pexels-photo-922641Ever seen how seductively the heroine beckons her valiant hero? Well, consciously you tend to notice her nails, its beauty. Now while nails are those parts which sometimes seem insignificant to beauty, if taken proper care of can considerably make you more attractive.Listed below are some of the best Gel Nail Polishes you can find on Amazon to make you more beautiful.

You sit hours and hours on the stretch to apply the perfect shade on your nails. Every stroke, every dot must be perfect, right? But that all comes undone when the product itself is below grade. Well, we are here to make sure that never happens to you.

Gelish Dynamic DuoGelish Dynamic Duo

First up is Gelish Dynamic Duo- Foundation Base and Top Sealer. You need to dry it in LED/18G LED or UV Light after application. Gelish even offers you the choice of buying their own LED Nail Drying Light.

The Nail Polish sticks to your nail plate and the bond is strengthened after the application of LED light. Gelish Dynamic Duo-Foundation Base and Top Sealer work in tandem to give your nails a sleek, polished and attractive appearance

In case you are wondering if it really is worth it, then just hop to Amazon and scroll down to see the User Reviews. You will see that more than 80% have given it a 5-star rating.

Yao Shun Soak Off Best Gel PolishYao Shun Soak Off Gel Polish

The Yao Shun Soak Off Gel Polish is actually a set that gives you access to 6 different exquisite shades for your nails. These require you to cure them with LED or UV as well. The catch is that Yao Shun Soak Off Gel Polish does not stay as long as most do. Nevertheless, you can paint custom shades and patterns and after a bit of curing, you are ready!

On Amazon, you can choose from three different sets- the Candy Set, the Grey Series and the Popular Set. We recommend the classic Popular Nude Colour Set .

DIY Hard Nails Best Gel Nail PolishDIY Hard Nails Gel Polish

DIY Hard Nails Gel Polish stays on for a good 2 weeks. We are more interested in the fact that it has 10 different sets to offer. The Blue Cocktail Glitter is certainly an attention-grabber. With DIY Hard Nails Gel Polish, you do not need to worry about exposing your nails to unwanted chemicals. It is completely safe.

Apply the Cocktail Blue Glitter on clean nails and then cure it using a UV/LED Light. As a bonus, they also send you a guide after you have verified your order. You can get the DIY Hard Nails Gel Polish (Blue Cocktail Glitter) on Amazon .

Hydracol Polish to GelHydracol Polish to Gel

Now, this is not a Gel Nail Polish, it is rather a product that helps you to convert any nail polish to gel. You can now create custom gels and cure them. It works with all variants of Nail Polish like Glitter, Hologram,and Matte etc.

Hydracol recommends the use of Base and Top Coat for best results. You can remove it all using a standard Acetone Remover. Rest assured, Hydracol Polish to Gel does not cause any damage to your nail beds.

When you buy Hydracol Polish to Gel, you get a cruelty-free 20mL bottle of pure artistry. On Amazon.

Sexy Mix Changing Nail Polish GelSexy Mix Changing Nail Polish Gel

Okay, you are going to like this one. Sexy Mix Changing Nail Polish Gel actually changes colour. That may not surprise some though. The thing is your nails have to be long enough for the colour change to be noticeable.

Sexy Mix Changing Nail Polish Gel gives your nails a sleek look without putting them in harm’s way. As with any Nail Polish Gel, you need to dry it with UV/LED. After that, you are set for 2 weeks. Go and capture the hearts with Sexy Mix Changing Nail Polish. You can either buy it as a set or buy a single shade from Amazon. Either way, it works wonders.

Butter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Nail LacquerButter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer

Next up is butter LONDON. Butter LONDON may seem like a costly affair for some but in reality, it is one of the best nail polish and packs huge potential. The butter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer comes with a recommended 2 coats but you can always be creative.

butter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer is free from Formaldehyde, Toluene, Xylene, Camphor or any such harmful chemicals. It gives you brighter and healthier nails. You can choose butter LONDON Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer from its 35 various shades, though we recommend that you go for “Dearie Me” which costs cheaper on Amazon.

Frenshion Chameleon Soak-off Best Gel Nail PolishFrenshion Chameleon Soak-off Gel Nail Polish

You remember Sexy Mix, right? Well, Frenshion Chameleon Soak-Off Uv/LED Color Gel is also similar. It is a thermic Nail Polish Gel and changes its colour at 32 Degree Celsius. Frenshion Chameleon Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish is a unique, high-quality Nail Polish that gives you confidence and beauty.

It leaves behind no bad fragrance. You need to apply it on clean dry nails and then cure it with a LED or UV light to get optimum result. Typically, Franshion Chameleon Soak-Off Gel Nail Polish lasts for about 2 weeks or even more.

Frenshion gives you access to 72 different shades (the numbers just keep on increasing, right?). We recommend the classy yet dangerous ‘72’ priced  on Amazon.

Revlon Colour Stay Gel Envy LongwearRevlon ColorStay Gel Envy Longwear

You’ve heard of Revlon, right? Well, Revlon brings you a revolutionary Gel Nail Polish which does not require any UV or LED Light. All that in form of Revlon Colour Stay Gel Envy Long wear. It is free of the 5 harmful chemicals which include the likes of toluene. Revlon Colour Stay Gel Envy Long wear does not require any light and comes off just as easily with a nail polish remover. 45 shades to choose from. Our pick is ‘Lucky Us’  on Amazon.

OPI Nail LacquerOPI Nail Lacquer

O.P.I. is one of the best when it comes to Nail Lacquers. Their products are reliable and the one we are introducing to you is certainly no exception to that. Our next entry is O.P.I. Nail Lacquer Samoan Sand Shade. While you can choose from the remaining 118 (that’s right) shades that O.P.I. provides, we chose Samoan Sand because it gives a certain classic glamour to your nails. The price is costly which is pretty reasonable considering the quality of the product.

essie Gel Couture Bridal Nail Polish Collection61uS+UO5Y0L._SY679_

essie Gel Couture Bridal Nail Polish Collection is not just our choice but also that of Amazon. Specifically, the ‘Berry in Love’ shade. Cute, beautiful and bold are just a few of the words which one can use when describing this product.

The thing is unlike O.P.I., essie Gel Couture Bridal Nail Polish Collection only has to offer you 6 colours. But they are premium colours. Impress everyone around you with essie Gel Couture Bridal Nail Polish Collection available  on Amazon. Our pick of shade? Berry in Love.