The Best Food Processors

Are you planning to create “the best hearty meal” this 2022? But sometimes you feel lazy to do all those tiresome chopping, shredding even slicing nonidentical veggies. Oh! Don’t forget those bleeding coming out from soft fingers while cutting those stubborn veggies. An overall best food processor is all you need to be dreaming about, as it is eligible for any age group.

Our 5 Best Food Processors List

1. Breville BFP800XL Soups Chef Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef

Breville Sous Chef is just you should be looking for as we understand the meal items need to be in different shapes and sizes and the machine can only help to cut the ingredients into the optimal size pieces. Every Breville product has a unique design to make a simple moment brilliant.

The Breville Sous Chef has a 5.5” Super Wide Feed Chute that reduces the need to pre-cut most fruits & veggies, saving you time. Comming with the set of 8 discs and blades, sending half of the frustration away for numerous prep options.

The slicing discs that can be set to 24 different slicing settings so you can customize the thickness of the slices from a paper-thin 0.3mm all the to a thick 8.0mm. Along with julienne disc, a French fry cutting disc, a whisking disc, and a reversible shredding disc, it even includes a micro-serrated universal S blade, a dough blade for kneading and combining ingredients, and a mini blade for use with mini-bowl. The Breville Sous Chef was even rated the best food processor in 2012 by a leading American reviewer of products.


  • Having two large bowls, that include 16 cup processing bowl help to blend up large servings of soup or dough and the other mini 2.5 cups perfect for processing small amounts of sauces or nuts.
  • It has a Multi-function disc that helps to cut veggies into different shapes and sizes.
  • LCDs count up and count down auto-timer; Voltage 110 to 120 Volt.
  • The accessory storage box can be stored horizontally or vertically based on storage space; Stainless Steel Blades; Plastic Spatula


  • The Breville does not, and it just processes too hard and fast to make a decent dough with ease.
  • Quite expensive
  • Not a dishwasher safe.

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The famous Braun brand designed the most functional product with a wide range of tools for cooking any meal from professionals to homemade. The product is manufactured in Europe, having German technology to give the best performance. BRAUN FP3020 Food Processor has all the safety majors like it will not start until and unless the lid is closed correctly and during the processing, bowl locks onto the motor base. Having variant accessories like 2 Shredding, 1 Slicing,1 Coarse Slicing Insert B Blade, 1 French fry System, 1 Ultimate kugel Potato Latkes blade,1 Top-rated S blade,1 Whipping, 1 Kneading,1 Citrus juicer attachment.


  • Capacity is big with two bowls, one with 12 cups for dry ingredients and 9 cups for liquid (wet ingredients).
  • Rated 600W and can Deliver Up to 900W peak power.
  • Quick and ultra-quiet.
  • Energy-efficient with low power consumption.
  • Compact design Easy to store.


  • Needs to be careful when there is the placement of the blades.
  • Limited slicing capacity
  • Longevity is less.

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3. Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection

A kitchen elite that marvels and can boast to all family and friends contains 12 Cup Food Processor along with 4 cup work bowl nested inside the big container. Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection Food Processor even has the adjustable slicing discs and a reversible shredding disc just like best food processors (all-in-one). A processor that favors in cooking any of your favorite dishes in 1000 watt motor. With an advantage of Seal Tight that prevents spilling. It can easily wipe-clean as it is dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience.


  • 12 cup Large Bowl and 4 cups Small Bowl with Pour Spouts and Measurement Markings
  • 1000 watt Peak Power Motor
  • Easy On/Off Locking System with Push-Button Release
  • Large and Small Stainless Steel Chopping/Mixing Blades with BladeLock System


  • Design is complicated to work.
  • Inferior grating disc

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4. Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY 14-CupCuisinart DFP-14BCWNY 14-Cup

Cuisinart is well-known when it comes to the kitchen as it has trusting quality, performance with style. This one of the best food processors which comes with a large capacity that has the speed for all the cooking from quick, weeknight meals to weekend celebrations.


  • Have a large capacity i.e. 14-cup work bowl and extra-large feed tube.
  • Safe dishwasher.
  • Powerful 720 Watt Motor
  • Single Touch Operation with stainless steel blades
  • 7 Food Prep Functions Plus Dough


  • Have fragile parts and has no replacement
  • Sometimes there is a sale of defective products.

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5. Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-CupCuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup

The Cuisinart DLC-8SY Pro Custom 11-Cup Food Processor, White, brought the company to the heights with the technology that they put in the food processor — putting those extra-large feed tube with unique compact chopping that comes with the industrial quality motor.

It is overall good from slicing whole fruits and vegetables and powerful enough to knead bread with ease.

Nonetheless, this product is a perfect accessory for any kitchen.


  • With three stainless steel thin slicing discs that can be used as shredding and a new chopping blade and even a spatula.
  • The dough can be made quickly.
  • Its capacity with extra-large feed tube and 11-cup work bowl.
  • It has a warranty with five years of motor and three years of the entire unit.


  • Its has some flaws in the design
  • Flimsy product, poor customer support

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What to Look for When Buying Best Food Processors?

A lot of things you should be looking for when you buy food processors. Quality matters more than the price and quantity. The way it can do more work than any average human reduces the man’s labour work. 

A market with several types of best food processors can surely confuse any human person. So we bring you the best buying guide that can save you from all the troubles.  

Look for the Blades:

When you look for any food processor, blades come as a prime factor. Without the processor’s knives, there won’t be an invasion of the food processor. They should at least have different kinds with exclusive unique styles. The sharpness of the blades can do the slicing, chopping, shredding, etc. All this comes with one or two blades of each, which is also an important thing. The blade’s quality and material is an essential thing to consider.  


There are several factors to look at, but bowl capacity is essential. There is no point in buying a large size for small families. It should be sufficient for the family of four. But processors like to give different kinds of bowls that vary in size, which are also a plus point. It may take some space in your kitchen, but with the occasion, it is beneficial.

Motor Power

The powerful tool of any of the best food processors is the motor. The power of the motor can do any tough jobs for the processor without even making it complicated. The power wattage does range from 625 watts to 1000 watts, depending on the processor. The processor can long last depend on the motor.

Dishwasher safe

If you use a dishwasher, better go for buying a processor with a dishwasher safe. Some don’t fulfil the features that will be mentioned in the product detail brochure or the box. Make sure you check before buying it.

Assembling it should be easy.

You should go for buying the one that gets easily assembled. While assembling, lit should be perfectly fit and can be opened without putting much pressure. Without proper assembly, the machine will not work or even can get damaged.


Home appliances, especially for the kitchen, should be in the budget. It starts with several ranges, depending on the brand and accessories. The fields come from $130 to a higher price. So it will depend on your budget, and you’re good to go. 


There are a lot of brands that deal with a long period of warranty. The products start with one to three years of an entire unit warranty along with five years of motor warranty. In this period, you can replace any part free of cost but with terms and conditions. Such kind of warranty comes on some of the big brands.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it risky to buy the best food processors online from Amazon?

No. There is no risk in buying any product online. Just check on the guide for the quality, as well as your budget. 

Q. Can we make the dough?

Yes. Some of the processors can knead the dough quickly. It would come with the dough maker. Check before buying it.

Q. Can I put hot ingredients?

Ans: For a safety measure, you should not put hot ingredients directly on the food processor. It is better to put it when it is cool to avoid damaging the system.

Q. Is the food processor dishwasher safe?

Ans: Yes, some are dishwasher safe. So check before buying it. The details would be there, in the product details brochure or box. It is, however, easy to clean in the dishwasher without any difficulty.

Q. Can we do shredding to slicing in the best food processors?

Ans: Some of the food processors come with different types of blades. So it can work in different styles. So yes, it can even do other than shredding, slicing, forming unique shapes and sizes.

Q. What about grinding coffee beans?

Ans: No, it cannot grind coffee beans. So it is not advisable to grind coffee beans for your coffee.

Q. Which one is a better mixer grinder or processor?

Ans: Best Food processors does multiple jobs, even work of the mixer grinder. So buying this product would be quite efficient for the kitchen. Though they both look quite similar, mixer doesn’t do the same work as the processor.

Q. Which one is better to hand blender or processor?

Ans: Hand blender can only blend juices along with doing the dough part. But some food processors can do the entire job, even the role of the hand blender. It is quite safe to buy a food processor rather than a hand blender.

Q. Can we process chicken or fish?

Ans: Yes, we can. But they need to be chilled before processing so it can make it super easy and fast.

Q. Does it need a considerable amount of space in the kitchen?

Ans: It comes with different types of bowls and blades. It may take some space, but it is quite helpful during the kitchen work. 

Our Pick from Above List of Best Food Processors

One of the best from the top five is Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection Food Processor. The processor has sufficient bowls of different sizes with measure markings and pours spouts. The qualities of blades are of stainless steel which makes it free from getting rusted. It even has a motor warranty of five years and three long years of the entire unit. The processor has an easy on/off locking system with push-button release. However, it is dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to think of cleaning it. It is even budget-friendly as well. 

So, Cuisinart FP-12BCN Elite Collection Food Processor is our top pick, and we suggest it to our readers.

Bottom Line

Best Food Processors in 2020

Reconsidering with the critics that throw by some pessimistic folks towards about food processor, how bulky, a space-up product in the kitchen!” or “only can be used in the festive season, other days just summing up the whole kitchen space.” etc., etc.

I am not denying those functional critics but tucking out at the time of the festive season act just as a magical tool, saving energy as well as cooking time.

Still in doubt what a Food Processor can do

finding best food processors in a kitchen

So here is a brief firm description of an all-inclusive item that can do multi-verse work from those shredding cheese to anything to everything. Even knives make painful and dirtying all the bowls to cook any dish and making dough for cookies to cakes, etc., etc.. It works for all of them, eases to clean-up or can also be thrown to the dishwasher.

It is the best home appliance that all should have in their kitchen. The way they do all the work reduces any man’s labour. It can help you prepare restaurant style meals by chopping, slicing shredding, etc. Even some do much more roles of the blender as well as mixer grinder. So you will find it quite profitable in buying it doing the whole work. 

So now stop stressing about preparing delicious meals just like any chef from your restaurants and collecting lots of compliments from all your friends and family.

See what Wikipedia says about Food Processors.

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