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American Graffiti (1973): Facts to Know About This Movie

It may not be the best movie ever made (I give that honor to Casablanca), but it’s the one I like to call my favorite. American Graffiti is such a powerful nostalgia picture that it makes me nostalgic for a time period that I didn’t even live in. The movie was a labor-of-love created by writer/director George Lucas based on memories of his teenage years. The movie became a huge success, gave Lucas the clout to film Star Wars and laid the groundwork for the future careers of Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Cindy Williams, Harrison Ford and others.

The protagonists of American Graffiti are Curt Henderson (Dreyfuss) and Steve Bolander (Howard). Both are scheduled to head back east for college the next morning. Steve is anxious to get out of his small town, but Curt is thinking of staying put. The two will spend the entire night changing their minds.

The movie also follows the adventures of two of their friends: Terry the Toad (Charles Martin Smith) and John Milner (Paul Le Mat). Both boys spend the night cruising the streets of Modesto, looking for action. The geeky Terry strikes it rich with Debbie (Candy Clark), the adventurous type who finds herself attracted to Terry’s intelligence (or is it the car?).  John is not so looking, winding up in the company of Carol (Mackenzie Phillips), someone’s younger sister who is just that: young. This doesn’t sit well for Milner, who has a reputation to keep. This reputation includes him being an undefeated drag racer, a title that is being threatened by an out-of-town hot rodder (Ford).

The movie bounces back and forth between the four boys and their girlfriends as they have one more night of summer high jinks before separating. It will be a wild night filled with pranks, robberies, make-out sessions, drag races, alcohol, car thefts, sock hops and fist fights.

The plot thread that holds the most meaning for me is that of Curt. Desperate to find the “dazzling beauty I have been looking for all my life,” Curt happens to come across a hot blonde in a White T-Bird who mouths to him an “I-Love-You.”  For Curt, the rest of the movie is a romantic quest as he searches by the blonde, only to be sidetracked by ex-girlfriends, hoodlums and stalled cars. In the end, he seeks the help of the popular Disc Jockey Wolfman Jack.

I’ve heard Wolfman Jack compared with the Wizard in The Wizard of Oz. For the entire film the Wolfman has been built up as some all-powerful figure. Rumors about the Wolfman spread all over the streets and even when Curt visits him, he pretends to be someone else. However, when Toto pulls back the curtain on the radio wizard, Curt learns that he is just a normal person, just like everyone else. The Wolfman grants Curt’s request, playing a dedication to the blonde that results in Curt getting to speak with the girl of his dreams. By this time, however, the events of the previous night have given Curt the courage to face the unknown.

Made ten years after it takes place, American Graffiti is a nostalgia picture in the best way.  It is like a time capsule of the 1960s before it was drastically altered by the assassination of JFK and the Vietnam War. Seeing it today, the movie generates even more nostalgia than it did when first released. It reminds us of a time when the worst things teenagers did was to cherry bomb toilettes, sneak cigarettes and steal change from the local arcade. In a time period where most teenagers must pass through metal detectors to get to class, the world of American Graffiti looks downright wonderful.

Although the movie may fall in the same genre as many inferior high school movies, American Graffiti’s hidden depths rise the film above the rest. In between all the pranks and misadventures, Lucas fills the film with some smart messages. For instance, the movie puts a lot of emphasis on driving and its climactic scene features a drag race. However, during a key scene, John walks Carol through the car graveyard, giving a running narration on just how each car crashed and how many people were killed. While his movie may focus on mischief, Lucas doesn’t fail to point out the consequences.

The movie also serves as a tribute to the Rock & Roll music that Lucas grew up with. He fills the movie almost wall-to-wall with songs from the 50s and early 60s. I sometimes feel that the character of John Milner serves as the stand-in for Lucas himself; and when Milner tells us that “Rock & Roll has been going downhill ever since Buddy Holly died,” we know just how Lucas feels.

It wasn’t too long ago that American Graffiti still held the record for being the most profitable film. That means it made the most money in relation to its budget.  It’s a shame that it had to be dethroned by a movie so far beneath it (The Blair Witch Project). Made on a very limited budget, Lucas was forced to film the movie in a style that was unique at the time. The almost documentary style lends a certain authenticity to the film, which only helps add to the nostalgic feeling of the film.

The movie received five Oscar nominations—Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actress (Clark), Screenplay and Editing—but walked away empty handed. Talk about getting your hopes up, it is said that Lucas stood up when the Best Director was announced as “George . . .” only to embarrassedly sit down win it finished “. . . Roy Hill.”

Having the benefit of being a nostalgia picture, American Graffiti hasn’t aged a bit. It remains one of the most delightful, humorous, touching and quietly powerful films ever made. I have no shame in calling it my favorite movie. It’s a classic, it gets an A+.

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Adaptation (2002) Review: Things To know About the Movie

If ever there were a movie that you could call “loosely based” on an existing source, Adaptation is it. It all started when screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (Being John Malkovich) was given the job of adapting Susan Orlean’s book, “The Orchid Thief.” Unable to figure out how to turn the book into a movie, Kaufman put himself into the screenplay. The resulting film has less to do with “The Orchid Thief” and more to do with Kaufman’s attempts to adapt it.

Kaufman (Nicolas Cage) was convinced that he could write the screenplay without turning it into a Hollywood thing. He was determined not to include sex, car chases, characters overcoming huge obstacles and all those other cliché plot devices, but rather to create a totally unique and original story. Unfortunately, with his agent and his producer (Tilda Swinton) breathing down his neck, Charlie agonizes over the script, hardly writing a thing.  To make matters worse, his less talented and less intelligent brother Donald (also Cage) has just sold his first screenplay.

The movie bounces back and forth in time and between Kaufman and Susan Orlean (Meryl Streep) in her efforts to write a New Yorker story on an Orchid lover named John Laroche (Chris Cooper). Laroche has found a way to steal the endangered flower off of nature reserves by recruiting the help of local Indians, for whom it is not illegal to steal the Orchids.  Orlean is a sophisticated New Yorker, but she begins to develop an attraction to the rugged, toothless Laroche.

Meanwhile, Kaufman—still unable to write a thing—is developing a crush of his own on Susan. He travels to New York in hopes of meeting and getting to know her, but his own insecurities—which he has many—keep him from talking to her. Desperate, Charlie enlists the help of his brother and reluctantly attends a screenwriting seminar in which lecturer Robert McKee (Brian Cox) teaches young screenwriters how to take apart old movies and rehash them into new screenplays.

The first half of Adaptation is just as jumbled as the thoughts that go through Charlie’s mind—revealed to us in a hilarious voice-over—as he tries to write. The movie starts during the filming of director Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman’s last film, Being John Malkovich, jumps all the way back to the beginning of time, moves back to Kaufman, and then to Orlean’s original interviews with Laroche and back again to the beginning of time, etc. As the movie moves on it begins to become more streamlined and straightforward.  Not mistakenly the movie really takes shape once Charlie asks Donald to help him with the screenplay. I never could figure out which direction this movie was taking me, but I eagerly awaited each new step. The movie’s final act is ironically amusing and probably the most fitting ending of any movie I have seen all year.

In the end, it seems Kaufman has succeeded in creating the unique movie he set out to do.  Adaptation is probably the most original movie to come out since, well, Being John Malkovich. Not only is it an absorbing, compelling and hilariously funny film in itself, but it is also a documentary on its own creation. No need for a “Making of” featurette, when this movie comes out on DVD, we have already seen it. This movie had me completely absorbed from the very beginning and it never let up until it ended. I could never quite figure out which direction it was going to take me, but I could not wait to find out.

Nicolas Cage delivers a brilliant performance as the two brothers. He has so completely developed the two characters that we never get confused which is which. Aided by the excellent trick photography, I had to keep reminding myself that, yes, that is the same actor playing both parts. Meryl Streep also gives a terrific performance, showing off both a lighter side and a darker side that we aren’t used to seeing from the actress. Still, stealing the show is Chris Cooper, who is darkly hilarious as the thieving flower lover. This performance surpasses his own scene-stealing performance as the homophobic Marine with a secret in American Beauty, as one of the best supporting performances in recent memory.

Adaptation succeeds on all levels and seems destined to be an Oscar contender.  For my money, it is definitely one of the best movies of the year.  I give it an A.

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Alien (1979) :Facts to Know About This Movie

The scariest movie ever made?  Maybe, maybe not, but for my money it is definitely in the top 5. When you come right down to it, director Ridley Scott’s second film (following 1977’s The Duellists) is simply a haunted house movie set in space. Throughout his career, Scott has been very good at combining a couple of tried-and-true genres and, in effect, creating an entirely new genre in the process. Immediately following the horror and science-fiction mixture of Alien, Scott would make Blade Runner, a film that combines the science-fiction genre with film noir.

In recent years Scott has created a number of memorable, Oscar-winning films including Thelma & LouiseBlack Hawk Down and Gladiator, but Alien is the movie that started it all and it can be easily argued that it remains his best. Sure the Alien series has certainly suffered some serious blows in the form of the dismal Alien 3 and the only slightly less drab Alien: Resurrection, but the original remains a classic.  As does director James Cameron’s first sequel Aliens, which is worthy of a classic movie review of its own at some later date.

Alien opens slowly, with little happening for the film’s first 45 minutes. The crew of the mining spaceship Nostromo is awoken from their frozen slumber to learn that instead of returning home, the ship’s central computer (named “Mother”) has rerouted them to a mysterious planet.  The crew—including Captain Dallas (Tom Skerritt), science officer Ash (Ian Holm), deck officers Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), Kane (John Hurt), Lambert (Veronica Cartwright) and engineering officers Parker (Yaphet Kotto) and Brett (Harry Dean Stanton)—have been ordered to investigate a mysterious signal that has been emanating from the planet’s surface.  Is it an SOS call or a warning?  Perhaps they should have looked more into it before setting out to explore.

While exploring the source of the signal—a seemingly deserted spaceship whose commander seems to have become petrified to his command chair—Kane discovers a cargo holed filled with dozens and dozens of alien eggs. In one of cinema’s biggest “jumps” a slimy creature leaps out from one of the eggs and attaches itself onto the overly curious face of Kane.  Kane is brought back onto the ship where the creature mysteriously detaches himself from Kane and dies. All is seemingly well when Kane awakens from his coma and the crew is set for one more dinner before returning to their frozen slumber for the ride home. The dinner scene would quickly become one of the most famous in Hollywood history.

What a shock it must have been in 1979 when Kane’s convulsions ended with that phallic looking creature popping out of his chest.  One can imagine the shock being comparable to Janet Leigh’s fateful shower in Psycho.

The remainder of the film has a lot in common with modern horror flicks in which the heroes are killed off by the monster one-by-one. What makes Alien stand out from these other films is directly attributable to the film’s deliberately paced first half. The fact that nothing happened in the film for 45 minutes was a major concern for studio executives when the film was being made in 1978. Fortunately, Scott was able to convince them that it was the right way to go. Like Hitchcock before him, Scott knew that it was the suspense before the shock that keeps the audience in their seats, not the shock itself. He knew that if he could just pull his audience along for that first act that he would then have them exactly where he wanted them.

The movie is a perfect example of suspense starting small and building to a point where it is almost unbearable. As the ship awakens from its slumber at the beginning, the camera slowly and smoothly moves through the ship, Jerry Goldsmith’s ominous score sets a quiet tone and the lighting is stark, but simple. We, as an audience, are relaxed, but curious about where this movie is taking us. The stillness is disturbed in the middle of the film by the big “jumps” and by the end, the camera is frantically racing with the characters through the film’s claustrophobic corridors filled with CO2, flashing strobe lights and accompanied by ear-piercing alarms. At this point, we are on the edge of our seats ready to leap.

Although the film’s scares are generated mostly by its suspense, Scott also knew—as he comments in his DVD commentary—that cheap shocks were still a major part of the horror genre and Alien is not without its share. The alien reaching out at a half-naked Sigourney Weaver in the shuttle is just one such example.

Misdirection also plays a major part in the film’s scares and suspense. First of all, Scott plays with the order in which the deaths come and so we can never really be sure about who is going to be next. For example, today’s audiences certainly know that Sigourney Weaver will be the only one standing at movie’s end, but who in 1979 would have guessed? Weaver was an unknown actress that had appeared in only two major films before—a bit part in Woody Allen’s Annie Hall and the obscure Madman—and typical Hollywood logic of the time would argue that she would be the first to go.

Later in the film when Ripley retreats back to find the cat, it seems certain that she would be the next to die. Not only has she wandered off alone (usually the big tip-off), but the scene echoes back to the earlier death of Brett, who was also tracking down the cat.

The character who seemed the most obvious choice to be the hero was Dallas, not only because he is played by top-billed star Tom Skerritt, but because, well, he’s a man and women just don’t survive in movies like this. But Dallas was the third to go and in actuality the only two women in the movie were the last two standing (with the exception of the cat, who may have also been a female).

Alien opened a whole new acting world for Weaver.  She earned her first Oscar nomination when she reprised the role of Ripley in 1986’s Aliens and to this day remains the immediate comparison for other actresses that headline action films, such as Angelina Jolie and Geena Davis. Over the years, Weaver has proved one of Hollywood’s most diverse actresses, equally at home in drama (Gorillas in the Mist; Copycat) and comedy (Ghostbusters; Working Girl).

Scott has said that he has always wanted to make another Alien film (the original is the only one he worked on) that goes back to the home planet of the alien species that the crashed ship belonged to; a species that was wiped out by the alien being it harvested as a weapon.  Mr. Scott, I can’t wait.

Horror movies have never been my personal favorite genre, but when they are as brilliantly made as Alien, I just can’t resist.  It is a classic, it gets an A+.

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Big Fish (2003) :Facts to Know About This Movie

If there is one thing you can say about the films of director Tim Burton from Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands to Batman and Sleepy Hollow—it is that they are always visually stunning; and his new film, Big Fish, is no exception.  From 15-foot tall giants to small, quirky, hole-in-the-wall towns, the movie is a delight to watch. The unique story is not too bad either.

“Most people will tell you a story straight through. It won’t be complicated, but it won’t be interesting either,” the dying Edward Bloom (Albert Finney) tells his pregnant daughter-in-law. Edward and his son Will (Billy Crudup) have not spoken for a good three years after Will finally grew tired of his father’s insistence to tell wild fabricated stories about his life.  Through various flashbacks the film takes us through the story of Edward’s life, just as he would tell us.

After growing up the toast of the small town of Ashton, Alabama—where the glass eye of the local witch revealed the manner of his death—Edward left the town flanked by a 15-foot giant, determined that he was meant for bigger things.  After a short detour in a pastoral little town—“so strange, yet so familiar”—Edward meets the love of his life at a circus.  Edward spends the next three years doing various jobs for the circus ring-master (Danny DeVito), in exchange for one new fact about his love a month.  When he finally learns that she is Auburn student Sandra Templeton (Alison Lohman), Edward leaves the circus and refuses to let any detail—such as Sandra already being engaged—stand in the way of him and the woman he is going to marry.

Will has heard all of these stories a million times and they have pushed him away from the father he never believed he really knew. With his father’s life coming to an end, Will might finally get the opportunity to understand who his father really is.

Big Fish is a delightful movie that seems to strive for Forrest Gump-like success (it even takes place in Alabama) and although it falls short of that classic film, it is not without its charms. Ewan McGregor delivers another fine performance as the younger Edward Bloom.  With the naiveté quality and complete determination in winning the woman he loves, McGregor plays this role almost as an extension of his Moulin Rouge persona, with a little bit of Down with Love’s cocky Catcher Block thrown in.

The relationship between the father and son—which is what the movie was really about—does not seem to be fleshed out as much as it could.  Instead, the relationship in the film I found most interesting was between Finney and Jessica Lange as the elder Edward and Sandra Bloom.  The two great actors are both terrific in their roles; particularly in an emotional bathtub scene.

Recently nominated for four Golden Globe nominations including Best Picture (Musical or Comedy) and Best Supporting Actor (Finney), Big Fish is a touching and offbeat fish story.  I give it a B+.


The Best Eyeliner for Waterline

Eyeliners form an essential weapon in your arsenal, er…, makeup! They give your eyes the smoky, lustful look that makes you irresistible to your significant other. But there are concerns regarding their safety. With those in mind, we did the courtesy of searching the safest, most feasible, and best eyeliner for the waterline.

8 Best Eyeliners for Waterline that Doesn’t Smudge

1. B.B Color Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

B.B Color Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

First up is B.B Color Precise Liquid Pencil. It gives you those prettier eyes without any hassle. B.B Color Precise Liquid Pencil does not cause any irritation to your eyes or your skin. It lasts long and does not get damaged by sweat or water. Blink those pretty eyes carefree with B.B Color Precise Liquid Pencil. If black is your color, then we assure you- you will love this product. On Amazon, you can buy it for cheap.


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2. Colorpop Crème Gel Liner

Colorpop Crème Gel Liner

For those who prefer to be whimsical and enjoy the colors of life, Colorpop has you covered in Colorpop Crème Gel Liner. With over 10 different shades to choose from, Colorpop Crème Gel Liner makes tightening an interesting affair. If you were to ask us, we would say that Best O is the best pick from the lot. Colorpop Crème Gel Liner is a twist-up liner that comes at a very cheap price on Amazon.




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3. SLEEK Waterproof Liquid LinerSLEEK Waterproof Liquid Best Eyeliner for Waterline

Whether you want to conquer hearts or break some, SLEEK Waterproof Liquid Liner is the companion you just want to have. It gives your waterline a rich and attractive color. All the while ensuring that your eyes do not suffer in any way. It is free from paraben. For those who are big on cruelty-free products, SLEEK Waterproof Liquid pencil is the product you go to. It may be a bit costly, but as they say-“Win Some, Lose Some.”


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4. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Eyeliner

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Eyeliner

This list would have remained incomplete without L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Liner (not that it is complete yet). It comes with a sharpener to suit your needs. Need sharp stunning look or bold vivacious look? Either way, L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering pencil is there for you. It comes in 3 different colors. Our Pick? The Brown one.  L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering pencil might very well be the ideal waterline liner that doesn’t smudge.




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5. Mia Adora IMMOVABLE – Waterproof Retractable LinerMia Adora IMMOVABLE

Mia Adora’s IMMOVABLE Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner is truly a remarkable product. Just like L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Liner, it too comes with a custom sharpener. It glides like butter on your waterline and gives you the most adorable cat eyes.

In the words of Mis Adora, the maker itself, use this liner to get the “perfect cat eye in seconds”. It lasts for a reasonable amount of time. Not to mention that it is waterproof. By now you must be thinking what we mean by “reasonable”. Well, with all its virtues, it has one major vice. It does smear and does not tend to last very long. Had that not been the case, we are sure that Mia Adora IMMOVABLE Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner would have definitely given a tough competition to L’Oreal.


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6. UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner Set

UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel set

You read that right: 2-in-1. UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner Set contains two colors for you-Black and Brown. It is a Creamy product that gives you those fabulous Dreamy Eyes. A bit of rhyme there. Apart from the fact that the colors are waterproof, they do not leave any smudges and do stay for a long duration of time. Best Eyeliner for tightlining but also for your eyebrows. It’s safe that way. The 2 makeup brushes provided alongside work effortlessly to give you a fab look. The downside? Well, that would the amount you get in those containers. It is not that much. But if you look at the price, you might find it justified. UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner Set is a wonderful product that comes at a bare minimum discount  (compared to others on this list) on Amazon.


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7. Ready to Shine ETERNITY Long-Lasting liner Ready to Shine ETERNITY Long Lasting Eyeliner for Waterline

The next entry to our list is a bit of costly affair but it is sure as heck worth it. If you buy Ready to Shine’s ETERNITY Long Lasting Eyeliner, you will see that it is unparalleled in terms of how effortlessly and easily it can be used.

You do not need to worry about damaging your eyes. Not only is Ready to Shine’s ETERNITY Long-Lasting liner is safe to use, but it also contains Jojoba oil which is great for the skin. As to whether it is cruelty-free or not can be determined. It is a Chinese product. So our bet is on the negative side.
Ready to Shine ETERNITY Long-Lasting liner for Waterline for Watery Eyes.


Check Price on Amazon

8. Bella and Bear’s “Serval” Eyeliner Brush

Bella and Bear’s “Serval” Brush

We have to end our list at this point because we do not want you to get confused. That excuse might be lousy but rest assured, Bella and Bear’s “Serval Eyeliner Brush is seriously a product you should consider.

From the award-winning beauty products brand, this Brush gives you a custom made applicator brush. It gives you a natural finish and It is completely safe as well. The brush is made up of wood. Free from animal cruelty and very Vegan-friendly- that’s Bella and Bear’s “Serval” Eyeliner Brush for you.

The angle-tip brush forms the perfect tool for getting a cat-eye finish. Get ready to steal the limelight with this Brush.


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What to Look for When Buying an Eyeliner for Waterline?

Eyeliner is a must in every makeup wearer’s stash. It can help you look from drab to fab in minutes if applied the right way with the right product. That is why you must choose one that caters to your needs. Here is what you should look for while buying it.


First, you must choose what color you want. You can choose from a wide variety of them such as basic black, brown, or any color to help you experiment with your looks. Whether you want it to neutralize your eyes or make a bold statement entirely depends on you. So choose wisely.


With the ever-expanding Beauty Community, there is a new product every week in the market. There are so many options to choose from. There are Kohl Pencil Eyeliners, Liquid Eyeliners, Gel Eyeliners, Felt Tip Eyeliners, and many more. Choose one that you can apply with steady hands. In our opinion, Go for kohl eyeliners first and then shift to liquid and felt tip eyeliners.

Lasting Power 

Applying liner can be a little tricky, but once you ace it, you are good to go. And that is why you should get yourself an eyeliner with incredible lasting power. Something that stays put throughout the day. Whether you apply it on your waterline or use it to create the perfect wing liner, get yourself a long-lasting one. 

Waterproof Formula

While looking for liners, always go for a waterproof formula. As it doesn’t budge at all. Especially if you have sensitive eyes or a contact lenses user opts for a waterproof method to avoid smudging of the eyeliner because of tears or irritation. To remove it, you might need a separate waterproof makeup remover, but it is worth it.


Now, if you are on a budget or do not want to spend too much it, then definitely go for more affordable drugstore options. There are a lot of good eyeliners in the drugstore also. And if you don’t care about the price point, then you can choose anything you desire.


Then, availability. You should look for an eyeliner that is available in your local stores so that it is easy to access and test before buying it. Or you can always shop for them on Amazon.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How to apply the liner on the bottom waterline?

Pull down your lower waterline gently with your finger, and then glide the liner along the waterline until you have reached your desired intensity.

Q. How to apply a best eyeliner for waterline on the lid?

Start with the inner corner of your eyes then move outwards towards the edge. Pull the skin a little bit, and raise your eyebrows to slay that liner.

Q. How do I create a cat-eye with an eyeliner?

Place a dot where you want the wing to be, then trace a line to the middle of your eyelid and fill it in. Lastly, connect it with the inner corner. And you have the perfect cat-eye.

Q. How do I make my eyeliner stay for a longer time?

First of all, use a waterproof liner as the formula of those liners is they stay for a long time.

Q. Is it safe to wear it on my waterline of eyes?

Yes, it is entirely safe to wear liner on the waterline of your eyes as long as the product is not expired, you are good to go.

Q. How do I prevent smudging of the liner?

Liners mostly smudge due to oily eyelids or tears. So for oily eyelids, dab a little powder before applying your liner, and if you have watery eyes, go for water-resistant liner. 

Q. How do I tight line my eyes with the eyeliner?

Pull your upper eyelid gently and trace along the lower area of the lash line, and you are done.

Q. How do I remove tight line liner?

Wash your eyes thoroughly in water or swipe across your eyes gently with a cotton pad with micellar, and its clean!

Q. How to remove eyeliner from waterline without makeup remover?

If you don’t have a makeup remover, that is okay. Use a gentle wet wipe. And you can also use coconut or olive oil to remove the liner safely.

Q. Is it safe to buy it from Amazon?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy them from Amazon.

Q. Is the pencil liner harder to remove than liquid liner?

No, not at all. Just use the right micellar water or technique to get it off your eyes.

Q. Which any best eyeliner for waterline is easy to apply?

Retractable or pencil liners are the easiest to apply. After you get a bit steady with your hands, you can use gel or liquid liners.

Q. How can I remove it without stretching my skin?

Try massaging coconut oil or take a gentle wet wipe while removing your liner.

Q. What is the easiest way to apply a liner for a beginner?

If you are a beginner, start with applying it in your waterline. Just take a good liner and glide it across your waterline, and then you can move to do lining your lid.

Q. How can I apply a liner smoothly?

Sharpen the tip of the eyeliner, and if it’s possible to try to make it warm by dipping it in warm water that helps in easy, smooth application.

Q. Which liner is better to do a Smokey eye?

For a Smokey eye, always go for a pencil liner and smudge it with your fingers.

Our Hand-Picked Best Eyeliner for Waterline

Each one mentioned in the list is amazing in its way. But our favorite best eyeliner for waterline is Immovable by Mia Adora Makeup. First of all, it is cruelty-free, which a plus point is always. This liner is jet black and pigmented, which glides on smoothly on the waterline. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, and budge-proof and stays for a long time. It is retractable as well, so easy application and no worries about sharpening them again and again. So for our readers, we suggest the waterproof retractable liner- Mia Adora Immovable.

Bottom line

best eyeliner for waterline model girl

Coming to the bottom line, Waterline is where your eyelid meets your eyes. A little something here can make you even more perfect. Waterline liners are not at all a new thing.

One exciting thing about eyeliners is that they can quite meticulously adjust your eye size to look perfect than before. They make those pretty eyes of your look even more beautiful. A good liner is a must for every makeup lover.

It enhances the eyes, making them look even more beautiful. Every person should have one go-to eye pencil that helps them seize the day. You can always get creative with your liner looks such as a simple liner, a cat-eye, a bold eye look, a winged liner, a Smokey eye, a smudged, more sophisticated liner and much more. Explore! Play around with your eye looks, and don’t forget to Wink!

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The Best Leave-In Conditioner for Beautiful Hair

Not all shampoos work the same way. Some make your hair intensely dry while others tend to make your hair tangled in an abysmal mess. For that reason, it is important to use the best leave-in conditioner for beautiful hair. Listed below are a few of the best leave-in conditioners for beautiful hair that you can find on amazon.

Leave-in conditioners make your hair soft. They ensure that your hair does not get entangled and yet like oil, they do not weight down. They keep the lightness provided by shampoo going while making sure that you avoid the unwanted side-effects. Many celebrities have in the past and still do endorse many brands of leave-in conditioners. While a few of those brands are high-end, some even don’t tend to work.That is just pathetic. It’s frustrating to invest in a product and not get gains. To prevent that from happening we are here. Listed below are a few of the best leave-in conditioners that you can find on amazon. We tried to keep these products well within the budget and made sure that they work just as wonderfully as advertised.

Our List of Best Leave-in Conditioners for Beautiful Hair

1. Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine

Let’s begin the list with none other than the famed brand of Garnier and its fab product-Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine.  Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine contains the healthy ingredients of Moroccan Argan Oil and Apricot.

Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine makes sure that every strand of your precious hair is smooth and nourished to the core. For those who hate the oily and greasy feel, this product is totally for you. You are gonna love it!


2. SheaMoisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-in Conditioner

Moving on to something that is a bit costlier than Garnier Fructis, SheaMoisture Strengthen & Restore contains the goodness of Jamaican Black Castor Oil along with Shea Butter and Peppermint. It gives your hair the moisture required after a dose of shampoo and smoothens your hair.
While not totally all-natural, SheaMoisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-in Conditioner works wonderfully to make sure that your hair is light and not an oil reserve. On Amazon, you can buy SheaMoisture Strengthen & Restore Leave-in Conditioner.

3. Aveeno Nourish+Conditioner Leave-in Treatment

aveeno nourish and leave-in conditioner treatment

Aveeno Nourish+Conditioner Leave-in Treatments a good product. It does a nice job of revitalizing your hair. It contains wheat and wheat germ oil. While it does the task of giving you soft hair, it does not really give you detangled hair. Aveeno could have made it better on that front. Nevertheless, it is a good product at a fairly reasonable price.

4. Sexy Hair Concepts Leave-in conditioner

Sexy Hair Concepts brings you Healthy Sexy Hair Soy-Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. Now let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be sexy? Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Soy-Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner makes sure you get that.

While it will not make you Steve Harrington, it helps your hair to realize its full potential. It gives you sexy-looking detangled hair.

5. INFUSION 23 Original Pro-Vitamin Formula

infusium pro 23 leave-in conditioner for hair

Apply INFUSION 23 Original Pro-Vitamin Formula Leave-in Hair Conditioner to your washed and dried but damp hair. Comb it gently and et voila, you have what you wanted- repairing of damages to your hair and hair cuticle, detangled hair, shine in your hair.

With Castor Oil and Vitamins infused, this product is something you should definitely check out. A relatively higher cost on Amazon.


6. Suave Professional Light Leave-in Cream

When it comes to Leave-in Hair Conditioners, Suave Professionals Light Leave-in Cream really delivers. It comes in a variety of sizes and styles with each style having a specific star ingredient. All of those styles perform more or less in the same way and give you a nourished scalp and strong hair.
According to us, Suave Professional Light Leave-in Cream’s Natural Ginger Infusion is worth an extra mention. It contains ginger and honeysuckle with a pleasant smell. It does not make your hair go hard. Rather, you get softer and shinier hair.

7. Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner

The name almost gives you the impression of a boxer’s announcement- and in the red corner, we have Curl Defining, Frizz Eliminating Leave-in Conditioner Champion- Mixed Chicks!
Okay, enough of that for now. Let’s remember the reason you are here, you won’t need a product that gives nourishment to your hair, which helps you get rid of tangles and gives your hair an attractive shine. Mixed Chicks Curl Defining & Frizz Eliminating Leave-in Conditioner does that for you. It’s designed to give you all the goodness without worrying about any damage. Just hop to Amazon and you will notice the tons of positive reviews this product has received and be convinced for yourself.

8. Neutrogena Triple Moisture

Neutrogena Triple Moisture from getting dry hair after a round of shampoo. It has this special ability to protect your hair and scalp from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. if your hair is damaged from all the pollutants and mishandling, then Neutrogena Triple Moisture is perhaps what it needs.
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Cream contains Olive Oil, Almond Oil, and Meadowfoam Seed Oil. These aids each and every follicle of your delicate scalp when applied and used properly. Should you want to buy this product, Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-in Conditioner may costs you more depending on your seller.

9. Paul Mitchell The Conditioner

It’s perhaps fitting to end the list of best Leave-in Conditioners with not just any conditioner, but Paul Mitchell’s Originals The Conditioner™. For more than 30 long years, Paul Mitchell products have been revolutionizing the hair-care industry. So why not save the best for the last?
Once you use Paul Mitchell Originals The Conditioner™, you too would feel that any other conditioner pales in comparison. It is The Conditioner. It maintains the pH balance of your scalp and gives your hair the deserved protection from foreign agents. For a noticeable and lasting difference, you should definitely consider Paul Mitchell Originals The Conditioner.

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What to look for while buying Leave-in-Conditioner for Beautiful Hair

Most people are not aware of what kind of leave-in-conditioner they need for their hair type and that is the reason why they end up buying the wrong one which doesn’t work at all. Let’s talk about why you need a leave-in-conditioner in the first place. There must have been a time in your life when you are doing everything you possibly could to get silky smooth hair but still nothing, no improvement. That is because normal conditioners get to work your hair for less than 5 minutes before you rinse it. And that is exactly why you need a leave-in-conditioner to maximize the impact for a longer period. Here is our guide to buying the one made for you.

Hair Type

Yes, first you need to figure out what type of hair you have and then choose accordingly.

Normal Hair

If you have normal hair, then you can go for literally anything. Although, do look for a balancing formula so that your hair stays that way only.

Oily Hair

If you have an oilier scalp and your hair gets tacky and oily then stay away from any kind of moisturizing, soothing, and hydrating formula. Look for something that is more protein-based so if provides smoothness along with removing excess oil.

Dry or Damaged Dull Hair

If your hair is dull, damaged and you have a dry scalp then, by all means, look for something moisturizing, soothing, and really hydrating for your hair for that silky smooth hair.

Fine Hair

If you are facing hair fall and don’t have much hair. Then look for a volumizing one. That can make your hair more bouncy and soft to make it look like you have volume.

Curly or Freezy Hair:

One of the worst struggles, people with curly hair face is frizz. So look for something that can take our frizz ensuring smooth curls.


Always check the main ingredients of the product before buying it to get a better idea about the particular product. It’s mostly written on the product itself that what main ingredients it carries and after that you can Google the benefits it can give you and for your hair type.


There are many formulas available in the market. Get one that caters to your hair needs. Before that test what kind of hair you have and shop accordingly. And to decide what kind of formula suits your hair get samples first or ask a friend who has the same hair type and you can always Google your query regarding a particular product.


And yes, look at the price point of the product too, because you will be using it 3 to 4 times a week. And quantity matters too because of the length of your hair you might need more or less product. So get yourself something that does not affect your pocket that much.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to apply both rinse-out and leave-in-conditioner for beautiful hair?

No, you don’t really need it. But after you are done with shampooing and conditioning your hair you can use it or just choose one of them. Go for a leave-in conditioner as it provides more benefits.

Q. When should I apply it before or after shampooing?

Apply it after you have shampooed your hair.

Q. How many times I can apply it in a day?

Applying it once a day is enough. You do not need to apply it again and again.

Q. Is it bad to apply too much of it?

Yes, please stick to the mentioned quantity of it. You can find it written on the products in the instructions.

Q. How do I apply it?

Apply it directly to the length of your damp hair and detangle your hair.

Q. Do I need to wash my hair after applying it?

No, you can avoid washing your hair as it is a leave-in conditioner.

Q. Does the brand of shampoo have to be the same as the leave-in-conditioner?

No, getting a matching set won’t solve your problems. Get something that is best suited for your hair.

Q. Is it bad to use one kind all the time?

No, not at all if it suits your hair type sticks to it.

Q. Can I use it on my dry hair?

Yes, you can use it on your dry hair to avoid frizz and help smooth your hair.

Q. Will it make my hair smell weird?

No, most of them have an amazing scent to it. So your hair might smell even nicer. And if you are sensitive towards smell then try to get one that doesn’t have a strong smell to it.

Q. Can I use two kinds of it at the same time?

If you can’t find your perfect formula then experimenting by mixing two formulas can work.

Q. How many times a week I should use the leave-in conditioner for beautiful hair?

Use it 3-4 times a week for better results.

Q. Is it okay to use it in my wet hair?

Yes, after shampooing use it on your towel-dried damp hair for better results.

Q. Can I use the leave-in conditioner on my scalp for beautiful hair?

No, do not use it on your scalp or roots it will just make them look greasier.

Q. Can I leave it on my hair overnight?

Yes, you can.

Our Hand-Picked Best Leave-in Conditioner for Beautiful Hair

There is a lot of good conditioners out there in the market and we managed to choose and review some of the best ones in the above list. But our personal favorite is the all-time favorite Garnier Sleek and Shine Leave-in-Conditioner. It has various types to choose from for your particular hair type. It works really well. The most amazing part is its affordability, a delight for your hair without harming your pocket.

Bottom Line

Best leave-in conditioner for beautiful hairLeave-in-conditioners are the easiest and fastest way to get that salon ready smooth and silky hair every day. Do invest in a good one that is specially made for your hair type. You can use this after you are done with your hair to give them the extra love it deserves. And enjoy your silky, smooth, and shiny hair.

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The Best Micellar Water

Before you buy any micellar water product, you need to know how it works. micelles are typically molecules with two parts-they have a part that loves water and another that completely hates it. So when you put it on your skin, the part that loves water comes close to the dirt and you can say that it hugs it. After this, the part which despises water makes the dirt come off your body. You do not need to worry about any damages because micellar water is essentially your soapy water but processed.

Our List of 8 Best Micellar Water

1. Mustela Baby Bonding Essentials Bundle

Mustela Baby Bonding Essentials BundleThis may come as some sort of a bummer but, Mustela Baby Bonding Essentials is a baby product (as evident from the name). But that should not stop you from using it. After all, we all want the soft, sensitive, and young skin like that of a baby, right?

Mustela Baby Bonding Essentials Bundles can be bought as a singular product or you can buy the full set. Our say? Don’t buy the full set. Mustela Baby Bonding Essentials Bundle may be a micellar water product meant for a baby but it does work wonders for an adult as well.

Check Price on Amazon

2. L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water

L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water is suitable for both dry skin and normal skin types. You would think that L’Oreal would lack in the world of cosmetics at some point, right? But for now, it comes strong.

L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water hydrates your parched skin. It removes all the dirt from your skin and gives you a smooth and better skin complexion. Plus, it also acts as a makeup remover. So you can just use L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water to remove makeup and you would also be removing all the dirt accumulated on your skin and at the same time, nourishing it. You can buy L’Oreal Paris Best Micellar Water for acne on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

3. Insta natural Best Micellar Water

insta natural Micellar Cleansing Water is a healthy way of cleaning and nourishing your precious skin. It contains a healthy mixture of Lavender, Calendula, and Sage extract. Apart from that, it also contains Cucumber and Garlic extracts.

Insta natural Micellar Cleansing Water contains no harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfate, and formaldehyde. This made in America product assures you quality. Insta Natural Micellar Cleansing Water cleans the oil from your skin but at the same time, does not leave it dry and makes you buy this wonderful product from Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

4. LAVO Facial Cleansing Oil

It does not matter whether you are wearing makeup or not. LAVO Facial Cleansing Oil washes away all your sticky makeup. It can still be used as a cleanser if you are not wearing any makeup. LAVO Facial Cleansing Oil Emulsifies and forms foam when you use water. It leaves behind no residue.

The ingredients of LAVO Facial Cleansing Oil include Safflower, Chamomile, Rosemary Oil, and Lavender. It does not contain any parabens. Moreover, if you are a fan of Cruelty-free products, then LAVO Facial Cleansing Oil is for you.

Check Price on Amazon

5. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is truly kind to the skin. It gently cleans away your dead skin cells and provides you a fresh feeling. This best micellar water for mature skin and young skin contains no harsh chemicals rather it contains Maticia flower extracts. Not the most effective of products but Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is suitable for sensitive skin types. It gives you 7 sizes and 9 styles to choose from. If you want to buy Simple Micellar Cleansing Water, we recommend you go for a 6.7 oz size variant.

Check Price on Amazon

6. AVIVA PURE Natural Micellar Cleansing Water

True to its name, AVIVA PURE Natural Micellar Cleansing Water contains no artificial ingredients. Instead of harmful parabens, it contains Cucumber, Organic Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Marigold Tincture. AVIVA PURE Natural Micellar Cleansing Water works quite well for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. It goes well with dry skin types as well. AVIVA PURE Natural Micellar Cleansing Water hydrates your skin and keeps it that way for a long time.

You can buy AVIVA PURE Natural Micellar Cleansing Water from Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

7. BIODERMA Sensibio H2O

To put it in BIODERMS’s terms, BIODERMA Sensibio H2) respects the fragility of your skin. It is suitable for all skin types and rarely gives any allergic reaction. This contains no paraben, alcohol, or formaldehyde releasers.

It washes away excess oil from your skin but unlike many products out there, BIODERMA Sensibio H20 does not leave you with dry skin. Rather, it removes all your makeup and at the same time, hydrates and nourishes your skin. And gives you a fresh and smooth skin. Moreover, it contains no artificial fragrance or any chemical that may unnecessarily irritate your skin.
BIODERMA Sensibio H2O is a dermatologist-tested product. It is cheaper than many Micellar Water Products and yet better. BIODERMA Sensibio H2O is a sensible choice. Buy it, use it and we tell you, you will not regret it.
You can buy BIODERMA Sensibio H2O from Amazon. That’s all it takes to maintain your healthy skin.

Check Price on Amazon

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What to look for while buying Micellar water?

This particular product has taken the beauty industry by storm. Everyone is talking about them. Every other brand is launching them. They are everywhere. This is a skincare product and it is most effective on your skin when used according to its type. And, yes! there is a Micellar for every skin type.

Normal Skin

If you are one of those blessed people who have a normal skin type that doesn’t react to anything. Then without having any second thoughts choose any kind of water you like. However, look for something that keeps your skin balanced. That means looking for something that keeps your skin and hydrated and moisturized.

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin then a regular one can make your skin even drier and patchier. So avoid any Micellar water with alcohol and a high amount of astringents. Look for something that has moisturizing properties such as Glycerin in it. That will help you clean your makeup efficiently leaving your skin hydrated and moisturized.


If you have oily or combination skin you should look for something that removes the dirt and impurities of your skin along with the extra shine and stickiness you get from all the oil build up on your skin. A formula that mattifies your skin cleaning all the impurities and still leaves the skin hydrated.

Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily and reacts to certain ingredients. Then look for Micellar waters that are gentle and fragrance-free. Something that can be used without rubbing your skin too much. You need something that deeply cleanses without causing any reaction for soft and soothed skin.

Acne-prone Skin/Problematic skin

Acne-prone skin can benefit from this as it helps clean all the oil build-up, the main reason for acne in the first place. And for problematic skin, look for something that has effective ingredients to help you clean your skin and with your imperfections such as Aloe and Cucumber.

Frequently asked Questions

Q. Why do I need Micellar water?

If you wear makeup then definitely use a Micellar to deeply cleanse all the excess makeup and if you don’t wear makeup then use it to help your skin get rid of all the excess oil, dirt, and impurities.

Q. Can I use it as a face cleanser?

Yes, you can use it as a cleanser. As its job is to clean all the impurities of your skin.

Q. Can I use this instead of toner at night?

If you want to avoid toner, go for it. But both Toner and Micellar water work differently and are used for different skin concerns.

Q. Do I need to wash my face after I clean it with this product?

Yes, it is necessary to splash your face with water after you clean it with Micellar.

Q. Is this bad for skin?

No, Not at all. It has amazing skincare benefits.

Q. Is it harmful to the eyes?

No, it is not harmful. Unless you put Micellar water directly in your eyes, it is safe.

Q. When do I use it in my skincare routine?

You can always it in the morning after your cleanser for more deep cleansing. And obviously at the end of the day-use it to remove your makeup.

Q. Will it clog my pores?

No, it will not clog your pores. You can use this followed by a toner for better results.

Q. Can I use it if I have oily skin?

Yes, you can. Micellar Water can help you reduce the excess oil in your skin.

Q. Can I use it if I have active acne?

Yes, it can be helpful for active acne if used the right kind of product with the right ingredients.

Q. Should I use it before or after I wash my face?

You should always use this before you wash your face.

Q. Can I use it to remove eye makeup?

Yes, you can use this water to remove your eye makeup. Just be careful and gentle.

Q. How do I use it?

Dab a few drops of this product to a cotton pad and swipe across the desired are

Q. How can I apply this without cotton pads?

You can always use a muslin cloth or reusable cotton pads to apply this to your face.

Q. What are the other uses of this product?

You can use this product in other ways too such as for correction your makeup mistakes, as a hand sanitizer, to clean your makeup brushes and to remove makeup stain from your clothes.

Q. Is it okay to use just this water to clean my face?

Yes, if you are tired or just feeling lazy then you can use just Micellar water to clean your face. But don’t turn this into a habit.

Q. Can I use this to fix my dried-up makeup products?

No, you cannot use this to fix your dried up makeup products as it will ruin the formula of your makeup products.

Q. Can I use it to remove makeup stain from my clothes?

Yes, you surely can. Dab it with a cotton ball or put it directly in the stained area and rub it. Then throw the stained cloth in the washer or just hand wash it. And Voila! No more makeup stain.

Our Hand-Picked Best Micellar Water

Micellar water is a must-have product regardless you wear makeup or not. It helps to keep the skin healthy, supple, and clean. Out of all the amazing Micellar Waters we discussed above in the list our favorite is L’Oreal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water. It is loved by many and does the job efficiently. This has different kinds to choose from such as one for normal to all skin types, one for combination to dry skin and one for oily to acne-prone skin types, which means they have one to suit every skin type. This product is affordable too. And you can always buy them from Amazon. So it is pocket friendly as well.

Bottom Line

best micellar water for better skinCleansers can be harmful to your skin if applied rigorously to take makeup off, and that is why Micellar water was invented. So, coming to the bottom line Micellar water is a must-have product as it has a lot of benefits and helps your skin stay clean and fresh. For good glowing skin you must try this product. Keep Glowing.

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5 Denim Look That Will Make You Stand Out In This Fall


Since ancient times, clothing with unique styling has become a part of fashion trends. Whenever we talk about style, it is such fashion trends that come into our mind. It’s a distinctive and a constant change to develop style in an innovative manner. It is the influence of existing style, which creates different ways and direct new designs. The first fashion industry developed in Europe and America and was later spread in a globalized manner. Similarly denims have also been a successful exchange of fashion which has benefited people worldwide since a long period of time.

Added versatility

With the presence of denim products you can change your personality and get an awesome look to stand unique.  And when it comes to fashion, jeans are well known for the trends. Be it young children, men or women, they are hardly anybody who are not influenced by the comfort of denims. Denim is also offered in innovated varied jeans designs and cuts and added versatility to such collection. Avid fashion followers and buyers have also been benefited to a great extent. Here are five of the best denim looks that are popular and never runs out of trend. They are bound to make you look your gorgeous best.

Denim vintage jacket

Denim has launched new trend vintage jackets which at present is quite impressive and offers a confident look. This will enhance the overall personality of the dresser. As women are already beautiful naturally, this trendy jacket has just given a fine line to define your beauty.

Denim pencil skirt

This is a pencil structure skirt which will give a bold and awesome look. While choosing this pencil skirt, you can pair it up with a pencil heeled shoe. It will glorify your attitude and make you look stunning.


Jumpsuits is a very easy and comfortable dress to wear. They are one of the trending style trends in recent times and are loved by all.

Patched work Denim

You can pair it up with an old cotton dress or a vibrant top. Such patch work or slit denim material is a common favorite among youngsters. There are often seen on jackets and comfortable jeans. They are offered in different and creative styles for buyers.

Flare jeans

Regarded to be an old trend and back in vogue, flared jeans is the first choice for most dressers. They are so versatile that anybody can flaunt it in style.

Styling with Denim

Denims are always in fashion. Women can definitely go with denim clothing, if they are willing to look trendy and stand out from the rest. If you are a little on the healthier side, then go with flare jeans or jumpsuits. For leaner figures, skinny jeans and shirts are highly recommended. This season has brought back denim skirts and jackets. They have been offered even in accessories in this fashion trendy season.

Denim always brings in creative designs for most dressers in every season. Conventional denims are also being transformed and offered in varied colors.  If teamed up with trendy accessories, such denim looks are regarded to be quite popular and makes the dresser even more stylish.

Books & Literature

7 Best Books for Introverts of all Time

Just a few days ago someone quoted on Facebook, “Life of an introvert revolves around books, coffee, rains, and a hoodie. Well, the post was supposed to be funny but honestly, I couldn’t agree more as this is what my life looks like. I myself am an introvert and I know that we are more likely to fall in love with books and coffee than with people.

As an introvert, I find the best way to recharge myself is to read books. So to my kind of fellows,

Here is a List of Books They Can Read to keep up the Spirit

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Imagine your life inside a cabin that too in the forest. Sounds interesting? Well, in the book “Walden” Henry David Thoreau talks about his experience living in a cabin inside the woods and falling in love with a much simpler life, and being quite comfortable in the natural setting away from the society.

The Complete Poems by Emily Dickinson

A lot of Emily Dickinson’s poems reflect her own sentiments about people and her unwillingness to confront the outside world. “The Complete Poems” are a set of poems by Emily where she certainly could portray every introvert’s thoughts in her own way.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

The sweet and simple Jane Eyre always used to get lost in her own thoughts and feelings since childhood. She is one of the most relatable introverts who often used to be contempt with her own little world and literature rather than being tempted with any complicated human drama.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery

 The story of the novel actually explains the life of many other introverts. The story talks about characters who feel they should hide their true selves from the world and become someone else as they think that the real world will not accept who they really are. Well, this makes sense to a lot of people in the world now.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

The story deals with two characters basically – an extrovert Ruth and Kathy, an introvert girl. Where the two of them contrast each other completely, the character Kathy will be highly appreciated by the introverts as an observant; you might also feel Kathy be a detached and passive narrator of the book.

The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz

This novel deals with just another boy next door yet with a beautiful meaning. Oscar is an overweight Dominican boy who is hopelessly romantic and who believes in magical realism. He’s a quirky and unlikely protagonist who loves to read science fiction and fantasy books and is obsessed with what he believes to be a family curse.

Perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The story begins with a quiet, sensitive, 15-year-old boy named Charlie writing letters about his life to an unknown recipient. Charlie chooses that person because he said that he heard the person was nice and thought that this person would not be judgemental. Well, Charlie is brilliantly portrayed as an introverted, quiet, socially awkward, and brilliant character by Chbosky.

So here are the names of the books any introvert can treat themselves with. Buy these now and you can thank us later.


8 Best Deodorant for Women on Amazon for 2022

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. That’s what we have all been hearing from the days we were young little girls. But let’s face it, cleanliness is incomplete without the pleasant aroma of freshness, right? Being clean is one thing, smelling the right way is totally another. It brings to a certain peace of mind that is otherwise unattainable. So here we are, with the best options you can get on Amazon. For your rejuvenation, we have with us the best deodorants for women that Amazon has to offer you. All at feasible prices.

Here is The List of 8 Best Deodrant For Women on Amazon

Bali Secrets Natural Best Deodorant

Bali Secrets Natural Best DeodorantMost of the deodorants out there contain GMOs and phthalates. Some have the guts to admit it, some do not. Regardless, Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant does not have in it any such chemical that may have bad effects on your precious and delicate skin.

The ingredients of Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant include Seaweed Extract, Coconut Oil, and Aloe Vera- all good for your skin. For a sweet scent, Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant contains Rose, Lavender, and Magnolia Essential Oils.

Eco-friendly and Cruelty-Free, you would be surprised to hear that Bali Secrets Natural Deodorant comes to you all the way from the exotic Bali.

Check Price on Amazon

Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant

Kaiame 100% All Natural DeodorantYou may not have heard of Kaiame but trust us when we tell you- Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant is a remarkable product. This might come as quite a revelation- Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant contains vodka in it.

It is free from parabens and aluminum. Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant is designed for sensitive skin. The vodka, as the manufacturer states, helps in preventing the growth of foul smell causing bacteria. Apart from its star ingredient, the other honorable mentions are Coconut and Arrowroot oil essentials.

Kaiame 100% All Natural Deodorant comes in two scents- Lavender and Tea Tree. Our Pick is obviously the Lavender. Both the scents are available on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

UNDERARMED Active Botanical Luxury Deodorant

UNDERARMED Active Botanical Luxury DeodorantNow just because the name contains the fancy word “luxury”, do not go around thinking that this is a high-end product. Well, to be honest, it is the costliest one on the list yet, but before you dismiss it, just look at its effectiveness once.

UNDERARMED active botanical luxury deodorant is a safe, aluminum-free product that not only leaves behind an invigorating odor but also cleanses and nourishes your skin and improves its texture. Its ingredients include beeswax, avocado, and sunflower oil along with lavender essential oils.

A properly balanced pH formula means that it gives you better results. Not to mention, it’s cruelty-free and costs you cheaper on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant

Primal Pit Paste Natural DeodorantComing up next on our list is Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant. One of the best things about it is that it comes in 7 different scents- Coconut Lime, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Organic Creamsicle, Royal & Rogue, and classic Unscented.

The ingredients of Primal Pit Natural Deodorant include the likes of Arrowroot, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Beeswax, and Bergamot essential oils. Different scents contain their signature ingredients. If you ask us, we think that Jasmine is quite a pleasant one.

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant goes for relatively cheaper on Amazon.

Check Price on Amazon

O’DEO Liquid Silver Body Deodorant

O’DEO Liquid Silver Body DeodorantA new high in the cost of products on the list, O’DEO Liquid Silver Body Deodorant. What do you expect when you buy a deodorant? If the prevention of sweating is the foremost criterion, then O’DEO Liquid Silver Body Deodorant fails on that scale. It allows you to sweat, but at the same time, it ensures that the bacteria never grows to cause a bad odor.

Just spray it on your body, O’DEO Liquid Silver Body Deodorant does the rest. It nourishes your skin and improves its quality. Use it to restore your pH balance of the skin. It does contain Silver in the form of Silver Citrate if that’s what you were wondering.

Check Price on Amazon

Secret Clinical Strength

Secret Clinical StrengthThere is no doubt about the effectiveness of Secret Clinical Strength. After all, it is an award-winning product. Secret Clinical Strength serves you way better than your average body deodorant. It is designed for women to help them remain at ease without much effort.

Secret Clinical Strength lasts for a long duration of time, all the while helping you remain sweat-free and fresh. There are not many natural ingredients in this product. If you are okay with that, then you should definitely try it out.

One of the most profitable products on the list, Secret Clinical Strength.

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Nikki Naturally Skincare Best Deodorant

Nikki Naturally Skincare Best DeodorantThe next candidate on our list is perhaps the epitome of safety as far as body deodorants are concerned. Nikki Naturally Skincare Deodorant is free from the vicious 8- Paraben, Aluminium, Propylene Glycol, Triclosan, Silica, Talc, Stearate-N and of course, sulfates.

Moreover, it is free from gluten and GMOs.

Nikki Naturally Skincare Deodorant contains Cocoa and Mango Butter along with Clay and essential oils for a nice and pleasant fragrance. You can use it without any worry. There’s no doubt about that. The thing is that not many have bought it from Amazon. But those who have, they certainly like it a lot. It replenishes and cleanses your skin and helps in keeping it healthy and young.

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Heat Beyonce Best Deodrant for Women

Heat Beyonce Best Deodrant for WomenHere’s a little story, the body perfume was specifically designed by Heat for the pop singer Beyonce so that she could have a perfume which she would love forever. It can be said that Beyonce by Heat has a decent smell. It lasts for an average duration of time.

We included it in our list as a sort of honorable mention to end our list. It comes in two sizes- 1.7oz and 3.4 oz. we would say that try it at your own risk because it has received mixed reviews from customers on Amazon.

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