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The Best Garment Steamer by Consumer Reports

Clothing lineup which used best clothing steamers in 2020Clothes are our second skin. They reflect our personalities. No matter which part of the world we belong to, it is natural for people to judge someone based on their outerwear. Dull and wrinkled clothes do not seem very presentable. It is essential to dress up appropriately in fresh and crisp clothing material. It is achievable with ironing, but it can be tedious and time-consuming.

Steamers are a total game-changer. They are handy and quick to operate. All you have to do is to hang your clothes and start steaming to smoothen out the wrinkles. It is convenient and way too gentler than a standard iron.

Here is a list of 5 best clothes or garment steamers based on consumer reports or reviews on Amazon. This list will definitely help you to choose the most suitable one for your home use. Let’s get into the list right away.

5 Best Clothes Steamers as per Amazon’s Consumer Reports

 J-2000M Jiffy

J-2000M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head

Get your garments wrinkle-free in within 2 minutes! This 1300 watt steamer is excellent for getting rid of any kind wrinkles on your clothes at a fantastic speed. The heating element is made up of solid brass, which increases the longevity and durability of the heating element. This design is ideal for home as well as for light commercial use.

It comes with a 5.5 feet (1.68 m) hose, which is indeed on the longer side. J-2000M Jiffy Garment Steamer makes steaming clothes more accessible and easy to use. Reach any corner of your dress without any hindrance. It is connected to a transparent tank that helps you to keep track of the amount of water in the container so that you don’t have to worry about running out of steam in between your work. Secondly, it can generate steam for 1.5 hours when the tank is full.


  1. 1500 watt heating power
  2. With wheels placed at its base, the steamer is highly portable.
  3. Long steaming duration
  4. High durability with high impact plastic housing
  5. Very easy to assemble
  6. Large water tank capacity


  1. High maintenance
  2. Heavy metal head

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J-4000 Jiffy

J-4000 Jiffy clothes steamer (one of the best as per consumer reports)

If you’re looking for a steamer for both home and commercial use, J-4000 Jiffy Garment Steamer is a perfect option for you. Its fast steaming speed and pre-heating options reduce and save energy and time. Even the design is constructed to provide a durable device. The outer housing unit is made up of durable die-cast aluminum.

It is one of those best clothing steamers using which you can steam very quickly with 1500 watt plastic steam head. It comes with easy-to-read, built-in water level sight gauge for better water refill indications. The corrosion-resistant, stainless steel internal steam chamber makes it even more durable and better service. It can be used as a cleaner with the two-feet long hose and its several adapters.


  1. 1500-watt steamer power
  2. Durable design
  3. Pre-heat settings
  4. Large water tank capacity that can generate steam for almost 2 hours steaming duration
  5. Safety measures: it automatically shuts off when the temperature is high or when water runs dry.


  1. Heavy metal handle
  2. The handles get very hot.

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J-2 Jiffy

J-2 Jiffy steamer is one of the best clothing steamers on Amazon

J-2 Jiffy Garments Steamer is one of the most versatile and best clothing steamers you will find on Amazon. You can not only use it for steaming clothes but also on carpets, tablecloths, upholstery fabrics, and delicate materials. With 1300 watts steamer power and 2 two steam head option, it delivers versatile functionality. It is very durable. Even the 5.5 feet (1.68 m) hose made up of die-cast aluminum.

It takes 2 minutes to heat up, and a full water tank can generate steam consistently for 2 hours. The 1300 watts produce warm steam for faster results. The wheels at the bottom make it very portable and convenient to use.


  1. 1300 watt steaming power
  2. It takes 2 minutes to heat up and start generating steam.
  3. Easy to refill with the detachable plastic water tank.
  4. The Capacity of a Large water tank can produce steam for approximately 2 hours.
  5. Durable design
  6. Consistent steam generation
  7. Highly portable with wheels placed at the bottom of the device.


  1. After using it for a while, the hose tends to get hot.

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PurSteam Full Size Fabric Steamer

PurSteam Full Size Garment Fabric Steamer in 2020

PurSteam is ideal for home or personal use. This 850-watt steamer produces enough steam to get a beautiful, wrinkle-free, and crisp cloth at home. PurSteam Full Size Garment Fabric Steamer has four different steaming settings, which gives you more control over your clothing steamer. This sturdy and powerful steamer does not compromise its versatile functionality.

Have more control and customize according to your needs. This is one of those best clothing steamers which gives you better accessibility and convenience with its job-specific attachments. The hanger can be adjusted, making it easier to get rid of wrinkles. The handheld steam board is excellent for smoothing out creased sleeves, collars, and pockets. This clothes steamer also included a fabric brush to facilitate vertical steaming.

It looks after your safety with the burn prevention safety cap and prevents opening the water tank when there is hot water or steam inside it. The heavy-duty wheels help in moving the steamer from one place to another with ease.


  1. Eight hundred fifty watts steamer power high for personal use.
  2. Flexible steaming with four different steaming options
  3. Portable with heavy-duty wheels
  4. Highly durable
  5. Easy to assemble
  6. Large water tank capacity
  7. It can produce steam consistently for 60 minutes.
  8. The steamer works very fast
  9. It prevents burns from steam with the help of the safety cap.


  1. Spits water when the water level in the tank is low

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Rowenta IS6300 Professional Grade Clothing SteamerRowenta IS6300 Professional Grade cloth steamer according to consumers' reviews

Rowenta is easy to operate and has a convenient storage option. It is excellent for professional use with its 1550-watts steamer power that will do your work in a few minutes.

For more convenience, it has a built-in hanger which keeps your clothes in place.

The transparent 81-ounce water tank helps in tracking water levels and generate steam for a long duration.


  1. 1550 watts steamer power
  2. Fast steam generation
  3. Adjustable steamer pole
  4. Long steam duration
  5. Large water tank capacity
  6. Removable water tank for a smooth water refill
  7. The hanger comes with the pressing board and built-in clips


  1. The water hose and steam handles get hot.
  2. The clips on the handle are hard to open and use it.

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Bottom Line

We hope that our above article about 5 different best clothing steamers (according to what people say about them on Amazon) helped you to decide the most appropriate one for you.

You can also learn more about clothes steamer on Wikipedia.

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