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The Best Air Popcorn Popper

Are you looking for a new air popcorn popper or replacing an old one?

You are at the right place! Here, we will provide you with information about products and lines on what to look for while buying it along with FAQs to clear any doubt you might have had.

Our list is extensively created after thorough research of the customer reports and opinions about all best available air popcorn poppers on Amazon marketplace. Thereby, we are presenting you with only the best options here. So, without delay, let’s get started with our list.

Our List of the 6 Best Air Popcorn Popper

Forty4 Hot Air Popcorn Maker

forty4 Hot Air Popcorn Maker, Popcorn MachineForty4 Porcorn Popper comes with a lid that is heat resisting up to the temperature of 266’F. The top is made of BPA free material. There are no preservatives added from microwave bags nor the problem of chemical smells, making it a go-to product any day. Within 2 minutes, 60 oz is its delivery capacity, with a popping rate of 95%. A wall socket of 120V/60Hz is recommended for all kernels to pop. It is best when watching movies or having parties at home, and there is no need for oil.

It is easy to use, and clean, removal of the cup and top cover, then cleaning the rest of the body with a damp cloth makes a must-be in your kitchen. You must make sure the appliance is not overheated; it could stop functioning. This is made per under electrical standards of North America.

Customer service assures answers within 24 hours with warranty and to ensure your satisfaction 1-year money back. Its product dimension is 7.5 x 5.5 x 12.2 inches and weighs around 2.4 pounds.


  • No preservatives added from microwave bags
  • No chemical smell
  • Troublefree to use
  • Quick to clean


  • Wide sprout
  • Pops only 50% others shot out
  • The stale taste of popcorn
  • Gets overheated
  • Clumsy design

Star Wars Darth Vader Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Se7en20 Star Wars Darth Vader Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Star Wars Darth Vader Hot Air Popcorn Popper comes with a product dimension of 7.7 x 7.4 x 12.8 inches and weighs around 1.11 pounds. It is easy to use ad clean. Star wars is surely a giftable product and value for money. The Popper is 13 inches in length and officially licensed. Star wars do not use oil, sugar, or salt for popping instead of hot air, making it a healthy snack. This assures popping faster than a microwave. Saves over microwave bags, uses gourmet popcorn or regular.

It IS less in calories compared to microwave bags as it uses no oil, no artificial flavors, preservatives, saturated fats, or added salt. Its glass top lets you know its process with on/off switch, works on AC outlets. It is 20% metal and 80% plastic. It is best for watching movies and holding parties, especially if you are a star wars fan, combining both in your house would be a night to remember.


  • No oil required
  • Glass top
  • No use of preservatives
  • No use of artificial colors
  • Quick cleaning
  • Effortless Assemble


  • No included adaptors
  • Popcorns fly out
  • Problems with a large quantity

Homeself Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Hot Air PopcornHomeself Maker,Popcorn MachineHomeself Popcorn Maker comes with a popping rate of 98%, uses a hot air popping method instead of oil. Innovative wind channel provides constant hot air for a tasty, healthy munch for snacks. It is effortless to use and clean. No requirement of fat makes it easy to clean in minutes with its popping chute that are removable. Homeself comes with a measurement spoon, one spoon of the kernel of about 2.8 oz or 60 grams would pop out within 3 minutes. The glass makes it possible to see through the whole process. Point to be noted that you cannot directly add sugar and butter, cream, condensed milk, butter, or any other only after the popcorn smells.

Its turbine heats uniformly, only one spoon of corn every time measure by measuring spoon, recommended to use 5 minutes no more than that each time. Its product dimension is 12..4 x 8.66 x 8.27 inches and weighs around 2.64 pounds. It is a go-to product any day. 


  • No oil required
  • Fast popping
  • Transparent cover
  • Quick to clean
  • Leaves very few unpopped kernels 
  • Value for money product
  • Fluffy results
  • Any size bowl possible
  • Easy to assemble

Nostalgia RHP310COKE Coca-Cola 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Nostalgia RHP310COKE Coca-Cola 8-Cup Nostalgia RHP310COKE comes with a push-button, which pops up 8 cups of crunchy air-popped popcorns. This works wonderfully with all nostalgia popcorn kits. The popper is best to watch movies or to hold parties at home. Easy to use and clean, making a must-have appliance to be at your kitchen. It provides a low-fat treat with its mechanism to use hot air instead of oil.

Nostalgia comes with an innovative vortex popping house with incredible airflow. As a result, popped kernels are high and fewer unpopped. The included item would be its measuring cup to avoid overflow and best performance. Its product dimension is 6.25 x 7.5 x 11.75 inches and weighs around 2 pounds.


  • No oil required
  • Innovative vortex chamber
  • Quick results
  • Cleaning is simple.
  • Includes measuring cups


  • Seeds come out before popcorns
  • Not enough power to push kernel
  • Hard and tasteless results
  • Has to cool down between uses
  • Spits out unpopped kernels

Dominion Fast Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Dominion Fast Hot Air Dominion Air Popcorn Popper comes with a product dimension of 8.86 x 5.94 x 10.24 and weighs around 1.84 pounds. The popper is easy to use and easy to clean. There is no requirement of oil as it uses hot air instead of a healthy crunchy snack. This machine has an innovative system where hot air cycles consistently and continuously for kernels to heat evenly. This is the best for home parties and movie watching, within 4 minutes they are ready to be enjoyed. Put the seeds into the machine, switch it on, and within 4 minutes have it all.

It is ETL approved with 1040 Watts, providing you with the best results each time you use it.


  • ETL approved
  • No requirement of oil
  • Trouble-free assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Quick results
  • Easy to use


  • Heats-up
  • Weak fan
  • Flimsy lid
  • Plastic lid
  • Unpopped kernels blow out 

DASH DAPP150V2AQ04 Hot Air Popcorn Popper

DASH DAPP150V2AQ04 Hot Air Popcorn MakerDash Air Popcorn Popper comes with an easy and quick system for the popcorns to keeping popping. Put the kernels inside the extensive heating system, now one-touch button must be pushed, and it is done, it is so easy to handle that kids can prepare their popcorns. It is best for movie nights and home parties. It doesn’t use oil or any added preservatives from microwave bags. Hot air is its fuel. It can provide 16 cups for all functions.

Dash comes with a 1-year warranty and includes in its package recipe book, a measuring cup for melting butter and measuring kernels, and a recipe database access. It weighs around 2.44 pounds.


  • No oil requirement
  • No added preservatives
  • Quick results
  • It can be cleaned quickly.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a recipe book


  • Kernels bounce out of the cylinder
  • Unpopped results
  • Poor product design
  • Uses a lot of electricity

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What to Look for while Ordering an Air Popcorn Popper?


It is imperative to keep scale in your head before purchasing one as it will depend on how frequently you use it and how much quantity plus the amount of space you could offer at your kitchen. Choose accordingly.’

Cleaning Mechanism

If you are a person who is free only at weekends keeping everything neat and clean gets hectic. Choosing a popper that is easy to clean is a lifesaver. Dishwasher safe option is the best if you cannot always be there to give it some extra care.

Popping Method

If you are a person looking to lose weight or maintain it, buying a popper while knowing the popping mechanism is very important, one uses oil another is by air. Poppers on-air are meant to be of being zero calories, whereas on the other hand, oil speaks of calories. Choose accordingly.


Ensure that the installation of the appliance can protect it from heat, as, if a device overheats itself, its efficiency decreases. Plastic is not an efficient option; aluminum and stainless are a better alternative to keep its effectiveness as smooth as possible.


If you are a person who prefers popcorn popped with oil, you should make sure what fuel you will be using as some oil change the flavor, and some enrich it. Knowing about the smoke point is also essential as all oil are not the same to withstand the heat from the kettle and can even decrease the nutritional value of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to decide the size of a popcorn popper?

It depends on the amount of space you are capable of offering to the appliance, select the option that fits your kitchen. There are different types available in the market, like stove-top poppers, hot air popper, etc. If you have enough space, you can go for oil popcorn makers. If not, you will have other options.

Q. Are poppers easy to clean?

There are varieties of options available in the market. You must see in-each of its cleaning mechanism before purchasing one. There are also dishwasher safe poppers, which will make your task easier at cleaning.

Q. What are the different types of popcorn poppers?

Usually, there 3 three types of popcorn poppers: stove-top, theater model traditional model, and electric or air pop. Stove models and electric models are small in size and easy to maintain. On the other hand, the bigger one is for theaters, malls where large quantities are required at once.

Q. Are there different popping methods?

Yes, there are two types of popping method, using oil or using air. Oil are top-rated options available in theaters and malls where opting for different oil option is also possible. In contrast, with air, its says to be of zero calories while making it taste great with seasonings like butter salt, etc.

Q. How to make sure my popper works efficiently?

Efficient working is possible when the popper doesn’t overheat. This must be looked beforehand while buying. The construction of the material is fundamental, poppers made of plastic is not suitable for resisting heat. Aluminum or stainless are better options.

Q. Is it healthy to eat from a popcorn machine?

It depends on the component used to fluff the popcorn. Oil and air can be used, by oil you can select what type of oil you will opt as your healthy version of oil, on the other hand, you can eat air poppers popcorn that are of zero calories with seasonings to make them more delicious.

Q. How to choose the best popcorn oil?

When it comes to oil, keeping in mind the smoke point of the oil is essential as not all can handle the same amount of heat. That can change the nutritional value of it or burn it all. Another critical point of an oil is that some oil changes the flavorsome enrich it, choose according to your personal preference.

Q. What is the best air popcorn popper?

It all comes down to personal preference, but according to us, oneself is the best air popcorn popper. It is our top product as it is easy to use, easy to assemble, easy to clean, give quick results, it leaves very few un-popped kernels, no requirement of oil, transparent cover to see through the process, and yes value for money.

Our Pick From the Above List of the Best Air Popcorn Popper

As per our review and customer feedback. Homeself Popcorn Popper is the best pick for our list of products. The features that make it to the top are:

  • No oil required
  • Fast popping
  • Transparent cover
  • Quick to clean
  • Leaves very few unpopped kernels
  • Value for money
  • Quick results

Bottom Line

best air popcorn popperOur list of products are well checked and reviewed with customer feedback, we guarantee you were choosing any of the products above would rarely disappoint you. We have your back at this go ahead and opt for any of it. We hope this article helps you to decide the best one for your use.


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