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The Best CPAP Cleaner for 2022

Are you looking for anew CPAP cleaner? You are in the right place. As per customer reviews and feedback, we are here with a list of CPAP cleaners and tips on buying a CPAP cleaner plus FAQs to kill all your doubts. So, without delay, let us get started with our list of 6 best CPAP cleaners on Amazon.

Our List of The 6 Best CPAP Cleaner for 2021

Coral UV CPAP Cleaner

Coral UV CPAP CleanerCoral UV comes with a system of automatically drying and sanitizing with options of 40 to 70 minutes, add on UV sanitization for the last 10 minutes of the operation. Sanitizes with options of 10, 15, and 20 minutes while dries with 30, 40, 50, and 60 minutes.

This assures protection of 24 hours. For a starter, it starts with 50 minutes automatic operation then 2 minutes of sanitizing every 2 hours.

Coral UV requires no chemicals, water, or heat, and it has the potential to kill 99.9% germs within 10 minutes it assures. There would be no wiping required after washing as Coral UV comes with a medium temperature dryer. It works wonderfully with cell makeup brushes toys etc. 

It comes with a set of dual strength 2 UV Philips lamps, stainless steel cover that is non-obstructive, inner body made of reflective stainless steel. Safety is its utmost concern with its child safety switch. 


  • Within 90 days full refund
  • Dual strength UV lamps
  • Non-obstructive stainless steel cover
  • The inner body is of reflective stainless steel
  • No requirement of chemicals, water or heat
  • Comes with child safety switch
  • Lead-free
  • Phthalate-free


  • Takes a lot of space
  • No included handles

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EVLA'S CPAP CleanerEVLA’s is BPA free with a 13.4 x 7.4 x 12.1 inches product dimension and weighs around 6.74 pounds. The cleaner saves time as there is no need for drying items before or after use. It is effortless to use and clean as there is no requirement of descaling. This consumes deficient power and highly efficient, plus there is no requirement to use chemicals. It is of large capacity and high nm wavelengths.

EVLA’s come with durable and replaceable UV-C bulbs, and it will be free of charge, which has a lifetime of 6000 hours and more. It assures no rust, as was in the case of traditional steam sanitizers. It is effortless to use and works wonderfully with badges, keys, pens, wedding rings, etc. EVLA assures of high quality with the potential to sanitize within 11 minutes. It is an investment well worth it for a family’s well-being.


  • BPA free
  • No requirement of chemicals
  • No provision of cleaning and descaling 
  • Consumes less power
  • Replaceable UV-C bulbs
  • Large capacity
  • durable


  • The lid doesn’t have a complete seal
  • Along with drying features still suggests wiping dry

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Papablic Cleaner

papblic CPAPPapablic is a 3-in-1 appliance with its penetrating steams. It is better than your dishwasher as Papablic works with a higher temperature. This uses a hot air-drying system to keep everything clean and fresh smelling. Comes with an assurance of 99.9% killing within 8 minutes and storage of over 12 hours, keeping everything dry and beautiful. The cleaner is BPA free with one dial control and auto power off and drying system.

This provides enormous capacity, capable of fitting ten bottles of standard size. The machine is of ergonomic shape, making it easy to carry around add on it has an intuitive timer style, and automatic shut off that is safe. Its production dimensions are 3 x 4 x 3 inches and weigh around 4 pounds. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and a product that can be gifted.


  • BPA Free
  • One dial control
  • Light to carry 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Safe automatic shutoff


  • Must remember to add water
  • Heating plates get dirty and need to clean

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Dr Brown’s Deluxe Cleaner

Dr Brown's Deluxe CleanerDr. Brown comes with a product dimension of 13.3 x 12.8 x 10 inches and weighs around 5.6 pounds. It can sterilize six bottles at once and redesigned the deluxe appliance that works with steams. This comes with an automatic shutoff when the operation is complete.

Included items along with it will be tongs to manage sanitized bottles. Dr. Brown has removable trays to provide direct steams to each container, and with it comes a measuring cup for measuring the required amount of water for it to function. Its inbuilt tray holds nipples, bottle parts correctly to sanitize them efficiently at once. 

This design’s heating element at the bottom is no longer an open area where water can get in and cause deposits to build-up. The sides are no longer indented for tongs and water cups, necessitating the bulky bottle rack insert. Overall, it is easy to clean and easy to use, a must-buy for the family’s well-being.


  • Tongs 
  • Automatic shutoff system
  • Removable trays
  • Measuring cup included
  • Quick Cleaning


  • It takes time to cool down
  • Metal panel’s possibility to rust
  • Bottles come out smelling bad
  • Leaves residue/gooey liquid
  • Complains of mold growth
  • Doesn’t dry properly
  • After use inside of it gets yellow stains

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Baby Brezza Cleaner

Baby Brezza cleanerBaby Breeza comes with a secure control system to use it as a dryer only, sanitizer only or dryer and sanitizer. It assures a kill of 99.9% naturally without the use of chemicals within 8 minutes. The machine has a system of selecting minutes for drying it, as of 30, 45, and 60. This sterilizes up to 24 hours until you want to use it again, as it guarantees sterilization until the appliance is not opened.

Baby Breeza comes with an auto shut off and drying mode after sterilization is complete it quickly changes to drying mode and then switch offs after drying is complete. 

It is capable of holding at least six bottles at a time add on with accessories, works with any kind of cylinders, breast pumps, pacifiers and BPA free. The product dimension is 16.5 x 11.5 x 11.5 inches and weighs around 6.29 pounds. This has a warranty for 1-year. It is easy to clean and easy to use, making it a go-to option any day. 


  • BPA free
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Minute selection system
  • Auto shut off system
  • Natural steams
  • 4-in- one functionality
  • LCD control panels
  • Stainless steel heating plates


  • Bad customer service
  • Poor quality
  • Complains of malfunctioning
  • Complain about durability

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Aien CPAP Cleaner

Aien CPAP CleanerAien comes with a product dimension of 19.49 x 16.5 x 16.5 inches and weighs around 15.67 pounds. It uses UV lights and infra-red lights to remove microorganisms. For effective working, it uses Hexagonal Mirroring Structure. This comes with inbuilt audio for indications and assures 99.9% killing. It is significant for better accommodation of items, 1060 cubic inches. Air purification provides its fresh air giving it an extra zing. 4 different colors are available for you to choose, orange, pink, green, and chrome.

Within 20 minutes, it guarantees sterilization, a must-buy product for the well-being of your family. It is easy to use and clean and a product that would bring a smile when gifted. 


  • Use of UV and infra-red lights
  • Hexagonal mirroring structure
  • Inbuilt audio indicator
  • Large size
  • Comes with four different colors


  • Complains of the quality of product
  • Complains of durability

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Cleaning your CPAP Equipment: Step-by-step guide

  • Our first task could be to unplug it from the power source not to get electrocuted as we will be using water to sanitize it. But make sure not to immerse the appliance in water.
  • It is essential to go through the user manual as different devices have different settings; following its instruction would help in its easy disassembling.
  • Now, we can start cleaning it with a wet cloth, there are many options to clean it with and go by your personal preference. A mixture of vinegar and water, gentle shampoos, or benign dish soap with water is a popular choice. 
  • Each part and accessories must be wiped neatly with a wet cloth, you must make sure to change the water at least once, for better results.
  • Molds are a nuisance. It is essential to air dry everything before using them again. It will prevent risk.
  • Cleaning the CPAP once a week is a must for better performance

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What to look for while buying the Best CPAP Cleaner?


It is essential to see the sizes available in the market as if you get a large scale. It will help accommodate more at once, simplifying the sanitizing task in an organized and quick way.


Make sure to know beforehand if all types and shapes of bottles, as not all CPAP has the provision, some are only capable of delivering its performance when used with its compatible brand. It might be a case that you have to buy its compatible items to get its return.

Cleaning Mechanism

In your busy life, cleaning it every day might be havoc, make sure to know the basics of its cleaning mechanism. Whether there is a specialized cleaning mixture for it or the general mix would work fine. And what are it’s do’s and don’ts while sanitizing.

Automatic Sanitization

Make sure your equipment comes with an auto shut off as after sterilization is complete it can easily change to drying mode and then switch offs after drying is complete, in this way it is hassle-free, we must not always keep an eye on it, as it will work by itself.


The market is a delusional land, with a variety of products with different range of prices. However, it is not always true that the more they cost, the better its performance, it is essential to read the reviews before purchasing as using it beforehand is not possible. Studies reveal a lot about the product’s functionality and if it is a value for money product or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What size should I pick for a CPAP cleaner?

There are different types of sizes available in the market, along with a range of price tags. It depends on your requirement and the budget you have. A big CPAP cleaner would be able to accommodate a lot at once, thereby making the task organized and quick, whereas it won’t be the same when it is of small size.

Q. Which CPAP cleaner is the best to purchase?

It all goes down to personal preference and the budget you have, according to us our top pick from our list of best products would be ELVA’s. Some of the features that made it to the top would be that it is easy to clean, easy to use, no requirement of chemicals, BPA free, and consumes less power.

Q. How to select a product that would be best for me?

No products will be given to you beforehand to see whether it is right for you or not. Thereby it is essential to check the reviews and feedbacks of others previously. From the pros and cons to its period of warranty it is a must to look. This will at least give you a basic idea of what you will be getting. 

Q. How to clean a CPAP cleaner?

The first task would be to dismantle it according to the user manual, then mixture such as vinegar and water or some gentle shampoo or benign soap would be run down through it. Make sure to clean the bottles and wipe it dry if required before using it.

Q. what is BPA, and why is it wrong for us?

BPA is a chemical which stands for bisphenol, is an industrial chemical used in making plastics and resins. This is generally used as containers to store food and beverages. It is known to have adverse effects on the brains of growing children and their behavior.

Q. How are UV rays from CPAPs able to kill microorganisms?

UV rays in CPAP cleaners can kill microorganisms as UV rays have the shortest wavelength of 200 to 400 nanometers, making it of the highest energy—making it possible to destroy the molecular bonds of the microorganism hold their DNAs.

Q. How is CPAP’s cleaning mechanism?

It varies according to the brand, make sure to know at least the basics of its cleaning mechanism beforehand. Whether there is a specialized cleaning mixture for it or the general mix would work fine. And what are its do’s and don’ts while sanitizing?

Our top pick from the above list of best CPAP Cleaners

As per customer feedbacks and reviews, EVLA’s is the best pick for our list of products. The features that made it to the top would be:

  • BPA free
  • No requirement of chemicals
  • No provision of cleaning and descaling 
  • Consumes less power
  • Replaceable UV-C bulbs
  • Easy to use
  • Large capacity
  • durable

Bottom Line

best CPAP CleanersWe have your back at these, choose any of the above, and we guarantee you anything will rarely disappoint you. They are with customer reviews and feedbacks.

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