10 Best Lip Gloss Reviewed

When we talk of our lips, what comes to mind? Is it the rough and scaly mess of a lip or something smooth n soft and pleasant to kiss? Needless to say, your lips are those parts of your face that require constant and special attention for you to grab others’ attention.

So are here a few of the very best Lip Gloss reviews we came across on Amazon which can help you in that task. These keep your lips smooth and sensitive to make sure that you always look the best of yourself when it comes to your lips.

JaneiredaleLipDrink Lip Balm

The ingredients of janeiredaleLipDrink Lip Balm include Coffee Bean Extract, Avocado Oil, and Green Tea Extract. These tend to give your lips a smooth and pretty look. You can choose janeiredaleLipDrink Lip Balm on Amazon from four different flavors-“Buff”, ”Crush”, “Flirt” and “Sheer”.

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Neutragena® MoistureShine® lip soother

Neutragena® is one of the best Dermatologist recommended brands in the USA. You can search that if you don’t trust us. Neutragena® MoistureShine® lip soother does give your lips a soothing effect. Courtesy of the cucumber and chamomile extracts in it.

Apart from that, Neutragena® MoistureShine® lip soother also contains Safflower Seed Extract and acts as a Sunscreen for your lips. It has SPF 20 to thank for that. Between Shine Glow and Gleam, our points would surely go to Shine which you can get from Amazon.

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BaeBlu Best Lip Gloss Reviewed

BaeBlu Lip Gloss is your remedy to cracked, rough, and ugly lips. It is completely organic and comes in 14 different variants to suit your needs. Unlike much other Lip Gloss in the market, BaeBlu Lip Gloss doesn’t give you a greasy feel.

It contains Sunflower seed extract, Shea Butter, and Coconut Oil among other natural ingredients. These help you in achieving, as BaeBlu terms it, -“Kissable Lips”. So trust in BaeBlu and go for this wonderful anti-oxidant, purely organic, and lip gloss which is not sticky available on Amazon. If you ask us, we think “Tickled” is the best one.

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Maple Holistics Natural Therapeutic Lip Balm61dyJYIse+L._SX522_

The name may seem like a general category of Lip Balm but it is actually one of the most effective and attractive Lip Glosses available on Amazon. It comes in a set that contains 4 flavors- Vanilla, Peppermint, Pomegranate, and Acai Berry.

Natural Therapeutic Lip Balm boasts an ingredients list containing Aloe Vera, Beeswax, Coconut, and Shea Butter. Maple Holistics does a wonderful job of making a Lip Gloss rich in Vitamin E. Natural Therapeutic Lip Balm set is ideally made for those who like to be a little whimsical and creative.

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Cate McNabb Cosmetics- Pink Diamond Lip Gloss6174P5np0lL._SX522_

Truly a Diamond among Lip Glosses, Cate McNabb Cosmetics- Pink Diamond Lip Gloss is something that you just don’t want to miss. Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter in it make sure that you get all-round protection and a soft and supple lip and which is the best long-lasting lip gloss.

You do not need to worry about the other ingredients. Cate McNabb‘s Pink Diamond Lip Gloss is paraben-free and also phthalate-free. For those who like to have a cruelty-free product (most of us do), Cate McNabb Cosmetics has got you covered.

Apart from the Pink Diamond variant, you get 5 other colors to choose from on Amazon.

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CoverGirlWetslicksLipgloss is made for those who like a sleek look and hate the sticky feel that many lip gloss gives. It lasts for a long time and keeps your precious lips hydrated all day long and the best clear lip gloss. CoverGirlWetSlicksLipgloss is a bit pricey affair. It is easily one of the costliest lip glosses on our list. But rest assured, it delivers.

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Beauty For Real Non-Sticky Best Lip Gloss Reviewed61jSCV5m1FL._SX522_

Beauty For Real Non-Sticky Lip Gloss is one of a kind lip gloss. It contains a mirror on the container and a LED light on the applicator to help you with easy application. Beauty For Real Non-Sticky Lip Gloss gives your lips a light feeling. It is not greasy and sticky. Moreover, it contains ingredients like aloe vera, avocado, green tea, and peppermint.

Beauty For Real Non-Sticky Lip Gloss is a chemically-tested product. It is free of parabens and animal cruelty.  It is easily one of the best products which you can come across.

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Mommy Makeup’s Line Smoothening Lip Gloss71Cftr8VslL._SL1500_

Makeup Mommy brings you their innovative Line Smoothening Lip Gloss. A unique product that gives your lips a soft texture and all-around protection. Mommy Makeup Line Smoothening Lip Gloss protects your lips from getting damaged under the sun by virtue of its Anti-Photoaging Technology.

A paraben-free Product, Mommy Makeup’s Line Smoothening Lip Gloss costs you cheaper on amazon. You get 5 choices. Our choice is definitely the Mauve Model.

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Splashes & Spills Lip Gloss

Splashes and Spills Lip Gloss is sort of an underdog on this list. It gives your lips a smoothness, light, and suppleness. And with that, you get to become trendy. Splash and Spill Lip Gloss gives you three choices. You can either choose one color or a mixture. Either way, you get two bottles of style and protection at the same time. You can choose to buy either 2-Reds,2-Blacks or a set of 1-Black and 1-Red. We recommend the last one as it allows you to be creative and add more weapons to your arsenal. Splash & Spill is a smart buy for smart women.

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Mary Kay NouriShinePlus Lip Gloss

Mary Kay NouriShinePlus Lip Gloss is the costliest product on this list. Mary Kay NouriShinePlus Lip Gloss gives you an unparalleled shine and attention. It comes in Beach Bronze, which is pretty much the only choice available. But safe to say, it pleases its customers. Mary Kay NouriShinePlus Lip Gloss costs you cheaper than others on the list.

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