The Best Eyeliner for Waterline

Eyeliners form an essential weapon in your arsenal, er…, makeup! They give your eyes the smoky, lustful look that makes you irresistible to your significant other. But there are concerns regarding their safety. With those in mind, we did the courtesy of searching the safest, most feasible, and best eyeliner for the waterline.

8 Best Eyeliners for Waterline that Doesn’t Smudge

1. B.B Color Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

B.B Color Precise Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

First up is B.B Color Precise Liquid Pencil. It gives you those prettier eyes without any hassle. B.B Color Precise Liquid Pencil does not cause any irritation to your eyes or your skin. It lasts long and does not get damaged by sweat or water. Blink those pretty eyes carefree with B.B Color Precise Liquid Pencil. If black is your color, then we assure you- you will love this product. On Amazon, you can buy it for cheap.


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2. Colorpop Crème Gel Liner

Colorpop Crème Gel Liner

For those who prefer to be whimsical and enjoy the colors of life, Colorpop has you covered in Colorpop Crème Gel Liner. With over 10 different shades to choose from, Colorpop Crème Gel Liner makes tightening an interesting affair. If you were to ask us, we would say that Best O is the best pick from the lot. Colorpop Crème Gel Liner is a twist-up liner that comes at a very cheap price on Amazon.




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3. SLEEK Waterproof Liquid LinerSLEEK Waterproof Liquid Best Eyeliner for Waterline

Whether you want to conquer hearts or break some, SLEEK Waterproof Liquid Liner is the companion you just want to have. It gives your waterline a rich and attractive color. All the while ensuring that your eyes do not suffer in any way. It is free from paraben. For those who are big on cruelty-free products, SLEEK Waterproof Liquid pencil is the product you go to. It may be a bit costly, but as they say-“Win Some, Lose Some.”


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4. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Eyeliner

L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Eyeliner

This list would have remained incomplete without L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Liner (not that it is complete yet). It comes with a sharpener to suit your needs. Need sharp stunning look or bold vivacious look? Either way, L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering pencil is there for you. It comes in 3 different colors. Our Pick? The Brown one.  L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering pencil might very well be the ideal waterline liner that doesn’t smudge.




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5. Mia Adora IMMOVABLE – Waterproof Retractable LinerMia Adora IMMOVABLE

Mia Adora’s IMMOVABLE Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner is truly a remarkable product. Just like L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smouldering Liner, it too comes with a custom sharpener. It glides like butter on your waterline and gives you the most adorable cat eyes.

In the words of Mis Adora, the maker itself, use this liner to get the “perfect cat eye in seconds”. It lasts for a reasonable amount of time. Not to mention that it is waterproof. By now you must be thinking what we mean by “reasonable”. Well, with all its virtues, it has one major vice. It does smear and does not tend to last very long. Had that not been the case, we are sure that Mia Adora IMMOVABLE Waterproof Retractable Eyeliner would have definitely given a tough competition to L’Oreal.


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6. UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner Set

UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel set

You read that right: 2-in-1. UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner Set contains two colors for you-Black and Brown. It is a Creamy product that gives you those fabulous Dreamy Eyes. A bit of rhyme there. Apart from the fact that the colors are waterproof, they do not leave any smudges and do stay for a long duration of time. Best Eyeliner for tightlining but also for your eyebrows. It’s safe that way. The 2 makeup brushes provided alongside work effortlessly to give you a fab look. The downside? Well, that would the amount you get in those containers. It is not that much. But if you look at the price, you might find it justified. UCANBE 2-in-1 Gel Eyeliner Set is a wonderful product that comes at a bare minimum discount  (compared to others on this list) on Amazon.


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7. Ready to Shine ETERNITY Long-Lasting liner Ready to Shine ETERNITY Long Lasting Eyeliner for Waterline

The next entry to our list is a bit of costly affair but it is sure as heck worth it. If you buy Ready to Shine’s ETERNITY Long Lasting Eyeliner, you will see that it is unparalleled in terms of how effortlessly and easily it can be used.

You do not need to worry about damaging your eyes. Not only is Ready to Shine’s ETERNITY Long-Lasting liner is safe to use, but it also contains Jojoba oil which is great for the skin. As to whether it is cruelty-free or not can be determined. It is a Chinese product. So our bet is on the negative side.
Ready to Shine ETERNITY Long-Lasting liner for Waterline for Watery Eyes.


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8. Bella and Bear’s “Serval” Eyeliner Brush

Bella and Bear’s “Serval” Brush

We have to end our list at this point because we do not want you to get confused. That excuse might be lousy but rest assured, Bella and Bear’s “Serval Eyeliner Brush is seriously a product you should consider.

From the award-winning beauty products brand, this Brush gives you a custom made applicator brush. It gives you a natural finish and It is completely safe as well. The brush is made up of wood. Free from animal cruelty and very Vegan-friendly- that’s Bella and Bear’s “Serval” Eyeliner Brush for you.

The angle-tip brush forms the perfect tool for getting a cat-eye finish. Get ready to steal the limelight with this Brush.


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What to Look for When Buying an Eyeliner for Waterline?

Eyeliner is a must in every makeup wearer’s stash. It can help you look from drab to fab in minutes if applied the right way with the right product. That is why you must choose one that caters to your needs. Here is what you should look for while buying it.


First, you must choose what color you want. You can choose from a wide variety of them such as basic black, brown, or any color to help you experiment with your looks. Whether you want it to neutralize your eyes or make a bold statement entirely depends on you. So choose wisely.


With the ever-expanding Beauty Community, there is a new product every week in the market. There are so many options to choose from. There are Kohl Pencil Eyeliners, Liquid Eyeliners, Gel Eyeliners, Felt Tip Eyeliners, and many more. Choose one that you can apply with steady hands. In our opinion, Go for kohl eyeliners first and then shift to liquid and felt tip eyeliners.

Lasting Power 

Applying liner can be a little tricky, but once you ace it, you are good to go. And that is why you should get yourself an eyeliner with incredible lasting power. Something that stays put throughout the day. Whether you apply it on your waterline or use it to create the perfect wing liner, get yourself a long-lasting one. 

Waterproof Formula

While looking for liners, always go for a waterproof formula. As it doesn’t budge at all. Especially if you have sensitive eyes or a contact lenses user opts for a waterproof method to avoid smudging of the eyeliner because of tears or irritation. To remove it, you might need a separate waterproof makeup remover, but it is worth it.


Now, if you are on a budget or do not want to spend too much it, then definitely go for more affordable drugstore options. There are a lot of good eyeliners in the drugstore also. And if you don’t care about the price point, then you can choose anything you desire.


Then, availability. You should look for an eyeliner that is available in your local stores so that it is easy to access and test before buying it. Or you can always shop for them on Amazon.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How to apply the liner on the bottom waterline?

Pull down your lower waterline gently with your finger, and then glide the liner along the waterline until you have reached your desired intensity.

Q. How to apply a best eyeliner for waterline on the lid?

Start with the inner corner of your eyes then move outwards towards the edge. Pull the skin a little bit, and raise your eyebrows to slay that liner.

Q. How do I create a cat-eye with an eyeliner?

Place a dot where you want the wing to be, then trace a line to the middle of your eyelid and fill it in. Lastly, connect it with the inner corner. And you have the perfect cat-eye.

Q. How do I make my eyeliner stay for a longer time?

First of all, use a waterproof liner as the formula of those liners is they stay for a long time.

Q. Is it safe to wear it on my waterline of eyes?

Yes, it is entirely safe to wear liner on the waterline of your eyes as long as the product is not expired, you are good to go.

Q. How do I prevent smudging of the liner?

Liners mostly smudge due to oily eyelids or tears. So for oily eyelids, dab a little powder before applying your liner, and if you have watery eyes, go for water-resistant liner. 

Q. How do I tight line my eyes with the eyeliner?

Pull your upper eyelid gently and trace along the lower area of the lash line, and you are done.

Q. How do I remove tight line liner?

Wash your eyes thoroughly in water or swipe across your eyes gently with a cotton pad with micellar, and its clean!

Q. How to remove eyeliner from waterline without makeup remover?

If you don’t have a makeup remover, that is okay. Use a gentle wet wipe. And you can also use coconut or olive oil to remove the liner safely.

Q. Is it safe to buy it from Amazon?

Yes, it is entirely safe to buy them from Amazon.

Q. Is the pencil liner harder to remove than liquid liner?

No, not at all. Just use the right micellar water or technique to get it off your eyes.

Q. Which any best eyeliner for waterline is easy to apply?

Retractable or pencil liners are the easiest to apply. After you get a bit steady with your hands, you can use gel or liquid liners.

Q. How can I remove it without stretching my skin?

Try massaging coconut oil or take a gentle wet wipe while removing your liner.

Q. What is the easiest way to apply a liner for a beginner?

If you are a beginner, start with applying it in your waterline. Just take a good liner and glide it across your waterline, and then you can move to do lining your lid.

Q. How can I apply a liner smoothly?

Sharpen the tip of the eyeliner, and if it’s possible to try to make it warm by dipping it in warm water that helps in easy, smooth application.

Q. Which liner is better to do a Smokey eye?

For a Smokey eye, always go for a pencil liner and smudge it with your fingers.

Our Hand-Picked Best Eyeliner for Waterline

Each one mentioned in the list is amazing in its way. But our favorite best eyeliner for waterline is Immovable by Mia Adora Makeup. First of all, it is cruelty-free, which a plus point is always. This liner is jet black and pigmented, which glides on smoothly on the waterline. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, and budge-proof and stays for a long time. It is retractable as well, so easy application and no worries about sharpening them again and again. So for our readers, we suggest the waterproof retractable liner- Mia Adora Immovable.

Bottom line

best eyeliner for waterline model girl

Coming to the bottom line, Waterline is where your eyelid meets your eyes. A little something here can make you even more perfect. Waterline liners are not at all a new thing.

One exciting thing about eyeliners is that they can quite meticulously adjust your eye size to look perfect than before. They make those pretty eyes of your look even more beautiful. A good liner is a must for every makeup lover.

It enhances the eyes, making them look even more beautiful. Every person should have one go-to eye pencil that helps them seize the day. You can always get creative with your liner looks such as a simple liner, a cat-eye, a bold eye look, a winged liner, a Smokey eye, a smudged, more sophisticated liner and much more. Explore! Play around with your eye looks, and don’t forget to Wink!

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