pexels-photo-1431516We all like to have smooth and silky hark. But that requires a healthy scalp. Itchy scalp forms a major obstacle in that. Itchy scalp can reduce the hair quantity and quality. Plus, always having to scratch your scalp becomes irritating at times.With that in mind, we give you the solution- Best Shampoo for Itchy Scalp available on Amazon.

With rising rate of air pollution, it is becoming near impossible to maintain a healthy scalp. So we tend towards solutions with best shampoos over the internet.

Puriya Scalp TherapyPuriya Scalp Therapy

Puriya Scalp Therapy is one of the best shampoos when it comes to treating dandruff, psoriasis,and dermatitis. It addresses problems like Dandruff and Flaking. It is completely sulphur-free. So you do not need to worry about any side-effects from this product.

It is a natural remedy and contains ingredients like Tea Tree Oil, Arnica, Sage and Rosemary with Tea Tree Oil being the highlight. These ingredients aim to help you with your problem in a comfortable manner.

Nature Sustained Raw and Wild Soap Nut ShampooNature Sustained Raw and Wild Soap Nut Shampoo

Nature Sustained Raw and Wild Soap Nut Shampoo may seem a bizarre name to some but it actually is an effective treatment for scalp ailments. That being said, it is completely natural and chemically safe. The ingredients of this product include Soap Nut, Markaut Lime, Indian Laurel Leaf, Elephant Apple, Pineapple Juice and Spring Water.

Nature Sustained stresses on healthy natural methods of living and with Raw and Wild Soap Nut Shampoo, They have done exactly that. The product is organic, sulfate- free and with that, it is also paraben-free. The acidity-basicity ratio of Raw and Wild Soap Nut Shampoo is nicely balanced to ensure that your scalp gets used to this product without any hassle and to top that off, it has no scent!

On Amazon, you can get it fluid ounces.

MapleHolistics degrease Best Shampoo for Itchy ScalpMapleHolistics degrease

MapleHolistics degrease is a shampoo meant for those who feel that they have excess oily hair. Just like dry hair, excess oily hair can also attract many scalp-problems. Oily hair is an open invitation to dust and pollutants. With MapleHolistics, you get to correct that.

MapleHolistics degrease is for every gender. It balances the pH of your scalp. It moisturises it but at the same time removes excess oil. It has no added scent and is completely safe for colour-treated hair. MapleHolistics degrease is sulfate and paraben-free product.

Its major ingredients include Cypress, Rosemary, Peach Kernel, Lemon and Jojoba Extracts among others. You can get it on Amazon .

Natural Riches™ Tea-Tree Shampoo (Set)Natural Riches™ Tea-Tree Shampoo (Set)

This is more of a combo-set that includes Natural Riches™ Tea Tree Shampoo and Natural Riches™ Tea-Tree Conditioner. If you ask us, it is a rather profitable investment if you buy this combo set on Amazon since it costs you cheaper.

Natural Riches™ Tea-Tree Shampoo, as you can get from the name itself, is centered around Tea Tree Oil. Natural Riches™ Boasts of using highly Therapeutic Quality Tea Tree Oil. It is quite effective when it comes to cleansing your scalp and preventing it from becoming dry.

The product contains lavender as well. The shampoo and conditioner together form an effective weapon to tackle hair loss and itchy scalp.

LuxeOrganix Travel Best Shampoo (Set) for Itchy ScalpLuxeOrganix Travel Shampoo (Set)

This product too, just like the previous one, is actually a combo which includes LuxeOrganixL Travel Shampoo and LuxeOrganix Travel Conditioner. It comes in 3 different sizes and you can buy it at your convenience and choice from Amazon.

LuxeOraganix contains Moroccan Argan Oil as its main ingredient. It helps you with brittle hair and flakes beside treating itchy scalp.It is free of sulfates, parabens,and glutens so you do not need to worry about inflicting unwanted chemicals on your scalp. It is safe for colour treated hair as well. Together the conditioner and shampoo work miraculously in providing better hair quality and healthier scalp.

Eco Beyond Shampoo (Set)Eco Beyond Shampoo (Set).

Eco Beyond Shampoo and Conditioner set is specifically designed to help you with hair loss, flaky hair and itchy scalp- three of the problems to whose solution you are looking for. Its paraben-free formula treats flakes and itchy scalp and increases hair volume.So we can say that it is best shampoo for itchy scalp and hair loss.

The ingredients of Eco Beyond Shampoo include Calendula, Ladys Mandle among others. Its treats extra oil in hair but at the same time, along with the conditioner, prevents brittle hair. Unlike many other itchy scalp shampoos out there, this product is gentle on the scalp.

The only catch is that with the conditioner, the shampoo set is costs a bit pricey which is more than many other products on this list. But if money is not a matter for you, then we would tell you to go for it.

Puriya Scalp Therapy ConditionerPuriya Scalp Therapy

Getting back to Puriya, this time we have Scalp Therapy Conditioner. The aforementioned products come in sets but with Puriya, you get the choice to purchase the conditioner and shampoo separately from Amazon.

The ingredients are Aloe Vera, Tea-Tree, Arnica and Sage Extracts which is more or less the same. The cost, however, on discount on Amazon.

Honey Skin Hair & Scalp TherapyHoney Skin Hair & Scalp Therapy

At number 8, we have Honey Skin Hair & Scalp Therapy– a gentle yet effective conditioner for treatment of seborrhea, dermatitis,and even Eczema. Honey Skin Hair & Scalp Therapy Conditioner treats problems like hair loss along with Psoriasis.

Its ingredients list boasts Aloe Vera and Manuka Honey which are both excellent solutions for skin and scalp problems. On Amazon, you get to choose from three sizes- 4 oz ,8 oz  and 16 oz .

Mountain Falls Dandruff ShampooMountain Falls Dandruff Shampoo

We have all heard of Head&Shoulders, right? If you are wondering why we have not included any products from them, then you are looking at the reason. Mountain Falls Dandruff Shampoo is a better alternative to Head&Shoulders.

Proper pH Balance and choices available for the customer is what makes it better than the rest. You get to choose from three flavors and three sizes.  If you are wondering why that should motivate you to choose it, fret not, it treats itchy scalp and dry scalp. It moisturises your hair and scalp. So do to Amazon and just purchase it, use it and we tell you-you shall not be disappointed.

Majestic Pure™ Tea Tree Oil ShampooMajestic Pure™ Tea Tree Oil Shampoo.

Last but not the least, we bring to you Majestic Pure™ Tea Tree Oil Shampoo.

Majestic Pure™ Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is totally colour-safe and designed for everyday-need. It is free from any form of sulfate or paraben. It treats your scalp and provides you with a rejuvenating effect. On Amazon, you get to choose from three different flavors. All-in-all, it is not a bad remedy to an itchy scalp.