chic and formal look respectively. It brings out the definiteness of your lower body frame with super comfortableness. It is a closet classic that every woman wants in this planet.


How can a man look perfect gentleman without a tuxedo? It is a must in a man’s closet for special occasions. It may be used only on auspicious or grand events, but it never fails to leave a mark in the minds of beholder. It excavates confidence in you and also adds some sparks to your charms. It can be paired up with matching trousers and tie and cufflinks to give you the perfect gentleman look.

Sun-kissed Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is a must in everyone’s closet be it a man or woman. It benefits are numerous. It saves our eyes from the harsh sunlight with giving you the classy look you desired. Matched with any outfit, it beams up your glam looks and acts as an ultimate style statement.

Hello, sneakers

Shoes are the most important fashion essentials without which your wardrobe cannot be complete. And sneakers can never be out of fashion. Designed with super comfortable features and style, it holds your foundation of casual look. It can be paired with jeans to skirts and dresses and help you pull of the free and casual look. Nowadays, different kinds of sneakers like plimsolls, classic converse etc acts further as trendsetter.

White Tee

It comes with comfort and style which are never out for trend. Designed with cool graphics and patterns, one can easily pull this with patched jeans or joggers for an outing with friends. White tee can worn on any occasion without burning a hole in your wallet. It’s comfortable and never let you compromise with your style. Concrete promise isn’t?

3.LBD Love-Our closet has a special room for clothes that take us in style to brunches,dates and parties. That room holds a prominent place for little black dresses. Be it a halter, bodycon, skater or lace designed, our love for little black dresses would never go away. It’s your savior in parties, dinners and brunches. It brings out the confident and glam diva in you. Pair them up with studded earrings and a pair of silhouettes heels, and beholders’ eyes will sing praises of you in that evening.

Leather jackets

A trend sets in the nineties forms the basic foundation of your closet. With passage of time, this fashion idea is incorporated in every basic clothing. Leather jackets are so in fashion for both men and women. Men can pair them up for casual look with tattered jeans and boots or sneakers to rock the winter look.

Women can pair them with jeans, dresses and even skirts-midi or maxi, to pull off a fusion and casual look. One can also use a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. So many benefits in one single clothing!

Glamorous jewellery

Girls, let some sparkle in your daily outfits by a style-statement jewellery. This not only provides as an ultimate glamour in your clothes but also enhances your body features. It brings out the charms of your face with the beauty of your collar-bones on your neck. A simple outfit can be turned into a glamorous fashion piece by adding a style statement neckpiece or studded earrings.

One can add chokers to simple pendants or even chunky neckpieces to your wardrobe, paired with dresses, skirts, gowns and ethnic outfits.

A simple or stone-studded earrings can add a little sparkle to your personality and looks if paired with jeans, kurtis, blouses, skirts, and dresses. However, gold earrings can do wonders in your ethnic looks to give you the glamour of the evening.

These are the certain 10 all time favourite closet classics which can never go out of trend. Your wardrobe goals can never be fulfilled without these fashion essentials. Seasons may change but the glam and style set by these fashion essentials would never change. They help you pull off any look with an ease and style. Adding them in your closet would be an investment without any liability. If shopping gives you happiness, adding these fashion essentials will give you style and glam without compromising with your budget. This calls for a perfect combination of good things. Then add them in your closet, for a perfect makeover of your personality and the fashionable you.