12 Best iPhone 6 Covers to Make Your iPhone Look Cool

pexels-photo-1061578Well, if you have it flaunt it. That’s about true for everything. Even iPhone. But with the rising demand of iPhones, they are becoming more and more common among peers (that is the ultimate goal of Apple). You have an iPhone. But so do many. What’s there to make your iPhone better than the rest apart from the fact that it is an iPhone? A good protection and fashionable cover.Here are some of the best covers iphone covers to make your iphone look cool.

With that in mind, we bring to you the Best options you have for your iPhone 6 & 6s on Amazon- the place where you can get authentic product at reasonable price. So without further ado.

BENTOBEN Silicone Shockproof Case71G7KM4EBSL._SL1500_

BENTOBEN packs style and numero uno protection for your iPhone 6. If makes sure that the bitten apple is not covered but also makes sure that your iPhone does not suffer from sudden accidents. If you want to have a protective case that increases the grandeur of your iPhone, then BENTBEN Silicone Shockproof Case is your product. It comes in 4 different colors. The Rose Gold style looks particularly cute on Amazon.

GOLINK iPhone 6/6S Case517j8c8+HFL._SL1024_

GOLINK iPhone 6/6S Case comes in Matte Finish. It contains a colored layer beneath a PET layer. With GOLINK iPhone Case you get a certain level of sophistication. The marble finish looks quite attractive. The disadvantage? Well, it conceals your Apple Logo. If you are okay with that, then GOLINK iPhone Case is gold. It is anti-fingerprint and anti-dust. Also covers the edges so that your screen remains protected in a fall. There are more than 30 styles of GOLINK iPhone Case to choose.

ImpactStrong Best iPhone 6 Case81-Fnxv4NgL._SL1500_

Next up is ImpactStrong iPhone 6 Case– protects your iPhone in case of strong impact (pun intended). ImpactStrong iPhone 6 Case comes with three layered protection. It is best iPhone protective Cover Offered raised edges to protect your camera and offers port and jack clearance so that you can easily fir your charger (which is unlike so many others). 5 Choices- all with Lifetime Warranty and excellent functionality. The Gun Metal Style of ImpactStrong iPhone Case certainly caught our eyes. You should look at it.

Imikoko™ Fashion Luxury Diamond Case81A8JCG8tIL._SL1500_

For those who would like to have something that adds more glitz and cuteness to their iPhone, Imikoko™ Fashion Luxury Diamond Case is like a boon. The Rose Gold variety is certainly sparkly among other. Not to mention, it is also a bit cheaper than the rest. But don’t be fooled by its beauty and dismiss it like a pretty face in the world of iPhone Cases, Imikoko™ Fashion Luxury Diamond Case is tough and offered 3-layered protection. It is made up of soft TPU Layer.

DOUJIAZ iPhone Covers.71EkS+gqWlL._SL1500_

DOUJIAZ iPhone Covers come with In-Mould-Decoration. This means that if your phone tends to rub a lot, the cover and its beauty won’t fade away because the pattern are made within the layers of the covers. Nicely curved edges and raised cover ensure that the screen remains protected. Moreover, you can choose from over 20 different patterns with DOUJIAZ iPhone Covers.

IMIKOKO™ Flexible Print Case.71UXgAZXwuL._SL1500_

We are back to IMIKOKO™. This time with IMIKOKO™ Flexible Print Cases. They provide the marble glossy finish and yet retain durability. IMIKOKO™ Flexible Print Cases give your iPhone a certain feeling of lightness. However, this cover does tend to cover the buttons a tad bit too much. You tend to think from the outer appearance that it might be a gel, but it is actually a hard cover that is quite flexible. Easy to Use, the cheapest variety of IMIKOKO™ Flexible Print Case .

Wouier Thin Best iphone Case 61bc1PT4CxL._UX679_

For those who want a gel cover, we’ve got you covered. Wouier Thin Case is the Gel Rubber Case for you iPhone 6. Wouier Thin Case Covers all come in transparent variety with various patterns on them to choose from. They are elastic (made from silicone), fit well and provide the necessary space for ports. You can choose from 13 different patterns if you go with Wouier Thin Case Cover. On Amazon, Wouier Thin Cases cost you a bit cheaper. While we would recommend that you avoid it, it is all up to you and your need.

CellEver Dual Guard Protective Cover71A+TN9ku6L._SL1000_ (1)

When introducing the CellEver Dual Guard Protective Cover, we have to inform you of the fact that it quite amazingly protected an iPhone from a 6-feet test drop. So you do not have to worry about your iPhone getting damaged should you accidently drop it while talking to someone on the line. Now that protection’s sorted, let’s go accessibility. CellEver Dual Guard Protection Cover performs quite well on that front. It allows you to use the headphone and charger jack without inconvenience. On Amazon, you can get CellEver Dual Guard Protective Cover .

uCOLOR Gradient Abstract Protector51bClcCL+rL._SL1000_

uColor Gradient Abstract Protectors give your iPhone a clearance of 0.7mm with their raised edges. If that is not enough, they also come with a Tempered Glass Protectors. They are beautiful to say the least. Unlike many other products on the list however, uCOLOR Gradient Abstract Protectors offers only 2-layer protection. Their designs are interchangeable. So if are whimsical and prefer original looks, then you should try out uCOLOR Gradient Abstract Protector.

BAISKRE Marble Design iPhone Cover61VWtF+ieOL._SL1000_

If you ever checkout BAISKRE Marble Design iPhone Cover on Amazon, your first reaction would be “WOW!”. With BAISKRE Marble Design iPhone Covers, you get protection, flexibility and style along with functionality. It is made with familiar In-Mould-Design which guarantee long life of the vibrant colours. It protects your precious iPhone against smudges and scratches. With over 33 different attractive marble-finish styles to choose from, BAISKRE Marble Design iPhone Covers are easily one of the best options for soft covers.

Caseology Parallax Series Best iPhone Covers71+CLZY5VvL._SL1500_

If you thought that the items on this list are ordered chronologically, you were wrong. Caseology Parallax Series iPhone Covers can attest to that. As far as Hard iPhone Cases go, Caseology Parallax Series iPhone Covers offer better protection than most. Precision & Protection- that’s Caseology for you. While the camera and buttons remain uncovered, they do not remain unprotected. The precise cut and raised cover see to that. While there are not many varieties available, Caseology Parallax Series iPhone Covers offer one of the best deals for your iPhone.

OBLIQ Slim-fit Armor Case71fnTPN+OiL._SL1500_

OBLIQ Slim-fit Armor Case may very well be the last entry to our list, safe to say it is not the least. Shock-proof design work decently and the peripheral accessibility is good. OBLIQ Slim-fit Armor Case provides a good grip. The back panel is has a metal-like finish for better protection. Overall, it is a good product but the thing is that it quite costly as far as iPhone Cases go. A bit on the high end, OBLIQ Slim-fit Armor Case costs you little pricey on Amazon.