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3 Best Floor Lamps Available on Amazon

Best Floor Lamps for 2020

Somewhere with the changing era, one thing has not yet changed that quite is the illuminating rooms. From those kitchens tables to libraries or your cozy bedroom, light can actually do wonders and radiate the floor. Today when the world is turning into the minimalism where the new tag line has yet emerged “less is more.” Homes are now designed with economically justifying the statement for the minimalist in the context of lights.

Hopping the idea of re-designing the home, the human wants to keep it cozy and radiating at the same time. To solve such problems, floor lamps perfectly fit the mystery puzzle.

The scenic beauty stands right on the place putting fixture statements can bring light to your favorite place.

From being the general light to the artwork corner light, is what a floor light can serve simultaneously. A perfect height that keeps on standing near your bed or to your sofa can help you to read, think ambitiously and can even bring the architectural highlight.

Aesthetic economical living is total high cost as the world of today as the increment of pricing is raising high. But when it comes to styling the interior lightening we don’t think about bucks burning in our pockets but rather spend a lot of money which can be useless shortly.

So don’t worry, we are here to help you with the struggle that you might be going on as we bring you the floor lamps that would not only light your room but even your soul too.

As we help you, listing down the 3 best floor lamps in Amazon, from burning your pocket.

Brightech – Madison LED Floor Lamp

When it comes to a lamp with charging capacity which built-in with side table pretty much a contemporary taste to the side of your bed in your bedroom. A lamp with an attached side table comes up with two USB ports along with an outlet so that you can charge your mobile devices or plug in your computer. As Brightech – Madison LED floor lamp concludes with advanced features like:

  • Storage capacity that can be used to keep from vases to books
  • Enable the turn on/off by Alexa, Google Home Assistant, or Apple HomeKit
  • Includes 9. 5W LED bulb
  • 3 years of warranty

The 12 inches in diameter come in the shade of white, black & white pattern, or rustic Havana brown color.


  • Quick to assemble and side table
  • Good quality comes at a reasonable price.
  • With an outstanding design that perfectly fabricated the place


  • The light can be dim that might create a problem while reading.
  • It might be quite disappointing when it comes to paying the additional cost for assembly.

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Aaron Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

If you love collecting and decor your home that inspired from vintage, then Aaron Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp is your ideal taste. A 64″ contemporary lamp with three adjustable brass-finished headlights sleeks with the classic vintage look that probably completes your modern millennial life. There is also a control of each light on/off rotary switch on each socket. With the slender position, the base is 10″ wide at the bottom gives a gripped and each shade is 6″ high x 5 3/4″ wide with weighs of 10 lbs. The lamp comes with 360 lightings.


  • An attractive contemporary lamp
  • A budget-friendly
  • A simple functional design


  • The light leans too much
  • Sometimes the product can come with damage

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Adesso 6237-02 Oslo Floor Lamp

When it comes to sleek with simplicity, the Adesso 6237-02 Oslo Floor Lamp adds a contemporary style to your room. A body design like a tulip that perfectly fits the Scandinavian style strikes an extreme simplicity. The modern hardback drum is made with Japanese paper putting a sleek accent that interprets a Scandinavian design. 

As the lamp doesn’t come with the bulb so you can put 100W incandescent or 26W CFL bulb, but it does provide an on/off rotary socket switch. With UL listed for safety, this 5′ cord allows versatile placement needs no assembly which saves our time.


  • Simply gorgeous that would probably bring you compliments.
  • A minimalistic lamp with excellent quality.
  •  Perfect shades


  • Though to light the room, only one is not enough.

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