6 Best Instant Pot on Amazon

You’re looking for a quick meal, but don’t want a microwave? An Instant Pot is a multi-structural cooker that can cook anything in a lot less time than most other cooking appliances – from roasts to chicken.

Instant pots are manufactured in a range of styles, but each has its unique characteristics. Air frying and Wi-Fi are some of the latest developments. This article will check on the 5 Best Instant Pot that you can buy on Amazon; there in-depth features, and other essentials about purchasing an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1Instant Pot is a multi-functional 7-in-1 cooker that comes with seven unique features. It acts as a pressure cooker; you can use it for cooking rice, it can make yogurt for you, if you wish to cook slow, then it can do so. This instant pot also has a steamer and warmer feature. It even has an amazing browning machine feature.

High-pressure cooking will reduce your cooking time by up to 70%. The Instant Pot has a great and consists of an easy-to-use control panel with 14 integrated functions.

The steam feature of the Instant Pot 7-in-1 allows fresh or frozen vegetables to be prepared in less than three minutes. Potatoes can be steamed in about 15 minutes. Chili or stew dishes are taken for an hour.

Its fast cooking food feature will give you free time. Stainless steel offers a refined, clean, safe surface. We can go shopping, and when we get back, it’s like someone’s cooking for us. It’s nice to make Greek yogurt. To our knowledge, this is the only pressure cooker that’s going to do this.


  • Cooks food fast
  • Built from stainless steel
  • The effective output of automatic feature
  • Saves much time
  • Can make a fantastic Greek Yogurt
  • Great cooker for rice


  • Thin aluminum heat-distribution disc
  • Silicone seal has odors
  • Tiny for a few dishes
  • The product does not include a Glass lid and steam containers 
  • Learning cooking control is a curve

Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1

Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1The 9-in-1 Instant Pot is today’s best-selling appliances and incorporates the strength of 9 devices, one of which is the Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker, Yogurt Maker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté Egg Cooker, Warmer, Steamer and Sterilizer.

Instant Pot 9-in-1 also contains buttons that are pre-programmed similar to the 7-in-1 model. But the great news is that it comes with three new and unique features: egg boiler, cake program, and sterilizer program.

The food can be prepared at a 70 percent faster rate. You can get access to 15 different features just by pressing a single button.

In security terms, the Instant Pot 9-in-1 has UL certification and ten separate security mechanics, and you will not push your electricity bills, even though you use them every day, as they are considered energy efficient.


  • Effective and easy to use, up to 70% faster
  • Simple to clean.
  • Smart systems are easy to use and understand
  • A trustworthy business with 24X7 customer service
  • A power cord that helps you to walk around your kitchen, as it’s 89 cm long.
  • Product guarantee for one year includes returns paid by Instant Pot Organization.


  • Despite the opposite statements, food can adhere to the inner pot.
  • If the lid is not sealed correctly, you can get some leak steam.
  • Even if you wash them a few times, the rubber sealing gasket might hold odors.

Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1

Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1This cooker is called the Instant Pot 10 in 1 as it says that 10 of the most widely used equipment in the kitchen can be replaced. It acts as an oven, slow heater, rice and porridge cooker, a cake maker, a cooker of egg, a searing, a steamer, a sterilizer, and a warmer.

It can also be used as a great instrument to prepare several stews, roasts, soups, braises, and other savory meals. In a short time, the Instant Pot’s high pressure lets you cook rice, beans, and bread. Another advantage is that you can keep the food warm when serving it with the Instant Pot.

The Ultra is named after the new Ultra” environment that enables you to fully adjust your food’s cooking time, temperature, and pressure.

The Instant Pot 10-in-1 also provides helpful features, such as a late start for automatic cooking for almost 24 hours and a fast steam release button for safe operation. You can see where the pot heats up, cooks or keeps your food warm, so you know precisely at what time your food is being cooked.

It is even more appealing when you equate Instant Pot Ultra to other brands of pressure cookers. Instant Pot is a favorite follower of most other brands. The Instant Pot models are much more user-friendly with their compact size, ease of use, and easy cooking methods, particularly if you’re new in the field of pressure cooking.


  • The ultra setting helps you to change the cooking process.
  • All the cooking can be managed by computerized pot
  • It includes 11 standard safety features for Instant Pot cooking without concern.
  • The sterilization options allow you to quickly clean the pot.


  • There is no automatic jellies or preserves canning change
  • More storage space is required for big size
  • Not intuitive fast-release button

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi 8-in-1

Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi 8-in-1Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is a cooking appliance with the fantastic features of mobile regulated systems that help technologically competent people, and even not purchase them. It’s made special with some beautiful features. It can cost a little more than the usual cooker, but it is worth paying for the technologies.

First of all, it has a multi-function design, which allows you to form this device in keeping with your needs and options. It is also available in slow cooker formats. The smart kitchen is bliss with all these features in the same appliance.

The most attractive aspect of this cooker is the wireless control system, which allows you to monitor your cooking time and procedures on mobile phones and track your cooking status.

The Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi is a slow-cooker, rice cooker, press cooker, porridge maker, jacket maker, cake producer, jogger maker, shear, and steamer that can fit eight other devices in the kitchen. It’s in one cooker, like eight. There are also many intelligent built-in applications to make different cooking easier.

The 12 previously specified custom temperatures are included. This feature helps the cooking process to set the appropriate temperature.

This system comes with essential safety measures such as steam release, an anti-black mask, a safety lock on the cover, a position detection on the wire, an electric fuse, thermal fuse, and automatic temperature control. It is secure to use all these functions. It comes as a six quartz model that is ideal for the four-six people family. That is enough.


  • The simplicity of virtual means—mobile—is the great advantage of Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi.
  • It’s the most secure device possible.
  • It has an affordable price. It has so many characteristics which cannot be offered at such a low price.
  • It looks fashionable and safe, making the kitchen great and contemporary and at the same time technologically advanced.


  • Need more time to understand how the whole system functions.
  • The time it will take to cook or build up the pressure is not clear.
  • The Wi-Fi features make the Instant pot dependent on the internet.

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker 9-in-1

Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus Pressure Cooker 9-in-1Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus comes with the fastest in the class with 20+ changes, the simplest to use for novice consumers, and the most suited to seasoned Instant Pot owners.

The new one-200w heating element reduces the pre-heating time that allows food to be served faster; our new quick cooling technology reduces the pressure release time; the new easy seal cooker automatically seals the cooker while the new and improved disseminating steam covers remove the fear from pressurized release;

Take the guessing out and make cooking dishes easy for everyone; settings like under vide and baked make making chef’s quality entertainments and desserts easy for you as you like: 48 custom preset choices for soups, beans, rice, ribs, and more.

Cookware grade inner pot comes with new 304(18/8) stainless steel inner pot for gas, electric and induction stovetop/cooktop with comfortable grip non-slip handles and flat inner surface, redesigned to optimally produce the hot performance, useful, easy to clean and secure to the dishwasher.

Most giant monitor, yet the bright, bold display can be read from a distance; the new cooking progress indicator demonstrates where you are in the cooking cycle. 

The Instant pot free iOS and Android Recipes App is filled with hundreds of food recipes to launch your culinary adventure; millions of users provide guidance and help in the many online pot-instant conferences.


  • The ultra setting helps you to change the cooking process.
  • Simple to clean and healthy to wash
  • The sterilization options allow you to quickly clean the pot.


  • You can get some leak steam.

Our pick from the above list

    1. Out of the five best Instant pots, we have chosen the Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 as the most efficient and useful.
    2.  It is the most preferred choice because of its excellent and unique features that are listed below
    3. High-level microprocessor and three new intelligent programs. 
    4. Both sections can be removed quickly and are safe to clean and towels.
    5. The outside of brushed steel is immune to fingerprint
    6. The deck holder is appropriate for left and right users.
    7. Twenty-four hours launch time delay timer.
    8. 15 built-in smart custom programs
    9. Microprocessor 3rd generation tracks pressure, temperature, maintains time, and also adjusts heating strength and length, considering food volume;
    10. A wide blue and easy to use LCD screen.
    11. Ten protection and proprietary technology frameworks

Things Should Know Before Buying an Instant Pot

What do you mean by instant pots?

Instant pots are a power cooker or multi-cooker brand. Pressure cookers operate by producing heat under a tight screen so that the temperature can’t escape any higher than the boiling point. Steam cooks food much quicker than conventional ovens or stovetops.

Is our instant pot safe?

Pressure cookers are healthy, but we have acceptable practices to obey. Some features can be checked on the internet, such as a steam release valve for steam safety of cabinets or walls, which are unproof. If that is a problem, instead, position your pot accordingly.

And do not more than halfway fill your Instant pot. It would help if you had the pot empty enough for your cooking time to reach safe pressure and be secure.

What size of Instant pot do I need?

The 6-quarter choice is a favorite because it is the size of most recipes and can feed five families. The 3-quarter-mini may be right for you when you want to make side dishes or provide one to two. On the other hand, you can suggest 8- or 10-quarter choices when cooking for large families or crowds, wish to have the menu prepared before the week, or try cooking significant meat cuts.

How to clean your instant pot?

It is convenient to clean your immediate pot — you remove the lining and the lid and wash with soap and warm water. It can also be run efficiently via the washing machine. Some shopkeepers have considered the screen ring for the lid traps’ smells, and they want two on hand, one for sweets and one for savory food. To battle any persistent odor, store the deck upside down or run the pot with a little vinegar and lemon juice using the steaming feature.

Features to Consider while Buying an Instant Pot

Instant pots became famous a couple of years ago and became a cooking tool for many. Instant pots became a cooking staple instead of a craze through feedback and testimonies, social media, and word of mouth. You’ll need to read a little to figure out what’s right for you if you intend to buy an instant pot. Here are a couple of things you have to look for when buying a pot:

Size of the Instant Pot

The pots come in various sizes instantly. It’s vital that you know what sizes you have and need so that space, portability, and other stuff don’t have problems. Most brands are available in three, six, and eight quarts. 

The features of the Instant Pot

Instant pot models are available in different brands. While every instant pot is multipurpose, there are still discrepancies in what you can and can’t do with one or other instant pot. Ensure that you are comfortable with the instant pot, depending on your cooking habits and food regulations.

The Integrated Programmes of the Instant Pots

The integrated programs, which have been added to it, also represent an edge of the instant pots over other single-purpose cookers. These programs depend on the model and the brand, so it is crucial that you know what the characteristics are before you buy. You should compare various models and brands to get a better understanding of what you get into.

Safety Features of the Instant Pots

Here are some precautions that can differ in various models:

  • Detection of the deck – warning if the deck is not correctly locked.
  • Automatic temperature regulation – to control the internal pot temperature to a safe area
  • Locking lids – not to open the cooker at high pressure
  • Simple to monitor buttons – temperature, pressure, heat, etc.
  • Steam release – excess pressure release
  • Tailored programming. Some instant pot models allow you to freely customize configurations and recipes.


Q. Why is instant pot termed as Smart Cooker?

For single-touch processing of different ingredients in food and cooking methods, the Instant Pot has pre-programmed cooking buttons.

Instant Pot often recalls the improvements you make, offering a more creative and customized cooking experience.

Q. Can Instant Pod Explode?

Instant Pot has ten proven protection measures and is a highly safe pressure cooker. It won’t burst on you in the near future.

Q. Can we use Instant Pot for Canning?

For boiling-water canning instantaneous pot can be used. However, Instant Pot in pressure canning has not been checked by the USDA for food safety.

Q. How to choose the best Instant Pot?

You can choose the best instant pot according to your needs and requirements. You can also refer to the points we mentioned above.

Q. Do instant pot comes with Wi-Fi?

Yes, instant pot has a Wi-Fi feature in it. One such instant pot is Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi 8-in-1.

Q. Can we boil the egg in an Instant Pot?

Yes, you can quickly boil an egg in an instant pot, which has that required feature.

Q. Can we cook fast in Instant Pot?

It is almost always easier to cook in an instant pot. Some foods such as broccoli, eggs, or shrimp can’t be detected easily. Yet, tender and juicy pork can be produced in less than 90 minutes, while the oven typically takes 2 to 4 hours.

Q. Does Instant Pot Cooking have any disadvantages?

One downside to cooking with an instant pot is that you cannot inspect, taste, or change food along the road.

Q. Can you do pressure frying in an Instant Pot?

In an electric instant pot, please do not try to press fry! The oil will melt the joints.

Final Words

In addition to the just listed leading bit, people usually regard their Instant Pots as game-changers. However, if it does not seem like your material, you can choose: while crock pots and pressure cookers can seem the same, it can produce radically different results and maybe even more so in your alley. So I hope that now you are all clear about the Instant Pots. So go check out the best instant pots from the above list and get one for you.


8 Best Pancake Griddle Pans on Amazon

Pancake griddle pans are considered a useful product, which is not versatile and convenient but also comes with great benefits and features. If you ever faced problems making pancakes or breakfast favorites for an entire family or friends, this product saves you time and is worth the purchase. Griddle pans come in medium and large cooking surfaces enabling you to make pancakes and more than one food item on the same pan. Not only that, but it also allows you to grill sandwiches, burgers, sausages, bacon, and others.

So, we have made a list of the 8 best pancake griddle pans with the best features, making it easier for you to select one from the varieties of pans according to your needs.

List of 8 Best Pancake Griddle Pans

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11-inch Griddle

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11-inch Griddle

The Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 11-inch Griddle has a stylish and modern design that will make your kitchen look more lavish. It is reliable and offers excellent performance every day. You can easily make your breakfast favorites like crepes, pancakes, and French toast with this griddle. It also has a nonstick surface, which allows you to cook healthier food with less fat and effortless cleanup.


  • This product has heavy-gauge aluminum construction for even heating.
  • This product is dishwasher safe.
  • This product has a long and brushed stainless steel handle.
  • This product has a large, wide, and flat surface providing you maximum cooking area.
  • This product comes with a full lifetime warranty.
  • This product can be used in the oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit./span>
  • This product has a durable three layers of nonstick coating.


  • The griddle gets warped overtime.
  • The griddle’s depth is underwhelming.

Check Price on Amazon

Emril Lagasse Hard Anodized Double Burner Griddle

Emril Lagasse Hard Anodized Double Burner Griddle

Emril Lagasse Hard Anodized Double Burner Griddle is perfect for pancakes, sausages, bacon, and your other breakfast favorites. This product comes with a heavy gauge aluminum that is perfect for even heating. This product comes with a durable and nonstick coating, which means you don’t have to worry about wiping off the stickiest foods. It is easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, this griddle is large enough to let you cook different servings on the same pan for your family and friends.


  • This product has a riveted handle.
  • This product has heavy-gauge aluminum for even and quick heating.
  • This product has a triple layer scratch resistant nonstick coating.
  • This product is dishwasher safe.
  • This product comes with a large capacity for cooking different servings at once.
  • This product is easy to clean and maintain.
  • This product also comes with a tempered glass lid.
  • This product can also be used for oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Metal spatulas cannot be used on this product.
  • The bottom part of this product is slick and slides down easily from the stovetop while flipping and stirring food.
  • Scratches on the product might be visible overtime from cooking and cleaning.

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Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle comes with a large capacity for cooking pancakes and other vegetables and food items. This griddle is perfect for cooking for a big family and friends. It helps you to prepare healthy food easily and effectively. Its heat surround technology allows for even heat distribution and is also suitable for use on induction.


  • This product has a professional triple-ply design.
  • This product has a nonstick interior.
  • This product has a solid stainless steel riveted handle.
  • This product is dishwasher safe.
  • This product is suitable for cooking on induction.
  • This product has heat surround technology for consistent and even heat distribution.
  • This product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • This product gets warped overtime.
  • The bottom part of this product is not flat.

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Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Griddle

Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Anodized Nonstick Griddle

Rachael Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick Griddle is a versatile and durable product perfect for cooking varieties and healthy meals. If you are looking for an indoor grill product, then Rachel Ray Cucina Hard-Anodized Nonstick griddle is ideal for you. It allows even heat distribution and grills your meat perfectly. You can also use it both on the stovetop and in the oven.


  • This product is a nonstick grill perfect for indoors.
  • It has a durable hard-anodized construction and promotes even heating.
  • This product has a long-lasting nonstick coating.
  • This product has a dual riveted stainless steel handle.
  • This product is convenient for dishwashers.
  • This product comes with a lifetime limited warranty.


  • This product doesn’t have a flat surface.
  • This product might get warped over time.
  • This product doesn’t work well for cooking all kinds of food items.

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GreenPan Prime Midnight Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Griddle

GreenPan Prime Midinght Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Griddle

If you are looking for a non-toxic, easy to clean, and use nonstick pan, GreenPan Prime Midnight Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Griddle can be one of your best choices. It not only comes with innovative technology but also allows you to cook dinner favorites effectively. It is also durable and versatile.


  • This product has a ceramic nonstick coating.
  • This product doesn’t release toxic fumes even if it’s overheated.
  • This product has a durable diamond reinforced coating.
  • Metal utensils are safe to use on this product.
  • This product has a hard-anodized body and is scratch resistant.
  • This product can be used for an oven up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This product has a riveted matte stainless steel handle for a secure and comfortable grip.
  • This product is dishwasher safe.
  • This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • This product cannot be used on induction.
  • This product’s nonstick coating durability does not last long.
  • This product doesn’t distribute heat evenly.

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Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan

As the name suggests, Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan comes with seven different fun smiley faces. If you want some quirkiness for your pancakes, Nordic Ware Smiley Face Pancake Pan is the right choice for you. It will make your morning breakfast much more fun, and its nonstick coating is an added advantage.


  • This product comes with seven different unique and fun smiley faces.
  • This product has a nonstick coating.
  • This product is easy to clean and maintain.
  • This product has a heat reflective exterior and helps uniform browning.
  • This product comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • This product’s nonstick coating is not effective and peels off easily.
  • Flipping the pancakes on this product is difficult and requires a thin spatula.
  • This product can be inconvenient to use.

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Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle

Presto Electric Griddle comes has an extra-large surface, allowing you to cook for your family and friends. This product has a nonstick coating and removable handles. It not only enables you to control the cooking temperature but is also easy to maintain and store in your kitchen cabinets.


  • This product has an extra-large surface.
  • This product’s handles are detachable.
  • This product has a nonstick coating.
  • This product is easier to clean and maintain.
  • This product has control master heat control to maintain cooking temperature.
  • This product is warp proof.
  • This product has a heavy cast aluminum base.
  • This product comes with a one year warranty.


  • This product doesn’t have plastic edges to ensure protection from accidental touching.
  • This product does not distribute heat evenly.

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Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle lets you cook seven pancakes effectively and easily. It has an aluminum cast and a nonstick finish. This product can be cleaned easily and maintained.


  • This product has a heavy aluminum cast.
  • This product ensures even heating.
  • This product allows you to cook seven 3 inch pancakes.
  • This product has a durable nonstick coating.
  • This product is easy to clean and maintain.


  • The nonstick coating of this product has low durability.

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Our Pick from the above list

From the above-mentioned list of the 8 best pancake griddles, there happens to be one that stands out from the rest. So, we chose our favorite one- Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Griddle. Making your breakfast favorites becomes easier with this product. This particular griddle is our pick, mainly because its features are great and have a good capacity surface. It has a stylish design and gives your kitchen an extra edge. Moreover, it also has a nonstick finish enabling you to flip your pancakes and crepes easily.

Apart from this, this product also lets you cook eggs, French toast, etc. It also allows you to grill sandwiches or quesadillas. Not only that, but this product is also oven safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. All in all, this product offers even heat distribution and comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Pancake Griddle Pan

If you love eating pancakes and want to make your breakfast favorites, we believe you should have a clear idea of pancake griddle pans and how they help you cook your everyday breakfast items.

What is a pancake griddle pan?

A pancake griddle pan comes in various sizes. It can come from medium to large cooking surface. With the pancake griddle pan, you can cook a variety of food items in the same pan. It only lets you cook pancakes but also other food items. Apart from cooking, it also allows you to grill sandwiches or quesadillas. This product has a sleek design and gives your kitchen an extra edge. It is also versatile and easy to clean and maintain.

Griddle pan material

Griddle pans come in different kinds of materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron. The construction of the griddle pan with any of this material makes it durable and long-lasting.


Griddle pans have a nonstick coating, which makes it easier to clean and store. Its nonstick coating ensures that food will not stick to the pan while cooking. Also, because of the nonstick coating, it becomes easier to flip and fry food items.


Pancake griddle pans are also cost-effective. It comes at affordable prices, offering you an excellent performance. If you want to buy a pan according to your budget or an expensive one, this product comes in a different range of prices. Whether costly or cheap, this product ensures high-quality performance and durability.

Not just pancakes

If you thought pancake griddle pans could only be used for making pancakes, you were wrong. Pancake griddle is not only limited to making pancakes but also allows you to cook and grill other food items. You can fry eggs, burgers, or grill sandwiches, all in one pan.


Griddle pans are convenient to use. It saves time by offering a large cooking surface to cook varieties of food together on the same pan.


Griddle pans are versatile and easy to use. It not limits to cooking pancakes but also lets you cook other food items as well. It also lets you grill sandwiches, burgers, steak, bacon, and many others. This product can also be used on a stovetop, induction cooktops, and oven.

Features to Consider while Buying a Pan Griddle Pan

Cooking surface area

One useful feature of a pancake griddle is that it comes with a medium to large cooking capacity. You can cook not one but several food items on the same pan efficiently and effectively.

Distribution of even heating

The pancake griddle pan offers even heat distribution. The pan gets evenly heated, and you don’t have to worry about some cool spots on the pan.

Oven safe

Some griddle pans are oven safe, while others are not. Therefore, if you want a griddle that you can use for the oven, we recommend you read the product description and choose the one that is safe for the oven.

Not only for stovetop

Some griddles can be used both for stovetop and on induction cooktops, making it much more versatile and convenient.

Easy to clean

Griddle pans are dishwasher safe and are easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with detachable handles making it easier to clean and store.

Nonstick coating

Griddle pans have a nonstick coating, which ensures not letting food stick on the pan’s surface. It also provides easy flipping and frying on the pan.


Most griddle pans come with a warranty up to a year or two, whereas some griddles come with a full lifetime warranty.


Pancake griddle pans come with long-lasting durability. It doesn’t warp easily, and the nonstick coating offers long-lasting performance.

Frequently asked questions

Q.) Why should I buy a pancake griddle pan?

A pancake griddle pan is versatile and convenient to use the product. If you want to cook pancakes and other breakfast favorites, then this product is the best for you. It comes with great features enabling you to cook effectively and easily. An added advantage of a pancake griddle pan is its large cooking surface. Its cooking surface offers you to cook not just one food item but also several different food items together. Apart from cooking, it also lets you grill sandwiches, burgers, steaks, bacon, and others.

Q.) What are some of the best pans to cook pancakes?

There are many different kinds of pans ranging from low to high prices. Also, griddle pans come in medium to large cooking surfaces. Moreover, all griddle pans have certain features that make them different from others. So, we recommend you to check the product descriptions and choose the one that suits your needs. Some of the best pancake griddles pan you can buy are- Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick Griddle pan, Emeril Lagasse Nonstick Double Burner Griddle, Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle, Rachael Ray Cucina Nonstick Griddle Pan, and Presto07061 22-inch Electric Griddle.

Q.) How to keep pancakes sticking to the pan?

One way you can prevent pancakes from sticking to the pan would be by greasing some oil onto the pan. In that way, pancakes will not stick on the surface of the pan.

Q.) What temperature is required for making pancakes on the pan?

For making pancakes, medium heat is perfect. Whereas, on an electric griddle, 375 degrees is required.

Q.) Are griddle pans safe for use on induction and oven?

Well, it varies from pans to pans. Not all griddle pans are induction and oven safe. Whereas some pans can be used on stovetop, induction, and also an oven. So, if you are looking for a versatile griddle pan which you can be used on the stove, induction, and oven, we suggest you read the descriptions of the product carefully before buying.

Q.) Is it easy to clean and maintain griddle pans?

Yes, griddle pans are easy to clean and maintain. Griddle pans with nonstick coating prevent food from sticking to the surface, making it easier to clean properly. Also, griddle pans are dishwasher safe.

Q.) Can I use a metal spatula on a griddle pan?

It is safe to use a metal spatula only if your griddle pan is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel pans do not get affected or lose their durability if you use a metal spatula on it. Otherwise, using a metal spatula on a nonstick coating griddle pan is not advisable. Using a metal spatula on a griddle pan will scrap and scratch the nonstick coating, which will lead to your pan being unusable and ineffective. For a nonstick coating pan, using a plastic or silicone spatula is recommended.

Q.) What can I cook with a griddle pan?

Griddle pans are versatile and come in medium to a large cooking surface. It offers you to cook more than one food item together. You can cook anything on your griddle pan, and it doesn’t only have to be pancakes. It also allows you to grill, which is an added advantage. You can cook your breakfast favorites like pancakes, French toast, hashbrowns, omelet, fried rice, or you can even grill sandwiches, bacon, sausages, quesadillas, burgers, and many others.

Q.) Do griddle pans come with a warranty?

Every griddle pan comes with a different warranty. Some pans come with one or two years’ warranty. Whereas some plans come with a limited lifetime warranty and a full lifetime warranty. So, if you want your griddle pan with the longest warranty, make sure to read the product description and choose accordingly.

Q.) Are griddle pans worth the purchase?

Yes, griddle pans are definitely worth the purchase. It comes with great features and is very convenient to use. If you want to cook different food items together in the same pan, you won’t regret buying a griddle pan. It is versatile and allows you to cook more than just pancakes. You can even grill food items on the pan. Moreover, it also comes with a long warranty and can be used on the stovetop, induction, and oven. It also has a nonstick coating, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.


Pancake griddle pans are best for cooking pancakes and breakfast favorites. It also saves your time by letting you cook different food items on the same pan together. If you are looking for a large cooking surface to make a healthy breakfast and other food items, griddle pans are worth the purchase. It is not versatile and convenient to use but also comes with an extended warranty, sometimes even up to a full lifetime warranty.

We hope you find your pick from the above-mentioned list of the 8 best pancake griddle pans and make your pancakes and breakfast favorites the way you desire them.


5 Best Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee has become a very popular cold beverage drink that you can make easily in your home. However, it can take overnight to make one at home, and obviously, the taste will be different from that of the company-produced cold brew coffee!

So if you just want to sit back and open the can without going through the trouble of preparing one, the best option is to order your drink from Amazon! Here are the best 5 cold brew coffee you will find on Amazon!

1.Illy CLASSICO Cold Brew Coffee

Illy CLASSICO Cold Brew CoffeeThe Illy CLASSICO Cold Brew coffee is made with 100% Arabica coffee. If you are looking for a mild and balanced taste, then this coffee will definitely leave you wanting for more! With a unique and naturally sweet taste, Illy’s CLASSICO is made naturally and does not contain any preservatives or colors.

The best thing about Illy’s CLASSICO cold brew is that the coffee beans are procured from high-quality coffee producers and the beans are a result of 85 years of perfection! Due to its top-quality coffee beans, Illy’s CLASSICO cold brew coffee has very less acidity and is very mild when compared with a hot coffee.

According to consumer reports, Illy’s CLASSICO has the perfect smooth balance of rich and dark flavor and is great to enjoy in the afternoon when you are craving something cold instead of hot!

Ingredients: coffee, water, potassium bicarbonate

The product details are:

  • It is cold brewed for 12 hours
  • The caffeine content is 190mg/6.8oz can
  • The calorie content is 5 calorie per serving
  • The can size is 8.45 Fl Oz or 250 ml
  • Comes in a pack of 12 cans


  • Handy packaging in the form of slim and sleek cans
  • No added flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Low-calorie content
  • Contains natural sugar (Ex. Beet sugar)


    • It is expensive
    • Once the can is opened, the coffee stales very rapidly

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Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee: Straight Black

Wandering Bear Cold Brew Coffee: Straight BlackWandering Bear’s Straight Black cold brew coffee has that extra dose of strong smooth taste if you like your cold brew coffee that way! True to its taste, a pack of Wandering Bear’s Straight Black contains only filtered water and organic Arabica beans. If you are worried about the plastic cap, don’t be! It is made from sugarcane! The entire pack of Wandering Bear’s cold brew is 100% recyclable.

According to consumers, the problem with canned cold brew coffee is that you have to drink all at once. The best thing about this pack is that it can be opened and stored in the fridge. No staling of your favorite coffee! Drink whatever amount you want and whenever you want!

Pro tip: Since Wandering Bear’s Straight Black cold brew is three times stronger than your average coffee, you can dilute it and enjoy the same smooth original taste!

Ingredients: organic coffee, filtered water

The product details are:

  • The bottle size is 11 Fl Oz or 325 ml
  • Each pack has a caffeine content of 300 mg
  • The calorie content is 20 calorie per serving
  • No added sugar or additives
  • Available in packs of 6 and 12


  • Can be resealed and kept in the fridge for later consumption
  • It is shelf-stable
  • Extra strong but not at all bitter
  • No acidic taste
  • Low-calorie content
  • The packaging is BPA free


  • It is expensive
  • A bit bitter aftertaste

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La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee: Brazilian

La Colombe Cold Brew Coffee: BrazilianWhat other better way to enjoy a chilled Brazilian cold brew coffee than La Colombe’s Brazilian cold brew coffee? La Colombe’s Brazilian cold brew coffee is prepared with freshly roasted coffee beans and is brewed overnight. Offering a smooth and strong taste and packed in a convenient can, La Colombe’s Brazilian cold brew is made by double filtering and cold pressing.

If you are wondering about the origin of the thick silky texture of this cold-pressed coffee, the credit goes to nitrous oxide! La Colombe’s Brazilian cold brew has 2.25 cups of coffee in each of its cans and is definitely a great save!

The consumers have reviewed La Colombe’s Brazilian cold brew to be a high-quality product. The fresh organic medium roasted beans add even more taste and texture to this can of joy!

Ingredients: coffee, chicory root fiber, water, sodium phosphate

The product details are:

  • The can size is 9 Fl Oz or 266 ml
  • Each serving has 180 mg of caffeine content
  • Available in packs of 4, 12 and 16
  • The calorie content is 5 calorie per serving


  • Free of preservatives
  • Contains natural sugar
  • Comes in an affordable pack size of 4
  • Less acidic and smooth taste
  • Low-calorie content
  • Special sip-through lid


  • Less coffee content in comparison to the price

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Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Salted Caramel

Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Salted CaramelCalifia Farms Nitro cold brew coffee is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans that are procured from East Africa and South and Central America. The specialty about this can of joy is that is made with a specialized nitro widget that guarantees a rich and frothy experience.

Not only is the smooth velvety texture an attractive feature of this cold brew coffee but the fact that the coffee is made with oat milk obtained from gluten-free and whole grain oats is a bonus! When you buy Califia Farms Nitro cold brew coffee be assured that it is completely vegan and kosher, free from dairy and carrageenan.

Consumers have rated the Califia Farms Nitro cold brew salted caramel’s taste to be perfectly balanced, delicious, and creamy!

Ingredients: water, coffee, caramel syrup, oat milk, cane sugar, sea salt, acacia, natural flavors, potassium citrate, calcium carbonate, gellan gum

  • The product details are:
  • The can size is 7 Fl Oz or 210 ml
  • Caffeine content is the same as that of 1 shot of espresso
  • Available in packs of 12
  • The calorie content is 80 calorie per serving


  • Free from soy, BPA, and preservatives
  • Vegan and kosher and non-GMO
  • Unsweetened and contains natural sugars
  • It is shelf-stable


  • Less coffee and more fizz
  • Mild flavor
  • High-calorie content
  • Small can

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High Brew Cold Brew Coffee: Black

High Brew Cold Brew Coffee: BlackCreated with 100% Arabica coffee beans, High Brew’s cold brew coffee comes in a convenient palm-sized can that can be grabbed whenever you want that perfect boost! With its perfect cold brewing process, High Brew’s cold brew coffee has that perfect balance of smooth and bold flavor.

Consumers have valued High Brew’s cold brew coffee for its authentic and bold taste. Since it has twice the amount of caffeine and has a less acidic taste than that of normal coffee, it is a value for money!

Ingredients: water, coffee, potassium phosphate, cane sugar

The product details are:

  • The can size is 8 Fl Oz or 237 ml
  • Each serving has 130-150 mg of caffeine
  • Available in a pack of 12
  • The calorie content is 10 calorie per serving


  • BPA free aluminum can
  • Dairy-free
  • Low-calorie content


  • Has added sugar (1 g)
  • Contains potassium phosphate
  • Can have a burnt and acidic taste if not served cold

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Our Pick from the Above List

All the above 5 brands of cold brew coffee are highly appreciated by a wide variety of consumers! Everyone has their own favorites. But the most widely recommended cold brew coffee with the least negative review is Wandering Bear’s Straight Black Cold Brew!

After comparing its pros and cons with the other four brands, Wandering Bear’s Straight Black Cold Brew coffee is also our pick from the above list! It might seem a bit expensive but the bottle size is 11 Fl Oz or 325 ml which has much more coffee content than that of the other brands’ can sizes! With its ingredients as only filtered coffee and water, this brand delivers authenticity and quality!

If you are extremely fond of caffeine then this might be the best pick for you! With a caffeine content of 300 mg per bottle, it definitely stands out from the other brands. If three times the extra strong and bold flavor is not what you are looking for, you can always dilute and enjoy the same taste!

The most attractive feature of Wandering Bear’s Straight Black Cold Brew coffee is its packaging! Packed in an easy to grip and eco–friendly bottle, the packaging stands out from the other brands’ aluminum cans! Since the bottle can be recapped and stored in the fridge, a similar taste can be enjoyed if you want to enjoy your drink later! However, this might not be the case with the other brands as the coffee can stale quickly if stored and consumed!

Things You Need to Know Before Buying Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is an internationally loved and acclaimed brewed beverage. The smell of roasted coffee beans is everyone’s favorite. Many see coffee as an energy booster, but it is much more than that. According to various studies, coffee has many health benefits, including its ability to burn fat, lowering the risk of diabetes and liver diseases. Packed with some of the most essential nutrients, coffee beans are primarily of four types: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa.

Coffee comes in innumerable varieties! Some of the notable mentions are Espresso, Americano, cafe latte, cafe mocha, and of course cold-brewed coffee!

  1. What is a cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is basically a mixture of coarse ground beans with cold water. The best taste is obtained when the mixture is kept overnight in a fridge. So you must be thinking what is unique about it? Since the mixture is kept overnight in a fridge, it allows the flavor to leech from the coffee beans into the cold water thus producing a chemical profile different from that of traditional brewing!

2. How does cold temperature help?

When coffee beans or ground coffee is mixed with water, it produces a reaction. The result of this reaction widely varies depending on the temperature of the water! While some argue that the strong and nasty compounds become active at a hot temperature, some argue that the delicate and smooth flavors are enhanced at a cold temperature. However, by brewing with cold water, 67% of the acidity can be avoided which comes along with a hot boiling brew!

Unlike regular coffee, cold brew doesn’t become stale

To make a delicious cold brew coffee, you need to refrigerate it for around 12 hours. Seems like a really long wait, doesn’t it? But it is worth the wait! You can enjoy your cold brew coffee for up to two weeks without staling! The reason is that unlike the traditional method of brewing, the cold brew is not that exposed to oxygen and hence your pot of coffee remains fresh.

There are different types of cold brew coffee

If you are looking for different flavor profiles in a cold brew coffee, try the “nitro cold brew coffee” or the “hot bloom cold brew coffee”. In the traditional method of cold brewing, cold water is used right from the start. However in a “hot bloom”, at first hot water is poured over the coffee, followed by cold water. This method ensures that your cold brew has an extra acidity and complexity! The “nitro” is also a popular method that uses nitrogen in your cold brew to make it bubbly, fizzy, and extra frothy!

What you need to look for while buying cold brew coffee

By now you have understood what a cold brew coffee is and what brand to consider while buying a cold brew coffee. But there are some things to consider and look for in a cold brew coffee before you make your purchase. Cold-brew coffee might become your favorite, but always make sure to look for the following features in your cold brew coffee!

Caffeine Content:

Caffeine content is the most important aspect of a coffee without any doubt! According to reports, a typical cold brew can have a caffeine content of 200 mg. This is what makes it different from the regular iced coffee. So always look for the caffeine content in your cold brew before making your purchase, as it can have an impact on the boldness of your cold brew!

Brewing Time:

When brewed for around 12 to 18 hours, the best results are obtained. Make sure that the brand you purchase has its coffee cold-brewed for at least 12 hours.

Coffee and Water Ratio:

Around half cup of ground coffee beans in 1 cup of water make the best cup of strong cold brew! That means for every 8 Oz of your cup, there should be at least 140 mg of coffee. So always compare the size of the cold brew can or bottle with the amount of coffee it contains.

Shelf Life:

The shelf life of the branded cold brew coffee should be an important factor to consider before making your purchase. However, remember that canned cold brew coffee has a very poor shelf life once it is opened.

Contents to Avoid:

The sugar content is a lookout factor! You should always go for unsweetened cold brew coffee brands that have zero added sugar! You can always add sugar later if you like that extra dose of sugar!

The potassium content is another important factor to consider. Cold-brew coffees with high potassium content can raise your potassium levels and can cause kidney ailments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is cold brew coffee stronger than regular coffee?

A typical cold brew coffee contains a higher ratio of coffee to water than a regular coffee. It is about 2 ½ times more which makes it stronger than a regular coffee.

2. Is cold brew coffee healthier than regular coffee?

The compounds present in a cold brew coffee can promote high antioxidant activity than regular coffee which can prevent various diseases. Moreover, a naturally sweet taste enables consumers to enjoy a sweet taste without adding sugar.

3. Why is cold brew coffee special?

Cold-brew coffee is naturally smoother and sweeter than regular coffee. This is due to the fact that exposing the coffee grounds at lower temperatures enables the extraction of a less acidic and more flavorful taste!

4. Is cold brew coffee different from an iced coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made by leeching the flavors of the coffee beans into the water kept at room or cold temperature. Whereas iced coffee is made by extracting the flavor from the coffee beans through the hot boiling water. After the mixture is prepared, ice is poured over it.

5. What are the health benefits of a cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee has many positive health benefits and some of them include:

  • Lowering the risk of heart diseases
  • Lowering the risk of diabetes
  • Lowering the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lifting your mood
  • Boosting your metabolism

6. Can milk be added to cold brew coffee?

The natural lactose sugars present in milk can give an enhanced taste to the cold brew coffee since it lacks a little bit of sweetness. So milk is a great component to add to your cold brew coffee!

7. Can I store cold brew coffee in the fridge?

It is not advised to store your cold brew coffee in your fridge once you have opened it. The coffee present in the canned brands can go stale in a day or two if kept open in the fridge.

8. Is it worth paying those extra bucks for cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is generally quite expensive than a regular cup of coffee. It is definitely worth paying extra money for cold brew coffee since it has a smoother, sweeter, and less acidic taste than a regular coffee. Moreover, the high ratio of coffee to water is also a reason for its increased price.

9. Is nitro cold brew coffee bad for health?

When compared with a regular cold brew coffee, a nitro cold brew coffee has a smoother and thicker texture than a regular cold brew. Moreover, the higher the caffeine content and the less acidity make it a great fit for your health!

10. Can cold brew coffee cause stomach upsets?

Some coffee brands delivering cold brew coffee can have added sugar and sodium which can lead to stomach upsets. So it is always suggested to check the ingredients before you make your purchase!

11. What is type of roasted bean is best for cold brew coffee?

When it comes to the type of roast, consumers have always favored medium to dark roast over a light roast. So if you want balanced and earthy flavors in your cold brew, always purchase a brand that uses medium to dark roasted coffee beans!

12. Can I drink cold brew coffee every day?

Cold brew coffee has several health benefits when compared with regular coffee. So it is perfectly okay to consume cold brew coffee every day! But make sure to limit it to two cups per day since cold brew coffee has a higher caffeine content! Moreover, if you feel that hot coffee is causing stomach upsets, you can shift to cold brew coffee which can pose an advantage.

Bottom Line

The recent popularity of cold brew coffee has urged many coffee brands to create some of the most delicious cold brew coffees. However as it has been stated earlier, from these top 5 cold brew coffee brands, Wandering Bear’s Straight Black Cold Brew has emerged as the best pick! Not only is the sugar cane bottle eco-friendly but also it keeps the contents fresh up to a week even after opening it!

With many added health benefits than a regular coffee, if you are thinking of shifting to cold brew coffee, you are making an amazing decision! A guaranteed richer, smoother, creamier, and less acidic taste is offered by the cold brew coffee! And when it comes to these guaranteed features, Wandering Bear’s Straight Black Cold Brew is a perfect fit! Plus remember, for caffeine addicts or for people who like a bold taste, this brand of cold brew coffee has higher caffeine content than the other four brands!


The Best Egg Cookers of 2022

Cooking eggs and healthy nutritious meals have never been easier. The egg cooker is a multi-purpose product, which helps you to cook your eggs, the way you prefer them. It does not only limit you to cook eggs, you can also cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette. It also allows you to cook rice as well as steam vegetables and other food items for a healthy meal and delicious snacks.

If you had a problem cooking greater quantities of eggs together in one batch, egg cookers are the solution to your problem. You can cook a number of eggs together in a batch, according to your needs. It also saves you time and alerts you with the inbuilt alarm, that your eggs are ready to be devoured fresh and hot.

Egg cookers are user friendly and come with the best features. So, we prepared a list of some of the best ones with the best features, after analyzing customer reviews on Amazon US official website. We hope you find your pick from the list!

Best Egg Cookers Based on Customer Reviews on Amazon

Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer

Hamilton Beach Digital Food Steamer

If you are looking for some easy and effective way to cook your eggs or a whole meal, Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer can be one of your best choices. Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer is an easy to use and versatile 2-tier steamer. You can use 1-tier to cook a light meal of small portions, 2-tiers to cook a whole meal and if you wish to go for large, you can easily remove the center divider to fit varieties of foods and vegetables.

If you like your eggs soft, medium, or hard-boiled, you can cook it easily in Hamilton Beach Digital Steamer. The functions of this product are also relatively easy to use. With a one-touch button, you can set the cooking timer on and wait for the steamer to beep when your food is ready.


  • The product provides not only one but two steaming bowls, for steaming small or large quantities of food or vegetables.
  • This product not only helps you to cook vegetables, seafood, and others but also allows you to cook eggs, both soft to hard-boiled, just the way you prefer.
  • An additional good thing about this product is that it also comes with a rice bowl, which is perfect for cooking rice and small foods.
  • This product has a digital touchpad, and with your one touch, you can cook your food easily and effectively.
  • This product is also easy to clean. The food containers can be hand-washed, whereas, the drip tray and rice bowl are dishwasher safe.


  • The water reservoir of the steamer can get moldy after some time of usage.

Check Price on Amazon

Chef’s Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker

Chef's Choice Gourmet Egg Cooker

If you were wondering how to cook a number of eggs together according to your preference, but could not find a way? Chef’s choice gourmet egg cooker offers you to cook eggs in an effortless manner. This product offers you to prepare up to 7 eggs, according to your preference.

Chef’s choice gourmet egg cooker helps you with the dilemma to cook different types of boiled eggs together in less time. You can cook eggs in the same batch ranging from soft, medium, or hard-boiled.


  • Helps you to set the electronic timer to cook your eggs perfectly,
  • It is also easy to clean and comes with a non-stick water reservoir.
  • It also comes with a convenient egg tray, which can be easily lifted with one hand for rinsing under cold water or carrying to the table, to enjoy freshly cooked eggs.
  • Cooking up to 7 eggs in one batch, a combination of soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs become easier with this egg cooker.
  • It comes with an ample water reservoir to cook eggs multiple times as well.


  • Lacks an auto-shutoff option. This egg cooker gives a signal when the eggs are cooked, but does not automatically shut off.
  • While boiling the eggs, water can leak from the sides of the egg cooker lid.

Check Price on Amazon

Krups Egg Cooker

Krups Egg Cooker

Krups egg cooker is one of the best choices for people who are egg lovers or for busy families. This egg cooker is not only easy and convenient to use, but also offers people the to cook 7 eggs at a time in a removable egg holder.

This egg cooker not only helps to cook boiled eggs but also helps you to cook poached eggs or individual omelettes.


  • This egg cooker comes with two poaching trays to make poached eggs or omelets.
  • This egg cooker also comes along with an egg piercer and measuring cup.
  • This egg cooker offers the facility of a dual switch for boiling and deep-water.
  • This egg cooker also includes a removable egg holder
  • This egg cooker is easy to clean and low maintenance is needed.


  • No auto-shutoff option.
  • The duration of time to cook perfect eggs can take longer than the actual time.

Check Price on Amazon

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash rapid egg cooker is a compact, versatile, and lightweight egg cooker. This egg cooker provides 6 eggs capacity, which hardly takes 10 minutes to cook your way of preferred eggs. This 6 eggs capacity egg cooker helps you to cook soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs and also poached eggs scrambled eggs and omelet in no time.

Whether you are someone with a busy schedule or someone with a big family, this egg cooker helps you to cook your eggs with ease. This egg cooker needs low maintenance and hence, it’s easy to keep it clean. You don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your eggs to see if they are cooked well because the buzzer installed in the egg cooker will alert you when your eggs are cooked perfectly.


  • This egg cooker comes with an inbuilt buzzer to alert you when your eggs are perfectly cooked.
  • This egg cooker is easy to use and saves time.
  • This egg cooker also has an auto shut-off function.
  • You can not only boil eggs but also make poached eggs or an omelet easily with this egg cooker.


  • Water leaks from the bottom of the water reservoir.
  • Loud inbuilt buzzer.
  • Omelette trays and egg poacher comes in a relatively smaller size.

Check Price on Amazon

Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker

Egg Genie Electric Egg Cooker

If you are looking for an effective way to cook your eggs easily, the Egg genie electric egg cooker can be a good choice for you. This egg cooker comes with a capacity of 7 eggs. You can easily cook 7 eggs at a time in a way you prefer. The buzzer goes off when your eggs are completely ready for you to devour.

This egg cooker also comes with a measuring cup, so you will know the exact amount of water to use for boiling your eggs.


  • Buzzer alert function helps to let you know when the eggs are cooked.
  • 7 eggs can be boiled at once ranging from soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs.
  • This egg cooker also includes a measuring cup.
  • Requires a small amount of water to cook eggs.


  • This egg cooker is relatively not suitable for poached eggs.
  • No switch on and auto shut-off function.

Check Price on Amazon

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker

Chefman Electric Egg Cooker

If you want to cook your eggs faster than your stovetop method, and looking for a way to do it easily, then Chefman electric egg cooker should be your go-to choice. This egg cooker not only cooks your eggs easily and effortlessly but also lets you cook 6 eggs at a time. This egg cooker comes with 6 eggs capacity and helps you to cook your eggs depending on your preference, soft, medium, poached, steamed, or hard-boiled eggs. Not only boiled eggs but also lets you cook scrambled eggs and omelet.

This egg cooker is convenient and easy to use. You have to no longer keep an eye on your eggs to check if they are cooked, the buzzer installed in Chefman electric egg cooker alerts you as soon as your eggs are cooked the way you desire them.


  • This egg cooker has a compact size and is great for college dorms, kitchen, and also while you travel.
  • It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance.
  • This egg cooker doesn’t limit you to cook eggs only. It also allows you to stream various vegetables and make a great and delicious meal or snack.
  • This egg cooker has long-lasting durability with advanced safety technology
  • This egg cooker also comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • This egg cooker also includes a measuring cup, so, you know the exact amount of water you need to cook your preferred eggs.
  • This egg cooker also comes with a removable tray, which helps you to move the tray directly to your table and enjoy hot, freshly cooked eggs.
  • This egg cooker has a clear ventilated lid, so, you can check your eggs cooked to perfection, and it also has a steam spout at the top of the ventilation steam to avoid building pressure.
  • This egg cooker is not only limited to cooking eggs alone, it also comes with a BBP-free bowl to cook poached eggs as well as steam other vegetables and food items.
  • This egg cooker also comes with a measuring cup and piercing pin to help you cook your desired style of eggs.


  • Relatively smaller in size.
  • No auto-shut off function.
  • Plastic poaching tray, instead of a stainless steel one.
  • Hard to open the lid when the eggs are cooked.

Check Price on Amazon

Copper Chef Egg Maker

Copper Chef Egg Maker
Do you want to cook your eggs with less hassle? Copper chef egg maker is the solution for you. With just one touch, you can cook your eggs the way you prefer them. You can cook soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs easily with this egg cooker. Not only that, but you can also cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette for parties, snacks, salad, or for breakfast.
Copper chef egg maker has a capacity of 14 eggs. So, if you are worried about cooking eggs for a large gathering, this egg cooker will solve your problem. You can cook 14 eggs at once, or cook 7 eggs with just one layer.

This egg cooker also comes with an auto-shutoff function, which is another highlight of this product. So, you need not worry about your eggs being overcooked, because this egg cooker will automatically shut off when your eggs are cooked to perfection.


  • It has a compact size and is lightweight, and will preferably take less space in your cabinets. It is also portable and can be carried along during trips and while traveling.
  • It has an auto-switch off and standby mode function to prevent your eggs from overcooking.
  • This egg cooker also comes with 5 piece accessories set-hardboiled egg insert & extender tray, poaching insert, omelet ring, and measuring cup, to help you cook different types of eggs and with ease.
  • It is also easy to clean and maintain.
  • It creates less mess than your regular stovetop and is a hassle-free product.


  • The quality of this egg cooker is compromised due to the cheap price.
  • This egg cooker is made of plastic, instead of stainless steel.

Check Price on Amazon

Cuisinart Egg Central Egg Cooker

Cuisinart Egg Central Egg CookerCuisinart is yet another simple, easy to use egg cooker in the market. This egg cooker comes with 10 eggs capacity. Whether you like your eggs soft, medium, or hard consistency, this egg cooker cooks your eggs the way you prefer them. Not only boiled eggs, but you can also cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette effortlessly with this egg cooker.

Cuisinart egg central egg cooker comes with removable trays and helps you to cook poached eggs in a poaching tray of 4 eggs capacity and omelette in an omelette tray of 3 eggs capacity.

The amount of water you add to this egg cooker determines the cooking time of your eggs.


  • Built-in LED light, an alert ring, and a standby mode function to help prevent your eggs from overcooking;
  • It comes with a measuring cup and piercing pin, to help you use the exact amount of water needed to cook your preferred style of eggs.
  • It has a removable trays, which helps you to easily remove the egg trays for washing or to place on the table.
  • Adding the right amount of water will control the time required to cook your preferred style of eggs.
  • This egg cooker comes with a brushed stainless steel lid.
  • It is easy to clean and requires low maintenance.
  • It also comes with 2 egg holders to cook your desired number of eggs at once.


  • The push-on button has low durability.
  • The piercing pin used to pierce a hole on the top of the eggs can lead the yolk of the egg to ooze out from the top of the pierced egg while cooking.
  • This egg cooker shuts down on its own when it runs out of water while cooking the eggs; therefore, using the appropriate amount of water might be a hassle.

Check Price on Amazon

Our Best Pick up From the Above List

The above-mentioned list of all the 8 egg cookers does an amazing job of cooking your eggs to perfection. But there will always be one which stands out from the rest. So, the one egg cooker which stood out for us is Copper Chef Egg Maker.

The reason why Copper Chef egg maker stands out for us is that it comes with a 14 egg capacity. Compare to other egg cookers on the list, this particular egg cooker comes with a bigger egg capacity. From the above-mentioned list of egg cookers, some egg cookers lack the auto-shutoff function, but, Copper Chef egg maker comes with an inbuilt auto-shutoff function and standby mode, which, helps to prevent your eggs from being overcooked.

Copper Chef Egg maker allows you to cook 14 eggs at once or 7 eggs with one layer. For big gatherings or large family, Copper Chef egg maker is perfect because of its 14 eggs capacity. Not only, it allows you to boil your eggs soft, medium, or hard-boiled, but you can also cook other egg dishes such as scrambled eggs, omelette, and other egg dishes for breakfast, parties, and healthy meal.

Copper Chef Egg maker also has a compact size and is lightweight which allows you to carry it with you when you go for trips, and is also perfect for students living in college dorms. This egg cooker requires low maintenance and easy to clean.

The copper Chef Egg cooker also has a non-stick coating, which means you do not have to worry about your omelette or scrambled eggs sticking on the tray.

All in all, the Copper Chef egg cooker is affordable and is user friendly. It also cooks your eggs in no time without any hassle.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying An Egg Cooker

What is an egg cooker?

Egg cooker helps you to cook your eggs effortlessly and with less hassle than cooking on a stovetop. Most egg cookers come with an inbuilt auto-shutoff function and standby mode to help prevent your eggs from being overcooked. Egg cookers are relatively easier to use with user-friendly functions. Also, egg cookers come with an inbuilt alarm, loud enough to alert you that your eggs are cooked.

Egg cookers don’t only limit you to cook boiled eggs. It also helps you to cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette easily. The egg cooker also includes different accessories sets like removable trays, measuring cups, piercing pin, and even rice bowls. With the included accessories set, you can cook your eggs, steam your vegetables and other food items, and make a healthy and nutritious meal.

Nutritious and healthy food

All of us know the benefits of eggs possess. Eggs cooked in any manner are always nutritious and healthy. Egg cooker allows us to cook nutritious egg dishes in no time. It’s effortless and easy to use to cook different egg dishes in less amount of time. It also lets you stream and fries your eggs easily.

Not just boiled eggs

When we talk about egg cookers, we limit ourselves to thinking that egg cookers are only meant for boiling eggs. Well, that is not the case. Egg cookers, not only allow you to boil eggs but also let you cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette.

Well, it also allows you to steam vegetables and other food items too for a healthy and delicious meal.

Using the right amount of water

Egg cookers come with a measuring cup, to help you measure the right amount of water to cook your preferred style of eggs. Some egg cookers also have an advantage where less water is required to cook your eggs perfectly. So, if you had trouble deciding how much water to use for cooking your eggs, use the measuring cup and pour the appropriate amount of water right away to cook your eggs.

Features To Consider While Buying An Egg Cooker

Easy to manage

Egg cookers are easy to manage and require low maintenance. Managing an egg cooker requires less effort and can be maintained easily with a proper cleaning process. The removable trays can be washed in a dishwasher or with mild detergent, whereas the egg cooker needs to be cleaned with only a wet cloth. It only requires a normal cleaning method and nothing overboard.

Compact and lightweight

Egg cookers are lightweight and compact in size. Due to its compact size, egg cookers require only a small space in your kitchen cabinets. It is also lightweight and portable, which means you can carry the egg cooker along when you go on trips and traveling. Due to its lightweight and compact size, it is also perfect for students who live in college dorms.


Egg cookers come in a range of prices and are also very affordable. Egg cookers can relatively range from $9.95 to $60.00 or more. You can choose an egg cooker according to your budget from the varieties and enjoy cooking your eggs in an effortless and easy manner.

Capacity for eggs

Egg cookers come with different egg capacities. Some egg cookers come with 4 egg capacity, 7 egg capacity, and while others can come up to 14 egg capacity. You can choose the desired egg capacity you want and cook your eggs all at once or in batches. Due to the different egg capacities of egg cookers, it is easier to cook eggs effortlessly for big gatherings, large families, or any parties, breakfast, or snacks.

Accessories set

Egg cookers include accessories like egg trays for boiled eggs and separate egg trays for poached eggs and omelette. Egg cookers also include a measuring cup as well as a piercing pin. These accessories set make it easier to cook your eggs perfectly. Some egg cookers also come with rice bowls, which helps you to cook rice easily.

Removable egg tray

Egg cookers also come with a removable tray. You can easily lift out the removable tray and place it on the table and devour delicious freshly cooked eggs. A removable tray also helps you to cook eggs in just one layer, instead of two, according to your preference. It also lets you use different trays for cooking eggs in different ways like boiled eggs or scrambled eggs and omelette. One good thing about removable tray is that, once you remove the trays, you can use the cooker solely for steaming different vegetables and food items easily.

User-friendly functions

Egg cookers are easy to use and handle. The functions are user friendly and hassle-free. Egg cookers come with one push-button function, which saves time and also cooks your eggs to perfection.

Egg cookers also come with an inbuilt alarm and standby mode to alert you when your eggs are cooked and also help to prevent your eggs from being overcooked.

Auto-shutoff function

The auto-shutoff function is the most sought-after function people want in their egg cooker. Although, not every egg cooker comes with an auto-shutoff function. If you need an egg cooker with an auto-shutoff function, make sure you read the description of the egg cooker and buy accordingly.

The auto-shutoff function enables the egg cooker to automatically shut off after your eggs are cooked. So, you don’t have to worry about your eggs being overcooked.


Like any other electronic product, egg cookers, come with a warranty as well. Some egg cookers come with 6 months warranty, while some come with a 1-year warranty. Any electric product can stop working due to various reasons after continuous usage. So, finding an egg cooker with a warranty card is a must.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How does an egg cooker work?

Egg cookers are a simple and user-friendly product. With one push button, you can cook your preferred style of eggs easily in no time. Egg cookers, not only allows you to boil eggs but also helps you to steam vegetables and other food items for a healthy and nutritious meal.

Q.) Which egg cookers are the best in the market?

Egg cookers range from low to high prices. Although, it does not mean, that low price egg cookers are equivalent to bad quality. Most egg cookers come at an affordable price and do an amazing job. Some of the best egg cookers in the market according to many consumers and our preferred choices would be- Copper Chef egg cooker, Chefman Electric egg cooker, Cuisinart Egg Central egg cooker, and Chef’s Choice Gourmet egg cooker. These egg cookers come with the best features.

Q.) How to clean an egg cooker?

Egg cookers require low maintenance and because of its compact size and lightweight nature, it can be easily cleaned and stored. You should bear in mind that egg cookers are not dishwasher safe, as the high temperature of the dishwasher might affect the plastic. It is recommended to take a wet cloth and clean the main body or the heating vessel, as it will be safer.
On the other hand, the lid, egg holder tray, poaching, and steaming trays can be washed easily with soapy water or mild detergent.

Also, a very important thing to keep in mind, while cleaning an egg cooker, is to never immerse the electric cord or boiler base in water during the process of cleaning the egg cooker.

You just need to follow these simple steps to clean and wash an egg cooker easily and also to ensure that your egg cooker works for a long time.

Q.) Why use an egg cooker?

If you want to cook your eggs easily and without much hassle, then an egg cooker is a definite choice for you. Whether you are hosting a big gathering, have a large family, a student, or someone with a busy schedule, egg cookers can help you cook your preferred style of eggs in 10-15 minutes. Not only you can cook boiled eggs but also steam vegetables, cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelette with the help of an egg cooker. The egg cooker is a multi-purpose product. Some egg cookers also include a rice bowl, which is an added advantage.

Egg cookers also have a compact size and are lightweight, which means; you can carry it with you during trips and while traveling. It is also an effective product for students who stay in college dorms.

Q.) How much water is required to cook in an egg cooker?

If you were wondering how much water to use to cook in an egg cooker, do not worry, because egg cookers include a measuring cup. The measuring cup helps you to use the required amount of water for cooking your desired style of eggs. Some egg cookers also require less amount of water to cook eggs, which is an added advantage. So, you just need to pour the appropriate amount of water using the measuring cup and cook your eggs right away.

Q.) How long does it take to cook eggs in an egg cooker?

Egg cookers help you to cook your eggs effectively and easily in no time. Whether you want to cook soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs, it will take between 10-15 minutes. Egg cookers save your time and help you to cook your eggs easily. Egg cookers also have an inbuilt buzzer which alerts you as soon as your eggs are cooked, to prevent your eggs from being overcooked.

Q.) Are electric cookers worth it?

Electric cookers are definitely worth it. If you wish to cook eggs in greater quantities, you cannot go wrong with an electric egg cooker. Electric egg cookers come with different egg capacities, so you can choose the one that matches your needs. Electric egg cookers are not only better than cooking on the stovetop but it also comes with other great features as well.

Q.) Are the eggs easy to peel once they are cooked?

Well, all of us have struggled to peel eggs easily once they are cooked. But, with the help of an egg cooker, peeling eggs once they are done becomes a lot easier. Egg cookers use steam to cook the eggs and therefore, it becomes easier to peel the eggs once they are cooked.

Q.) Are electric egg cookers safe?

Electric egg cookers are definitely safe to use. As long as you maintain your egg cookers well, there will not be any problem. Electric egg cookers have user-friendly functions therefore, it is hassle-free and easy to use.

Q.) What is the advantage of an egg cooker compared to cooking on a stovetop?

The advantage of cooking your eggs in an egg cooker compared to cooking on a stovetop is that you do not have to keep checking your eggs every now and then, wondering if your eggs are well cooked. Egg cookers save you time and effort. All you need to do is, pour the right amount of water in the egg cooker as required and place your eggs on the egg tray, and switch on. As soon as your eggs are cooked, the inbuilt alarm in the egg cooker will alert you that your eggs are cooked perfectly, just the way you like them.

Q.) Do the eggs need to be room temperature when placed in the egg cooker?

There is no specific requirement mentioned in what temperature the eggs should be in. Whether you store them normally or directly take out from the fridge, egg cookers will cook them to perfection.

Q.) Is it necessary to pierce the eggs, and is there a piercing pin included?

If you want your eggs to cook well and correctly, then, yes, you will need to pierce the eggs. Egg cookers include a piercing pin as well, so, with the help of the piercing pin, you can pierce the eggs before cooking it in the egg cooker. Piercing the egg before cooking will also ensure that the eggshell doesn’t crack and you can peel your eggs easily after they are done.

Best Egg Cooker on Amazon

Bottom Line

If you are still wondering whether you should spend money on an egg cooker, do not hesitate. Every one of us wants an easy way out to do things effectively. Egg cookers come to your rescue when you want to cook a greater quantity of eggs for parties or families, for breakfast, and for healthy snacks. Egg cookers come with big egg capacities, so you can cook up to 6, 7, or 14 eggs at once with no hassle. Egg cookers also let you steam vegetables, cook poached eggs, scrambled eggs, or omelet. Egg cookers are a multi-purpose product. It has a compact size and is lightweight, so you can clean and store it easily.

If you are planning to buy an egg cooker, do not have second thoughts. It is worth your money and time. You can choose the best egg cookers that come at affordable prices, and with the best features.


The Best Air Fryer Consumer Reports

Healthy eating can be difficult when delicious, mouth-watering junk foods surround you. If you want to eat healthily but delicious food, there is a perfect substitute for you! Believe us or not, eating healthy and delicious food at home is super easy using an air fryer.

We have prepared a list after a detailed analysis of all consumer testimonials posted by real users on Amazon US official website (yes, we did the heavy lifting for you!). Please note that the pros and cons of each product are taken from the customer reviews section of respective amazon page.

Best Air Fryers as per Consumer Reports on Amazon

Philips TurboStar

Philips TurboStar Technology

Philips TurboStar Technology Airfryer is best for cooking, baking, and roasting your favorite dishes all in one appliance.

Set the required temperature and time with just quick dial and get evenly cooked food.

Consumers have reported using this air fryer to make vegetable fries for regular meals both day and night.


  1. Even airflow and quickly heats the food,
  2. Tasty and crispy food with 75% less fat,
  3. The food warming technology keeps your food warm even after cooking,
  4. The machine is very quiet,
  5. There is no need to preheat, and so you can cook instantly,
  6. The cooking basket has a nonstick surface,
  7. It is easy to clean,
  8. It is dishwasher safe.


  1. The food cooking capacity sucks.

Check Philips TurboStar Price on Amazon

T-Fal Actifry

T-Fal Actifry Oil-Less Fryer

The T-Fal Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer It helps you to cook food evenly. All you need to do is set the timer, and your food will be cooked with perfection.

If you do not prefer much oil in your diet, this might be the best choice for you. Less oil means lesser fat in diet. Sounds good?

Not to mention, you can clean it without herculean effort.


  1. T-Fal Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer provides optimal temperature to cook food evenly,
  2. It is easy to use,
  3. Cleaning is easy with nonstick pan and removable parts,
  4. It is dishwasher safe,
  5. It does not use much oil.


  1. Small fryer capacity.

Check T-Fal Actifry Price on Amazon

COSORI (100 Recipe) Electric

COSORI Air Fryer(100 Recipe) Electric Hot Fryers

COSORI (100 Recipe) Electric Hot is much more than just a fryer. Cook your breakfast, side dishes, desserts, and any proteins like an expert.

Honestly speaking, this one is worth a shot considering its features. Not to mention, the size is reportedly quite satisfying for most of the buyers.

Don’t believe us? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons. We’re sure that you would love this one.


  1. Cook smartly with accurate calculations using LED Panel,
  2. Fry evenly with the shake reminder,
  3. The warm function keeps your food warm for quite a while,
  4. It takes 2-5 mins to preheat much lesser time than traditional ovens,
  5. It is dishwasher safe,
  6. The basket is detachable, which helps in cleaning as well as cooking food conveniently,
  7. The surface of the basket is non-sticky,
  8. Cooks faster with crispier and tastier results,
  9. It has a large food capacity.


  1. The fryer might be larger than expected for some people,
  2. The basket is difficult to detach from the pan.

Check COSORI Price on Amazon

Yedi Total Package

Yedi Total Package

Yedi Total Package Air Fryer gives you a smart and healthy cooking option keeping taste, quality, and convenience in mind.

If you prefer using touchscreens (most of us do, of course), this one might come real handy for you.

It also comes with kits for different kinds of recipes, which is fantastic, especially for hardcore food lovers. Still not sure? Let’s have a look at the good and the bad sides.


  1. Cooks food fast with efficiency,
  2. Even distribution of heat,
  3. It heats up faster,
  4. It comes with a digital touch screen that helps you to set the desired cooking time and temperature to make the food,
  5. There is a basket divider which will help you to cook two dishes simultaneously,
  6. You can cook a large quantity of food,
  7. It does not make noise,
  8. Yedi Total Package includes many deluxe accessory kits like cake care, pizza, silicon cupcake pan, and many more,
  9. Cleaning is easy.


  1. It vents out hot air.

Check Yedi Price on Amazon

Power XL

Power XL fryer

The Power XL cooks your food with minimum oil and surrounds it more with air delivering the crispy and crunchy fries at the comfort of your home.

Cook your meals safely at home (safer than ordering food online considering the current pandemic) using this air fryer.

You can also reheat any frozen food or cook fresh veggies using this appliance with much effort.


  1. Power XL comes with a divider. Cook two different types of foods at the same time,
  2. The preset cooking option helps you to cook different food without worrying about setting temperature and time each time, making it easier for you to cook;
  3. The basket comes out easily, making it easier to clean;
  4. It is dishwasher safe,
  5. It cooks any meat well and fast. No more excuses for those tasty chicken fries, eh?


  1. Power XL vents out hot air,
  2. Re-inserting the basket can be a hassle.

Check Power XL Price on Amazon

Ninja Programmable Base

Ninja Programmable Base for Roasting, Reheating & Dehydrating with 4-Quart Ceramic Coated Basket

Ninja Programmable Base (for Air Frying, Roasting, Reheating & Dehydrating) with 4-Quart Ceramic Coated Basket covers everything you might need for a great meal.

It makes food which are tasty and healthy as well. You can also cut your fat intake by 75% using this multitasking appliance.


  1. The one-touch control panel gives choices from four different cooking programs. You can manually change the temperature and time,
  2. You can cook a large portion of food,
  3. It heats up quickly,
  4. It is easy to clean, and it is dishwasher safe as well.
  5. You can air fry and get the crispy food without oil,
  6. You can roast easily with the roasting program. Cook your favorite roasted veggies recipes and casseroles,
  7. It works wonder on frozen foods. Reheat and get the perfect crispy pizza, fries, and wings;
  8. You can also remove the moisture with the dehydration function to make homemade dried fruits and veggies.


  1. It is a bit loud,
  2. It stinks during the first use.

Check Ninja Price on Amazon

COOK JOY Multifunctional

COOK JOY Multifunctional Air fryer, Electric Hot

COOK JOY Multifunctional is a 3D multifunctional air fryer that helps you cook fry and barbecue food with little oil to keep your health and taste in mind.

With the advanced air cycle technology, locking air and steam cooks any meal faster and evenly.

You can even cook for your whole family with this 10L air fryer. The large capacity helps you to roast an entire chicken. Thus, it is an excellent choice for families.


  1. The large size, which is perfect for a family,
  2. The transparent design allows you to see the cooling process from outside,
  3. Cooks food fast with a 360° angle and retains the authentic taste,
  4. It looks after your safety with the double seal design ensuring no harm to your hands,
  5. The inner container is covered with nonstick coating making it easy for you to clean,
  6. There are different cooking modes, and so you can bake roast or air fry;
  7. It comes with a filter that gets rid of excess oil.


  1. The nonstick coating of the outer side is not very good.

Check COOK JOY Price on Amazon

Homia Droid with Detachable Heating ElementHomia Droid With Detachable Heating Element

Homia droid comes with detachable heating elements that help you to clean any food residue.

It is dishwasher safe as well.

The handles can be fastened, which makes it more secure for handling the pots. Thus, while keeping security and convenience in mind, it takes care of your food, making it healthier and more hygienic.


  1. Easy to install,
  2. Ease of use,
  3. It comes with many accessories, so you don’t have to be limited to air fry. It has accessories for frying fish, baking cake, making pizza, grilling, etc.;
  4. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe;
  5. The turbo airflow technology cooks food evenly.


  1. The size is enormous,
  2. There is no preset cooking option. You will have to set up time and temperature every time.

Check Homia Droid Price on Amazon

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Our pick from the above list

We have posted a list of 8 great picks of the best air fryers above, but consumers’ (so does ours!) favorite one is Homia Droid.

It can do much more than just fry. You can cook pizzas, bake cakes, or make muffins. You can even air fry all kinds of meat, including steaks or chicken in it. It also comes with all the accessories you would need to make the fries. It is dishwasher safe, and so it is easy to clean as well.

The capacity is 3.2 liters, which means you can cook quite a lot of food in a single batch. It is easy to use and cooks food evenly. It retails for less than 100 bucks on Amazon, which is a pretty good deal considering the outcome it is going to give.

Things You Need to Know Before Buying an Air Fryer

Buying any appliance can be a tricky business. And when it comes to buying one, you should have all the knowledge regarding it. And we are here to help you with that.

What is an Air Fryer?

First of all, it is entirely different than a deep fryer. It does not require any oil to cook food. Instead, it uses scorching air to do the same thing. It is just like a convection oven, or you can also call it a mini version of it.

It comes with a mechanical fan that blows hot air, which makes them crispy on the outside and soft on the inside while preserving the yummy taste.

Healthier Food

Yes, it cooks healthier food. The taste and texture of the food cooked in it are comparable to regular fried food. It is more robust as it requires very little oil to prepare food, which depends on what you are cooking.

Dietitians say that it cooks food with less than 75% fat than regular cooked foods. And it is a fantastic appliance if you want to cut back some fats and carbs. You can make your favorite snack even healthier from now on.

Optional Oil Usage

A lot of people confuse it as a non-oil fryer. It is true, but you can still use oil or butter according to your preference. It depends on what you are cooking. Just brushing a little oil on the food won’t hurt much and might make the food even crunchier and tastier.

You can avoid oil totally if you want or use healthier fats such as olive oil, soya oil, or coconut oil.

Much More than Just Fries

It is a misconception that you can only make fries in it. No, you can cook so much more.

Air fryers cook food fast, and once you get well acquainted with this appliance, you can cook anything in it. You can cook different kinds of vegetables, meat, and even desserts as well.

You can cook so many dishes in it. Here are some recipes, for instance:


It includes chicken, beef, pork chops, steak, etc. You don’t even need to use too much oil as these are already so juicy. Some salt and seasoning or even some sauce would work.


Eating healthy vegetables is so much easier and tastier using air fryers. There are countless ways to make healthy veggies like Zucchini, Broccoli, and carrots, etc. with it.

Baked Stuff

You can bake cakes, muffins, fudges, and so many desserts in it. You can make loaves of bread, lasagna, custards, or a lot of baked desserts.

Frozen Foods

You can fry frozen foods in it as well. Frozen fries or nuggets only take around 15 minutes to get ready.


You can roast nuts like cashew and almonds in it. You can also roast chicken or other meats.

Our favorite

In your air fryer, you can even cook delicious and the best frozen lasagna you can find on Amazon. But you might need to use your personal favorite sides alongside.

Features to Consider while Buying an Air Fryer according to Consumer Reports

It cooks food evenly and makes sure that the food is crispy and soft on the inside. It is worth it. Now that you understand entirely, what this appliance can do, you must be wondering what else you need to before you get one for yourself or your family.


Every appliance has its capacity. The smaller ones are basically around 1 to 2 liters. Perfect for you if you have a small family of 3 to 4 people or want it for yourself. You might also need to think about the amount of food you will cook in it as overcrowding this appliance is not a good idea.

The bigger ones are perfect for you if you have a more prominent family of 7 to 10 people or host parties more often. It will then be wise to go for the bigger ones as you can roast an entire chicken there. Some of them come with twin baskets as well, which is great because you can cook more than one type of food simultaneously. So, look into the capacity of the fryer and choose according to your needs.

Preset Controls

Another vital thing to consider while buying is the temperature control of your fryer. Two types of commands are dial and digital. The dial has a manual temperature dial that you would have set up, and there is a timer for it. These are less accurate. So, look for a timer that comes with more than 30 minutes.

The digital ones are more accurate as they come with default temperature settings for your favorite snack. So, try to look for something that has preset buttons for ease of use. Some fryers come with more than ten preset temperature settings.


In general, air fryers are easy to clean. As there is not much oil use, there is not much to clean, but that doesn’t mean it won’t require any cleaning. Nonetheless, it depends on the appliance’s size because if it is small, you can wash in it a sink. And some of them even come with cleaning tools as well. Most of them are dishwasher safe and comes with parts that are easy to disassemble.

If you are still confused, here’s how you should clean your fryer.

How to Clean your Air Fryer?

  • First, please unplug and wait until it cools down completely.
  • Now, clean the outside areas with a clean and slightly wet cloth.
  • You might need to disassemble the tray, pan, and basket, and if it is dishwasher safe, wash it in a dishwasher or use some dishwasher soap/liquid and wash it in the sink using water.
  • Then, take a clean and wet cloth and wipe the inside of the fryer.
  • If there’s any food stuck, do not use any other utensils to clean it. Just use a brush.
  • And lastly, please make sure that every part of it is dry before you assemble it and plugin for use.

Space in your Kitchen

According to your choice, you might get a small or big size air fryer. Regardless of the size, make sure you have enough space in your kitchen or at least make some space where you should have a plug to use. So, try to consider the fryer’s size first and then make sure you have enough room for it in your kitchen.

Power consumption and Wattage

Most of the fryers use 800 to 1500 watts to operate. Before buying one, make sure your kitchen outlet supports that. If the appliance is high on watt, it will cook food faster, and most of them have almost 1800 watts. If you run it for at least 30 minutes a day, it might consume only half a unit of power or even less than that.

Safety and Added Features

Don’t forget about your safety. Look for one that has cool-touch handles so that you don’t end up burning your hands while opening it. Also, look into the base as it should be a non-slip one to avoid accidents. And try to get the one that has features like a locked lid and basket control.


These appliances can cost around $50 to $300. The cost can also differ based on the features and capacity of the machine. Make sure you check everything like the features, position, size, presets, etc. before buying one. If you want one for regular use, then definitely invest a little more and get yourself one that has all the features.


It operates with the help of electricity, so you never know when it might stop working. That is why it is better to ask about the warranty period before buying it. Most of the fryers in the market come with a warranty of only 60 days, but there are the ones with one to two years of warranty. It varies from product to product. So, check that before buying as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to buy an air fryer?

If you want to cut back extra fat and start eating healthy while still eating your favorite food, then definitely consider buying one.

Q. Does it cook healthy food?

Yes, it does. According to consumer reviews, it prepares food with less than 75% oil and fat. So, it is pretty good if you want to eat healthier.

Q. Can I bake a cake in the air fryer?

Yes, you can bake cake, muffins, and cupcakes and so many more desserts in it.

Q. How fast can it cook food?

It depends on the power of that particular appliance and how much food you are about to cook. However, it takes around 15-30 minutes to do the same.

Q. Is it right if I am on a Keto diet?

Yes, it is a good option if you are on keto as the keto diet’s whole concept revolves around low-carb food. Air fryers can be an excellent way to cook some keto-friendly dishes.

Q. Can it be toxic?

No, not at all. It is not toxic as long as you follow all the instructions, cooking and cleaning it accordingly.

Q. Is it the same as an oven?

No, an oven and a fryer are entirely different from each other. The purpose of both might be the same, but the functions and operations are altogether different.

Q. Do I need an air fryer if I have a conventional oven?

Yes, they are the same, but a fryer is much easier to operate and has more functions than a regular conventional oven.

Q. Does it operate on batteries?

No, it runs on electricity. It is too powerful to be operated by batteries.

Q. How much electricity will it consume?

If it runs for even more than 30 minutes, it consumes less than half an electricity unit. So, it won’t consume a lot of electricity.

Q. Can I use oil to make food in it?

Yes, you can use a little oil or brush it on up the food. Zero to minimum oil can be used to prepare food in it.

Q. Do I need to pre-heat it?

It is wise to pre-heat it before you cook anything for faster results, but some fryers in the market do not even need that.

Q. How much food can it hold in one batch?

That depends on the capacity of the basket of the appliance. Although, don’t put too much stuff in just one batch as that can lead to uneven cooking.

Q. Do I have to buy any extra tools with it?

No, you don’t need to buy any extra equipment with it. All the essential tools are available with the fryer.

Q. What do I do if the food sticks inside of it?

If there is any food residue in the fryer, spray some vegetable oil and wipe it off with a damp cloth or a brush.

Q. Can I pause the appliance to check the food?

It is not necessary to pause the fryer as it just takes seconds to check it.

Q. Am I supposed to shake the basket while cooking?

Yes, it would help if you shook the basket as that prevents the sticking of the food.

Q. Do I need to put any aluminum foil or baking paper while cooking?

Using them might slow down the cooking process. So, avoid using them if you can.

Q. According to all best air fryer consumer reports on Amazon, what food items can we cook in it?

You can cook various veggies, meats, and even bake in it. In the consumer reports about best air fryers posted on Amazon’s official website, people often wrote about making meat recipes and vegetable fries.

Bottom Line

best air fryers consumer report 2020
best air fryers according to consumer report 2022

Admit it or not, many of us can’t get enough of the tasty, crunchy fries. This appliance is handy in every kitchen to cook food healthily.

It is worth buying an air fryer if you are on a diet or want to cut back extra fat in the first place. Get yourself one according to your needs, which you can use for various cooking purposes and enjoy your meal!

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Best Gas Grills Under $500

There are a lot of options in the market for a gas grill. The more the options, the more is the confusion. To help you through it, we have narrowed down a list of the best options. Let us get started with our list of 6 best gas grills under $500.

Best Gas Grills Under 500 Bucks



Blackstone comes with 4 controlled stainless steel burners, making it possible to cook multiple dishes and certain foods warm. Its cooking surface is 7200000 square inches. A quick electric push can power the ignition that results in juicy flavourful or crisp food. Blackstone is easy to use and assemble. Blackstone comes with securing footing of caster wheels for smooth movement. It would be best if you locked the locking casters to make it still on the place.

Its product dimensions are 62.5 x 22 x 36 inches and weigh 120 pounds. Blackstone runs on propane gas. It is a product to be used in restaurants by professionals. It is a provider of versatile cooking. It is best for heat retention and distribution. The griddle top is easy to remove, thereby easy to clean. Blackstone’s BTUs is 60,000. Cook chicken or steak will give the best results.


  • 4 stainless steel burners
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Electric push button
  • Secure footing
  • Removable griddle
  • Easy to clean


  • Poor quality gas regulator
  • Problems with the drip system
  • Uneven heat distribution
  • Complains of customer services

Check Price on Amazon



Weber is of 450 square inch cooking area. Its product dimensions are 32 x 50 x 63 inches and include a weighs of 113.8 pounds. It uses liquid propane as a fuel. Weber comes with’mt 2 stainless steel burners. Wheels are heavy duty caster that makes movement easy and stable. It is rust free and will not peel as has a porcelain-enameled lid. Weber does include a cover. It is easy to assemble and requires low maintenance.

Weber’s side tables are foldable to provide space. It has a god grease management system. It is easy to clean. Its fuel gauge makes it possible to view fuel levels to ensure consistent cooking. Weber also has an inbuilt lid thermometer. Bars and cast-iron cooking grates are all-porcelain–enameled. Weber assures durability and best-tasting food each time.


  • Liquid propane as fuel
  • 2 stainless steel burners
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Rust free
  • Easy to assemble
  • Foldable tables
  • Grease management system


  • Complains about durability
  • Complains about arrive with defects
  • Cheap materials
  • Poor design of the gas gauge

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Dyna-Glo is a 3 burner LP gas grill. It comes with side tables that can support 25 pounds. It is very convenient to rest containers. Dyna-Glo also comes with towel bars and tool hooks to provide space. It retains and distributes heat evenly. The burners are of stainless steel. 36,000 BTUs of heat is its provision. It is easy to use and requires low maintenance. Dyna-Glo’s black finish gives it an elegant finish.

It is of easy push and quick ignition to start cooking. The controls are Chrome plated. The side tables are foldable. Therefore frees up more space when not in use. Maximum cooking is what it assures and leaves a minimal footprint. An inbuilt stainless steel thermometer is also provided. Easy to read gauge will give you more convenience. Its product dimensions are 22.82 x 49.14 x 45.05 inches and weigh 76 pounds.


  • 3 stainless steel burner gas
  • Foldable tables
  • Side tables can support 25 pounds
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Chrome-plated controls
  • Inbuilt thermometer


  • Poor instructions
  • Problem with construction
  • Complains about durability

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Weber 45010001

Weber 45010001

Weber comes with a product dimension of 52 x 26 x 57 inches and weighs 107.8 pounds. Its cooking area is about 529 square inches. It comes with an infinity ignition that is backed by 10 years of warranty. There is a good system for grease management. The burners are powerful. Flavorizer bars add the smoky flavors to the food.

The grates are reversible. The thin side is for shrimp and fish. The wider side is for thick smear marks. There is an open cart design for storing grilling tools. The side tables are foldable to a safe space. The side table comes with hooks for better organization. Weber also comes with a warming rack for toast or to keep food warm. There are four color options to select from. The fuel gauge is easy to read. Weber is easy to use and convenient to assemble.


  • Grease management system
  • Flavorizer bars
  • Reversible grates
  • Open cart design
  • Foldable side tables
  • Hooks
  • Warming rack
  • 4 color option
  • Fuel gauge easy to read


  • Paint chipped off
  • Problems with assembling

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Char-Broil runs on propane/liquid petroleum gas. There is no inclusion of propane tanks. It is a stainless steel made. Char-Broil is stylish and assures durability. The ignition is electronic and reliable and gives a wide temperature range. 10,000 BTU is of the side burner. The grease pan is removed, thereby easy to clean. The grease pan is porcelain coated which makes it last longer. The 4 burners are stainless that provides even cooking.

The grates are porcelain coats, making it rust resisting and durable. There are 2 side shelves for better storage. The cooking space is about 425 square inches. Char-Broil comes with a warming rack, it can be a secondary cooking area. There are two 7- inch wheels, that makes movement easy. Cleaning is easy with a removable grease tray and pan. Its product dimensions are 50.4 x 24.5 x 45 inches and weigh 92.8 pounds.


  • Stainless steel made
  • Electronic ignition
  • Removable grease pan
  • Porcelain-coated grates
  • Warming racks


  • Too much non-recyclable packaging
  • Grease catch drips
  • Problems with wheels lock

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Master Cook

MASTER COOK runs on propane gas. It comes with three burners. It quickly starts with its piezoelectric ignition system. 30,000 BTU is in per-hour. It comes with an inbuilt thermometer in the cover lid. Plating is of chromium for control knobs. The tables are foldable for better convenience. The wheels are heavy-duty and good for easy movements.

The cooking area is 339 square inches. The warming area is 132.8 square inches. It is best for outdoor and indoor activities both. It is multifunctional and practical. It is durable and beautiful looking. Clean-up is easy and assembly is quick. MASTER COOOK’s product dimensions are 27 x 23 x 17 inches and weigh around 46.7 pounds. It is a value for money product.


  • 3 stainless steel burners
  • Inbuilt thermometer
  • Foldable table
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Chromium-plated control knobs


  • Thin metal sheets
  • Cannot clean inside of the grill

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Things to look while buying gas grills

The gas type

The options are natural gas or propane gas. They don’t create differences in cooking. They are even priced identical. There can be differences in the composition but virtually they are the same. Your answer to that will depend on availability and convenience. Propane tanks are easily accessible in grocery stores. Though you have to refill it. But if you have a natural gas supply at your house it will be highly convenient to opt for natural gas.

The size

The size matters as it will determine how much you can cook at a time. The larger the size the more will be the number of burners. A good size can give you the flexibility to multitask. Go by a size that will accommodate your lifestyle and family members you live with. There is a thing, when you have more you can choose to use according to your need but when you have less you don’t have options left out.

Portable or freestanding

There are two types of gas grills. Portable grills come with wheels for mobility. They come with features that help to store tanks and tools for grilling. However freestanding gas grills are installed in once place. They come with no option for mobility. Make sure you buy according to how your life works. If you are a person who enjoys outdoor grilling go for the portable one.


The construction material of the grill is very crucial. Good material will enhance the durability and quality of the food. Options like stainless steel and cast aluminium are used. Make sure you opt for an option that both body and frame are made of good material. The quality of material also varies by grade and thickness.


Go with options that have all your required features. Make sure to have a good warranty. The higher the warranty the better the product will last. The cost cannot signally assure you of a good product. A product to be called Best is an individual choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How important is the construction material?

A. Construction material plays a crucial role. Good material ensures durability as they are well protected from rust. The material also impacts the quality of daily grills. The two good options to opt are stainless steel and cast aluminium. The quality will also depend on grade and thickness.

Q. What should I prefer propane gas or natural gas?

A. There is not much difference in their pricing. The results are also similar to only compositional differences. What will make the differences will be on its availability and convenience. If you have natural gas supply it is decided. If not, propane tanks are easily available in grocery stores.

Q. Which is the best gas grill in the market?

A. Best is an individual choice. But you ask us our top pick from our list of products is Weber 45010001. The features that make it to the top are that it comes with a grease management system, foldable side tables, reversible grates, hooks, open cart design, warming rack, Fuel gauge easy to read, and not the least comes with 4 color options.

Q. What should I prefer freestanding or portable?

A. It will be a choice according to your lifestyle. The benefits of portability are you can wheel it anywhere. You can enjoy outdoor grilling. They also have features to store grilling tools. The gas tank will be in a small version for balance and mobility. However freestanding will only be installed in just one place.

Q. What size should I go with?

A. It all comes down to individual lifestyles. There is a saying the more the better. It also will depend on your budget. If you have regular parties with lots of guests a bigger size is preferable. If you grill only for yourself or a few family members you can opt for a smaller size.

Q. How to make sure I buy the right product?

A. Go by a recognized manufacturer or brand. The warranty plays a crucial role. The higher the warranty the better the quality. Make sure to read reviews about the product beforehand. Reviews by customers who have already used it will give you better insights about the product.

Q. What are some of the extra features to look for while buying a gas grill?

A. Make sure to check the spacing. The more closely they are spaced the better. A good spacing allows even heating. Buy a grill that will accommodate well in your kitchen. The larger it is the more space you will need to free-up. Look if the grill is sturdy.

Top pick from our list of products

Our list is prepared as per customer feedback and ratings. Weber 45010001 Is the best pick from our list of products. The features that make it so valuable are

  • Grease management system
  • Flavorizer bars
  • Reversible grates
  • Open cart design
  • Foldable side tables
  • Hooks
  • Warming rack
  • 4 color option
  • Fuel gauge easy to read

Bottom line

Best Gas Grills Under $500 on Amazon

The grill buying process can be confusing. Our list of products is as per reviews and customer feedback. This list can help you narrow down your choices. For quick and simple shopping our list will be helpful. Go ahead and opt for any of the products. They are the best rated by customers. American households rate them as must-buy products any day.

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The Best Meat Slicer for Home

A meat slicer is a machine fueled physically or by power, intended to cut meat. It is an apparatus utilized in butcher shops and even used in homes for the same purpose. The slicer can likewise be used to reduce other food things, such as firm cheeses, cabbage, other deli products, etc. This is also known as a slicing machine, deli slicer, or merely a slicer.

The meat is cut by using the tool that can be hot or cold and sliced daintily or thickly. Usually, a meat slicer is used to cut pre-cooked, raw meats into slender cuts for sandwiches. There are two different kinds of meat slicers, one is a home-grade meat slicer, and the other is a commercial-grade meat slicer. We have curated a list of the 9 best meat-slicers to consider buying according to their requirements. Let’s check them out.

Our List of The 9 Best Meat Slicer

Chef’s Choice 615A Electric Food and Meat Slicer

Chef'sChoice Electric Meat SlicerThe Chef’s Choice 615 is abundantly styled and worked for power, capability, and smooth movement, the Model 615A is the perfect response for home and master culinary pros. For those searching for innovative decisions for planning suppers, engaging expense successfully, controlling segments, and getting a charge out of newly cut foods, the machine can be of great help.

This parades an incredible 120 watts power rating and comes with a cool running, high torque motor, and trustworthy smooth apparatus drive for the constant cutting action. The stable construction of the machine fuses a slanted food carriage for speedy and capable cutting. The food carriage is tremendously huge and completely withdraws to allow cutting of additional huge meals, hams, and different foods.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to clean design
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use 


  • Breakable 
  • Jerks during usage

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Chefman Die Cast Electric Deli Slicer

Chefman Electric DeliChefman Electric Deli Slicer is a smooth, conservative structure, this 9″ x 12″ store slicer is minimal enough for most organizers and cupboards, perfect for weekday lunch prep or making gourmet dinners. Extraordinary for making hand-created cheeseburger jerky, storing sandwiches, charcuterie sheets, and cutting essential items for getting dried out, party platters, and numerous different things. The slicer can be used effectively to cut store style ham, turkey, broil hamburger, dried meat, and cheddar, bread, natural product, and vegetables directly in your kitchen.

The food slicer comes with a flexible thickness dial for modifying cuts, only how you like them. What’s more, since the line length is 48 inches, it can be moved to wherever accommodation. It has an incredible 180-Watt AC engine and serrated treated steel fine edge permit foods to float through the slicer effortlessly. Another proficient capacity of this slicer is that its durable non-slip feet, sharp edge blade safety guard, and food pusher guarantee that the food slicer will remain set up so you can keep a firm hold while working the equivalent.


  • Easy use 
  • Space-saving design
  • Sharp and powerful
  • Sturdy


  • Noisy
  • Difficulty in cleaning

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 Electric Deli Food Slicer

electric deli food slicerThe Electric Deli Food Slicer cuts the food absolutely, and it makes you like a traditional culinary ace at home. The thickness us customizable from unreasonably slight to around 3/4″ thick for cutting particular kinds of food, for example, meat, store, cheddar, cook cheeseburger, turkey chest, vegetables, and everyday things as in, organic products.

The updated electric food slicer needs by 200 watts of quick, extraordinary yield cutting force, 7.5″ tempered steel serrated edge is satisfactorily sharp to cut the solidified meat, cheddar, etc. A removable ring-watch spread that hinders refuse improvement on cutting surfaces makes the cleaning method exceptionally basic. There is a front line, a food carriage, a slide-bar extension, and a food pusher, and these are removable, which in this way considers thorough cleaning and sanitation.

This has a rewarding activity, which is, one must press both the safety lock. Plus, the force button at the same time to start and to keep up an essential good ways from the misunderstanding and maintain a strategic distance from the mix-up of any of its capacities at some random condition.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Safety protection/ Child lock protection


  • Has plastic gears
  • Poor durability

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 KWS MS-10NT Premium Commercial 320W Electric Meat Slicer 

kws ms-10 meat slicerThe KWS MS-10NT electric slicer is 10-Inch with non-clingy, premium treated steel covered with Teflon Blade, ideal for cutting solidified meat, storing meat, cheddar, and different sorts of food. Controlled by 320-watts engine power, it is agreeable for home utilization. This

is made of the aluminum compound, which is progressively extreme and increasingly unwilling to devour. The KWS slicer likewise incorporates an understood sharpener that hones and sharpens the cutting blade.

The machine makes the cutting blade keep up a sharp edge for cutting that is reliably very much sharpened and arranged to cut. Another significant element of the same is that the KWS on-off switch whose moves are manufactured freely can significantly keep one away from any harm simultaneously. The slide verification elastic feet secure the slicer on the ledge while cutting, making the slicer progressively secure.


  • Easy to use
  • Not noisy during usage
  • Durable
  • Smooth functioning 


  • Not easy to clean
  • Blade functioning is problematic

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Chef’s Choice 607 Premium Electric Food Slicer 

Chef choice 607 premiumChef’s Choice 607 Premium Electric food slicer is a multi-reason tempered steel blade roughly 7 inches 17-centimeter breadth and can cut a wide assortment of nourishments. It has a flexible, sturdy development. It has an inclined food carriage that does the quick and proficient cutting. The precious breaking point for food carriage pulls back totally to permit cutting of extra gigantic suppers hams and distinctive assortment of food.

The machine proves to be useful as it is anything but difficult to clean on account of the sharp edge food carriage food pusher and the food diverter. These can be detached easily for cleaning.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easily movable


  • Noisy

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Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer 

Cuisinart FS-75 slicerThe Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer for home – use cuts new meat, firm cheeses, and bread legitimately on one’s edge, as it is outfitted with non-slip feet for stable operation. It is of the rock-solid 130-watt engine. One incredible element about this machine is that it has a removable 7.5-inch undulated tempered steel slicing cutting blade that offers an approach to perfect execution.

This is made of premium covered steel and bit the dust cast aluminum lodging. It is advantageous and simple to work with; additionally, the removable parts make it easy to clean.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Light in weight so easily movable


  • Design malfunction
  • Uneven cutting

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 Cusimax Meat Slicer 

CUSIMAX Meat Slicer Electric Food SlicerCusimax meat slicer thing can’t merely cut turkey and other meaty products it moreover, it can cut vegetables and different kinds of organic products. With the portable thickness for excellent cutting, cleaning additionally is quite simple because of the subtle structuring of the item. Close to, they are dishwasher safe, so won’t bring about any harm.

The machine is likewise straightforward and even to understand as the vast majority of its parts are separable. The cutting tool, to its advantage, has four elastic feet in the base, which helps keep the slicer stable while working. Another significant component of the same is that it has a safety lock, which implies there is an on/off catch to forestall any sort of shocking occurring while at the same time utilizing the machine.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Thickness adjustment knobs available 
  • Low noise


  • Gets overheated
  • Blades become wobbly at time

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Meat Slicer Electric Deli Food Slicer

Meat slicer electric deli food slicerThe Oster slicer is for professional use. The slicer is one of first-rate anodized aluminum. Along with these lines, satisfactorily guaranteed against disintegration and, in particular, it is anything but difficult to clean and unfathomably sterile. The machine is of essential activity, which permits one to modify the sharp blades to change the thickness of the food just by turning the dial 0 to 15 mm. The automatic model extra one time and vitality, with better power and also cuts meat speedier. The smoother and quieter tempered steel edge is dynamically capable and is sharp and severe. The ostba meat slicer machine has the 7. 5″ treated serrated steel edge, driven by 150 watts of snappy and has exceptional yield cutting power. It will help one with keeping a consistent, sharp cut.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight hence movable
  • Slicing is smooth 
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic gears 
  • Cleaning is a bit of a problem

Check Price on Amazon

 Chef’sChoice 609A000 Electric Meat Slicer

Chef'sChoice 609A000 Electric Meat Slicer with Stainless SteelThe Chef’s Choice 609-A is perfect for home use and for the individuals who want to cut their own game. It is ideal for making hand-created cheeseburger jerky or cut a comprehensive arrangement of sustenance, including vegetables, pieces of bread, and cheddar. Its rough improvement incorporates a slanted food carriage for brisk and successful cutting.

The food carriage is tremendous and pulls back to permit cutting of other gigantic dinners, hams, and various sustenance. The model 609-A comes outfitted with a seven-inch treated tempered steel cutting edge perfect for cutting a wide assortment of nourishments according to the prerequisites. The structure is with the end goal that it disposes of any sort of object identified with cleaning and is very protected to utilize.


  • Stable and sturdy during use
  • Slices through everything
  • Easy to use
  • Non-serrated blades


  • Weak buildup 

Check Price on Amazon

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What to Look for While Buying the Best Meat Slicer?

From meats, cheeses, loaves of bread, natural products, or vegetables, a food slicer is an incredible venture for prominent families. And especially for families that consistently eat sandwiches, make jerky, or want to cut any number of kinds of foods, a food slicer can spare one both time and cash. But, buying a meat slicer that caters everyone’s needs can become a scary task in itself. Hence, it is essential to know about the features that one should consider before buying a meat slicer. 

Power and Speed

Various meat slicers fuse higher wattage motors that cut food snappier and even more capably. Moreover, the force of the engine affects what degree one will have the alternative to reduce the nourishment. Some food slicers will quickly get overheated and need to be kept separately to cool before one can continue. If one just need a slicer for making a few sandwiches each week, that may never transform into an issue.

In case if at any point the arrangement is to do a considerable amount of cutting without a moment’s delay, it will promptly transform into trouble. More powerful units are particularly valuable for any individual who means to cut a great deal of cheddar or solidified meats. These are two of the most difficult undertakings for a food slicer to pull off. On the off chance that both of these will be an essential utilize one put their slicer too, think about putting resources into a model with a great deal of intensity.

Ease of Use

One of the principal inspirations to buy a meat slicer regardless is that it makes the path toward cutting meat less complicated and in the ideal limit. While basically, all meat slicers will be an improvement over your customary sharp edge and cutting board, some are arranged that redesign the ease of use further. The best section to how straightforward your meat slicer will be to use is that it is so healthy to clean. Regardless, that is an enormous enough class for its section. As to utilize a machine to its fullest, one must have the option to use all the elements of the same efficiently and fundamental openness at precisely that point along these lines a buy appear to be deserving of.


Keeping one’s food slicer high and sterile is fundamental. Keeping down on the cleaning step can incite foodborne infections, which no one needs to manage. These equipment do require some cleanup time, yet some require more work and time than others. Most models should be destroyed to clean, so you have to know how included assembling and disassembling will be after each season of utilization. A food slicer that doesn’t have various removable parts will leave you endeavoring to clean spots in tricky separated and corners, which is both no fun and will mean you have a significantly harder time getting it excellent. What’s more, cleanliness is of the most extreme significance. Particularly in the days where there is an expanding number of diseases getting path from the meat of animals.


Food slicers all come outfitted with gigantic, sharp edges that move at fast speeds to do their duty. Subsequently, that makes security a critical concern. Models that are substantial or difficult to disassemble for cleaning after every use will give you more opportunities to cut yourself. Henceforth, one without anyone else should be alarm and wary while taking consideration or utilizing the machine. Some food slicers go with non-slip feet on the base to guarantee they remain determinedly set up during use. Defensive edge gatekeepers can help further lessen the peril of a custom cutting.

Moreover, a safety lock will help ensure the sharp cutting edge stops turning at whatever point the slicer isn’t usable. These security features can go far to guaranteeing customers, yet customers figure out how to keep up well-being on their end. Guarantee you read the manual before use, so you don’t risk mishandling your food slicer with the end goal that fabricates your danger. You can, in like manner, purchase cut safe gloves to wear while using your meat slicer to moreover guarantee yourself.


Various meat slicers can get very noisy. In case you or someone in your home is delicate to the sound of loud contraptions, you can find models that work more tactfully than others. They’ll often cost more; anyway, the differentiation in noise levels is supported and merits of the purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can a meat slicer cut frozen meat?

Yes, one can cut frozen chicken with a meat slicer. But, one needs to keep in mind that slicing frozen meat is quite a tricky task. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful while cutting frozen meat. 

 Q. How to clean a meat slicer? 

Different types and models of meat slicers have their ways of cleansing. One needs to go through the manual and watch out for the necessary safety measures while cleaning a meat slicer. There are videos available online that you can search for to get better guidance about the same. 

Q. Is the sharpening of the blade of meat slicer required? 

Yes, as the blade usually dulls after being used for some time. Sharpening the knife will preserve its quality and make it last longer. You can do it manually or even by using machines that help in sharpening the knives. Some models have this facility inbuilt in them, and for others, you can look up online for videos and instructions. 

Q. How to sharpen the blade?

To grind the edge, one needs to follow the instructions given on the manual and look for videos on the internet that provide information about the same. Data are abundant on the web about the procedure. 

Q. When to clean a meat slicer?

You ought to consistently wipe your slicer down when exchanging meats, cheeses, or produce. It’s a smart thought to completely clean your machine each day to forestall oils and solid food pieces from working upon your blade or faceplates and harboring conceivably unsafe microscopic organisms. Cleaning the machine regularly helps in maintaining the hygiene around as well. 

 Q. Where to place a meat slicer?

The ideal place would be your kitchen since you will mostly be using the machine there itself, but if you want to keep it out of the reach of your children, then you can find a place of your convenience for the same. 

Q. Can children use meat slicers?

It is advisable to keep the meat slicer away from children because the machined is equipped with sharp blades, which may be harmful to children. Because there are chances that a child may touch the machine without realizing the damage it can do. Therefore, it is preferable to keep it away from sight. 

Q. Is the meat slicer going to make a lot of noise in my home?

There are different types of meat slicers available in the market, and the noise generated by the machine depends on the model of the same. Hence, when buying a particular model, one should go through the reviews to have a clear idea about the machine’s noise production level. 

Q. How do I maintain the meat slicer?

The cleaning of the meat slicer after every use is recommended, and the sharpening and changing of the blade is also required. The FDA suggests cleaning meat slicers at regular intervals on the off chance that they’re being utilized consistently, so you should clean your machine as now and again, atleast at a gap of four hours. 

Q. How long will a meat slicer last?

The durability of the product and proper maintenance of the same determines the period that a meat slicer is expected to continue. It also depends on the model that is being purchased. Hence, you should do thorough research and lookup for reviews before your purchase. 

Our Top Pick from the Above List of the Best Meat Slicer

There are several meat slicers available in the market, and to pick one which is the best of the lot is a task in itself. Yet, we have concluded that Electric Deli Slicer, which comes third in the list that we have made, is the best among all the other options. It is equipped with a safety lock, is easy to use and also easy to clean. All these features are essential to look into when buying a meat slicer. Above all, it is worth the value of money. Hence, we find it the best given the features listed above. 

Bottom Line

best meat slicerThere are great deals of meat slicers accessible in the market. But, people generally prefer a home-grade meat slicer as it helps the family to save money. It enables the family to buy the same items unsliced and use the meat slicer to slice the meat by themselves. So, the total cost of the entire process is much lower in comparison to the supermarket cost for the same, which is much higher. Most commercial-grade meat slicers are electric, although, in the past, it was mostly crank operated. 

Picking the best one of them could be an extreme activity, so search for highlights that take your particular needs into account and get that one as it were. Only a few of every odd kitchen needs a meat slicer. However, a great many people who put resources into one are cheerful they did. If you figure out that your family could profit by adding one to your gracefully of apparatuses, you should go for it. 

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The Best Spice Grinder for 2022

Spice grinders can save a lot of time and no to mention, they help you to make fresh spices (we know how bad the ready made powdered spices taste!) So, we have compiled a list of best spice grinders after hours of research. Let’s dig in!

Our List of the Best Spice Grinders

Shardor Electric coffee and spice grinder

SHARDOR Coffee & Spice GrindersShardor spice grinder comes with a two bowl system, 1 with two blades for dry grinding of sesame seeds, coffee beans, flax seeds, and nuts, another four blades for the wet grinding of basil, garlic, and spices. Bowls are made of stainless steel and easy to remove plus user friendly with a dishwasher, thereby easy to clean and tidy. The motor comes with 200W of power which guarantees fine powder in every use, without letting go of the real aroma.

The machine operates on the simple push and release buttons on the cover. It will work according to your required consistency time, but 15 minutes is enough it claims. While the Seal ring keeps it tight to rim, making sure nothing splashes out.

Shardor comes with a grinder package, two kinds of different bladed cups, a 2 in 1 coffee spoon with a brush, and a detailed user manual. Along with amiable customer service, it provides a warranty of 400 days.


  • Seal ring
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable blades
  • Two different bladed cups


  • Noisy
  • Bad delivery packaging
  • The loose seal between the cup and top

Check Price on Amazon

Secura coffee and spice grinder

Secura Electric Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder Here is Secura Grinder with its innovative two stainless bowl system. One for grinding things like spices and coffee beans while another to chop vegetables and nuts. Its blades are stainless along with the stainless exterior. For Secura, safety is its primary concern. This comes with inbuilt modernistic overheat protection, thereby prolonging the motor’s lifespan. The machine weighs around 2.85 pounds with a package dimension of 9.9 x 5.5 x 5.4 inches.

Easy to operate lid and clear top cover makes it a go-to option any-day. An additional feature would be its safety lock lid, safety switch, and cord wrap base. Comes with a warranty of 2-years, make sure to use North American standards of 120V only.


  • Overheat protection
  • Removable blades
  • 2 cups of different blades
  • Safety switch and lock lid
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Not great for herbs
  • Mashes rather than a fine chop
  • Too much plastic on the interior
  • Noisy 
  • complains of durability

Check Price on Amazon

KitchenAid coffee and spice grinder BCG211OB

KitchenAid BCG211OBKitchenAid operates on the mantra of push and release at a touch of one button. A transparent cover has its advantage of making sure of your consistency. Bowels are of stainless steel, making it very durable. It can capacitate 12 cups of coffee with its quick rate.

Bowels are 4 oz and entirely removable with marks to measure your quantity. Works on 160W and voltage of 120. This weighs 2 pounds with a product dimension of 3.8 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches.

This model accommodates a heavy-duty motor, 4-ounce stainless steel bowls along with coffee grinder blades, also besides spice grinder accessory kit for spices as cumin and coriander. Kitchen aid provides a 1-year warranty with a detailed user manual.


  • measurement marks
  • one-touch operation
  • removal bowls
  • easy to use
  • durable
  • easy to clean


  • noisy
  • difficult to nest grinding cups on the gears
  • gears are made of soft material
  • no seal between lid and container

Check Price on Amazon

Cuisinart electric SG 10 grinder

Cuisinart SG-10 Electric Spice-and-Nut GrinderCuisinart is specially designed for spice and nut grinding. Its blades are of stainless steel. With a capacity to hold 90 grams. Operates on the push and release one-touch buttons on the cover. The motor is of 200W, giving you finer grinds than ever. Bowls are removal and user friendly with a dishwasher making it very easy to clean. Extra spices can also be accommodated with its storage lid, to be stored in the grinding bowl.

The machine weighs around 1 pound with product dimensions 5 x 6 x 9 inches. It comes in with inbuilt safety interlocks where the lid must be in place or else it would not operate. An additional feature would be non slip rubber feet and a recipe book with its package. Cuisinart provides a warranty of 18 months, along with being BPA free. 


  • Removable cups
  • BPA free
  • One button operation
  • Safety interlocks
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean

Check Price on Amazon

Quellance spice grinder

QUELLANCE Electric Coffee GrinderQuellance is here with the innovative splash-proof system. It operates on the one-touch push and release buttons on the cover. It claims its efficiency for grinding seeds, beans, rice, wheat, nuts, spices, and a lot of other dry fruits. Quellance motor is of 200 Watts grinding beans to perfection. Blades are of stainless steel, durable and sharp. Grinding chambers are 2.5 ounces and easily removed, thereby making it easy to clean. For safety, it has inbuilt safety locks. When the lid is removed, the machine won’t operate, making it safe for any unnecessary hurt. It comes with a shock-absorbing base and anti-skid feet for sturdy operations.

Additional features would be rubber feet for worktop gripping, at the bottom, easy cable management, rubber grips, and a clear lid for checking your required consistency. Sleek to look at, and black goes well with any kitchen décor or a wedding gift.


  • Splash-proof
  • Anti-skid free
  • Shock absorbing
  • Removal cups
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Uneven coffee results
  • Inadequate Chinese translation for user manual

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Mueller hyper grind spice grinder

mueller austria hypergrind
Mueller is here to provide the best consistency in the market from cold brew, Turkish, Keurig K cup, French Press, spice, or herbs with every use. It comes with great contemporary European looks and takes very less amount of space to operate. Easily storable in drawers and cupboards. Tested and tried comes with the best German machinery. The manual provides all of the technical information plus a chart concerning the grind, the number of beans required, and the ratio of ground coffee to water.

It weighs around 1.4 pounds with a dimension of 7.7 x 4.4 x 4.3 inches. Assures a 100% money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free order. 


  • Takes minimum space
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable        
  • Great style
  • Easy to use


  • Poor customer service
  • No place to wind the cord into, when not using it
  • noisy

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Premium stainless steel spice grinder

premium stainless steelPremium salt and pepper grinder are of stainless steel made, making it hard to rust or be easily scratched. The bottle is glass made. Thereby, flavors are unabsorbable. It can hold ¾ cup of spices. The cover is see-through. With 

Adju stable fine to coarse grind settings in a knob to regulate sizes. It is convenient and straightforward to use. Dust and water are prevented from entering by its stainless steel cover. This grinder comes with a ceramic grinding rotor and rubber gasket 

This weighs around 2.25 pounds with package dimensions 6.18 x 6.06 x 6.02 inches. Safe and easy to use for a perfect experience of cooking. It is fully electrical, no batteries required. A full refund or replacement is guaranteed if customers are not satisfied; quality is what they prioritize. Making it a must-buy option any day. 


  • Ceramic rotor
  • The adjustable grind size system
  • Rubber gasket
  • Glass bottle
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable


  • Glass very fragile

Check Price on Amazon

Kuhn Rikon grinder for salt pepper and spices

kuhn rikon grinderKuhn Rikon weighs 3.2 ounces with product dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches. It can be accommodated from excellent to coarse grinding. It comes with an Ergonomic ratchet handle. BPA was free and easy to fill. Clockwise is for excellent and anti-clockwise is for coarse with just a turn button knob. To grind, you must move back and forth the ratchet handle. Not for a dishwasher but very easy to clean with four different colors available. It has a ceramic stone grinder, which is hard to erode.

Kuhn comes with a 2 -year warranty and provides ultimate customer service. Perfect as a gift. Easy to use, easy to clean, durable makes it a must-buy product any day.


  • Ergonomic
  • BPA free
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Quick results
  • Size adjustment knob


  • Made of plastic

Check Price on Amazon

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What to look for while buying the best spice grinder?

We must be prepared for what we are going into, knowing at least the basics of it is very important. Not just in the case of buying but also for future references or its better performance. Things get a little easy when we know what we are talking about. Some of the things to look while buying a grinder would be.

Motor and Wattage

The motor is what starts the grinder to work; choosing a good power motor is a must. The power of the motor decides the grinder’s efficiency.


If you are looking for a grinder to chop and grind, check on the cups and blades availability first. Most grinders come with 2 cup systems in 2 different kinds of blades specifically for grinding and chopping.

Adjustment for Sizes

If you are a person who prefers not just one type of size, make sure to look for adjustable knobs to make fine or coarse sizes.


Some people prefer glass bottles as it doesn’t absorb the grind to any extent. Go with an option like that to keep the aroma intact.

Splash Proof

It is highly recommended to see it has all the safety measures added on with a tight rim for the cover so that what we put in we get the same amount back, nothing splashes out as a mess.

Cost and Warranty

Make sure you have a planned budget beforehand, expensive doesn’t mean all about being best. Keeping a list of must-have options in a grinder must add on with its warranty period to know what you are dealing with already.

Frequently asked questions 

Q. What would be better, a glass bottle or stainless steel as interior made?

A Glass bottle would be better than a stainless steel interior as it is known to not absorb any flavors, unlike stainless steel, which absorbs some of its flavors along with its aroma. With that in mind, the glass bottle seems decent if you only enjoy the full flavor with a fantastic aroma.

Q. Are two cups systems easy to use daily? 

 Yes, the 2 cup system is easy to use daily, it is not as severe as you are thinking, it is just 2 cups we will exchange in our daily life according to whether we need them for grinding or chopping as both cups will have different numbers of blades. Removing them to place the other is also very easy. Go through the manual. It will be as easy as the alphabets.

Q. How to use a 2 cup system?

 To use the 2 cup system is as simple as using a fork or tablespoon, use what is required at the moment. Cups consist of different blade types one used for grinding another for chopping. Replace them as you wish; they are straightforward to remove and to fit. Reading the user manual could help you a lot.

Q. Do the spice grinder overheat?

Overheating of an appliance is a hazardous thing to be. They are keeping that in mind, grinders come with a system to protect themselves from being overheated. Markets are flooded every day with new updates on technology. Overheat protection is one of them. This helps in prolonging the lifespan of the appliance as well.

Q. Are the spice grinders easy to clean?

Yes, grinders are very easy to clean. Technology is a boon to humans; everything we make is only to ease the labor. Removal cups are straightforward to remove, thereby helping in keeping them clean and tidy. There are grinders available in the market which are compatible with dishwashers too.

Q. Which year grinders were first used? Who invented the first mixer grinder?

Grinders were first used in the year 1908. It resulted in a revolution of kitchen appliances. Herbert Johnson invented the first grinder and gave the world a must-have in the kitchen. We take things for granted now, but they were once very fresh and full of awe.

Q. Do the grinders run on battery?

Grinders can no doubt run on both theoretically, but electricity is preferable. These with a motor system with a specific wattage meaning the power generation, which will ultimately run the grinder. It depends on the motor’s efficiency now, which will decide its speed and performance or quality in general.

Q. Are grinders easy to operate?

Yes, grinders are easy to operate; there are no more switches for multiple work rather simple push and release on the cover as one-button operation. This button can handle the overall working of the grinder. In this way, the whole system remains organized with very few things to be confused about.

Our top pick from the above list of the best spice grinders

With our overall research on this appliance along with feedback and customer reviews 

Quellance coffee and spice grinder, Electric is our top pick from our list of products. The features that make it the most worthy would be:

  • Splash-proof
  • Anti-skid free
  • Shock absorbing
  • Removal cups
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable

Bottom line

the best spice grinderWho doesn’t want a perfect grind with a durable appliance, the above list is only about that. We made sure we have cleared all your doubts and that you are ready to purchase a new one. We give you our assurance; any of the purchases above will rarely disappoint you. They are sincerely scrutinized and researched upon. Go ahead and choose any of the above. We have your back in it.

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The Best Espresso Beans for 2022

A strong espresso doesn’t depend upon a good expresso machine alone. You need to have good beans as well. If you are here to find the top espresso beans for your best coffee maker under $100 that you might want to buy, you are at the right place. So, without further delay, let us get started with our list.

8 Best Espresso Beans



Lavazza, in a pack of 1, weighs 2.2 pounds available as whole beans. It is unique and aromatic. A creamy and mild espresso is always what you will get. It is rated as 4 out of 5 in aroma levels, and best buy if you prefer aroma as point 1. Dry fruits, honey, and almonds make it more velvety. Manufacture in a nut-free center contains only coffee.

It gives a creamy mild espresso roast. Its origin is a mix of Arabica varieties from India, Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia, and Vietnam for Robust, making it a must-have blend any day. Lavazza is over 120 years of amazing Italian work, making it one of the world’s most desired coffees. Combining beans of different regions gives it an altogether different aroma and taste. It is Italy’s favorite coffee.


  • Rated 4 out of 5 in the aroma
  • Touch of honey, almonds
  • Super crema
  • Airtight storage
  • Velvety flavor


  • Complains of rocks
  • Complaints of being not vacuum sealed
  • Complains of being bitter

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Koffee Kult

Koffee Kult

Koffee Kult is 80 ounces or 5 pounds in a pack of 1. It is of balanced acidity, no oil on beans, smooth flavor, and a roast of dark brown color, making it America’s first choice. Flavors of cinnamon, cocoa gives you an altogether unique taste.

It is 100% Arabica coffee with varieties from Sumatra, Brazil, and Colombia. It is processed in Hollywood Florida and gives only smooth velvety dark roasted coffee. It is obsessed to provide you only the best beans from picking it to its delivery. Only the best is expected and delivered by them. This product is sure to increase the level of taste you prefer.


  • Balanced acidity
  • No oil on beans
  • Velvety flavor
  • Super aromatic


  • Complaints of ashtray taste
  • Not dark
  • Complaints of beans delivered dried.

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Verena street

Verena street

Verena street comes with 2 pounds in 1 pack. It guarantees a smooth and sharp taste. Verena will leave you craving for more as of its creamy, velvety taste. It is a value for money package.

Verena supports the sustainable agriculture and well-being of people as it aims to conserve wildlife, waterways, and soil where coffee is grown. American households describe as one of their favorites, and they are fresher and best than anything in the market. It is the best combination of flavor and aroma. It is kosher, certified by the orthodox union.


  • Kosher certified
  • Supports sustainable agriculture.
  • Aromatic
  • Sharp taste


  • Complaints of bad taste
  • Aftertaste of chemical

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Kicking house coffee

Kicking house coffee

Kicking house coffee is certified organic and comes with 2.2 pounds in a pack of 1. It assures a source that is certified and good for both farmer and drinker. It empowers farmers with their profit. It is low in acidity, delicious, and a must-try product.

Its aroma is unique and tastes that will leave a mark. It is smooth and velvety, with dark yet not burned lightly oily beans and no bitterness, American applauds its taste all the time. Its origin is from South America and Central America, Africa, and Indonesia. The thing that makes it more dark, deep, and delicious is that it roasts its beans in the rocky mountains.


  • Organic
  • Lower in acidity
  • Unique aroma


  • Complaints of bitterness
  • Oily

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Eight O’clock Coffee

Eight O’ clock coffee

Eight o’clock comes with 2 pounds in 1 pack. It is well known for its super aroma and velvety smooth, robust taste. It gives dark to mild blends made in the USA since 1859. A unique taste of caramel and chocolate will make you crave it all the time.

No worries of losing freshness as it packed in airtight bags for freshness. Specialty is Kosher, giving you exactly the lifestyle you want to have. It is a value for money product, giving it a try will change your perspective of a good coffee, smooth and mild, not bitter or burnt tasting, only refreshing.


  • Strong aroma
  • Chocolate and caramel flavors
  • Airtight bags sealed
  • Kosher
  • An excellent bittersweet balance


  • Poor concentration
  • Not much flavor
  • Unusual aftertaste

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Illy is here with 9 of the finest Arabica coffees, perfectly balanced with a unique taste. Illy will not only change your taste of coffee but will make you respect it more. It is carefully selected and blended to give you only the best. It comes with unique pressurized packaging.

Sustainability and innovative skills are always updated for the growers to rip the maximum benefit, Which leads to the production of the best quality coffee beans. Its size of the order is 8.8 oz. It is 100% Arabica. Classico, medium roast, is its classic roast coffee.


  • Nine finest source
  • Growers equipped with updated technologies
  • Unique pressurized packaging
  • Enhanced aroma


  • Dented shipment
  • Poor packaging
  • Prices increase

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Fresh roasted coffee LLC

Fresh roasted coffee LLC

Fresh roasted comes with 2 pounds in 1 pack of heavenly taste. It is also best for ice coffee or a classic drip-brew. This bean pack guarantees the best espresso you ever had. Cupping notes makes it more exciting with bittersweet, dense, and red fruits. It is best for people who enjoy traditional Italian roast with perfect dark strong aroma and taste.

All starts with the source; these beans are chosen very minutely with great care and love, the roast body is bold, and the level is dark. There are no preservatives that use only 100% Arabica source with zero additives. Its specialty is kosher.


  • Kosher
  • Best for espresso as well as other types
  • Strong aroma
  • No preservatives used
  • Zero additives


  • No sweet spot
  • Oily beans
  • Sticky beans

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Café Altura

Café Altura

Café Altura’s principles are of sustainability and quality. It roasts weekly to provide you the freshest coffee beans in America. Good taste and aroma are its by-products; a good source is what is essential. Roast varies from French roasts, dark and medium, and comes in 14 varieties. Café Altura is decaffeinated in mountain water processed.

It uses no added chemical, provides only the natural taste of the coffee. This brand can change your definition of the best coffee. These organic whole beans are firm and dark with a unique aroma of 100% Arabica; it is a must-try product any day.


  • Organic
  • Strong aroma
  • No chemicals added
  • Decaffeinated in mountain water processed


  • Dark roast is of medium roast.
  • Weak finish

Check Price on Amazon

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Types of coffee beans

The genus coffee is of 25 notable species, out of which only three go through cultivation for consumption at a commercial level. There are subtypes to it; these types of beans take on different flavors due to harvesting and procession. These are


This is known for its aroma and velvety taste. It is low caffeine. 80% of coffee for consumption in the world from these types of beans. Often grown in higher altitude to give more time to develop its flavors.


This is a low yield type of coffee compared to the other two varieties of Arabica and Robusta. It is primarily grown and processed and consumed in Asia as it suits the climate. It is closer to Arabica in taste than Robusta. It emphasizes more dark earthy flavors.


It is of the most robust taste but contains 2.5 more caffeine than the other types. They are more disease resistant and produce more yield. Robusta is generally grown for companies that sell instant coffees. They sell for a much lesser price.

What to look for when buying coffee beans?


Know the different types of beans available before you purchase just a coffee bean pack. There are common types of bean Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica. Arabica is a robust, soft coffee infused with fruits and berries, whereas Robusta has a harsher and bitter taste.

Blend or single – origin

Single-origin is picked from one region and processed by one method, whereas blends are a combination of various types of beans. Blends would be best for who experiments with coffees as each blend is for something new.

Roast date

The fresh the roast is, the better, prong time can make it bitter and unpleasant. Even if sealed with airtight storage, the flavors will last longer than usual but will soon become flat and sick. Make sure you see the dates before purchasing a pack.


Organic coffees are grown without adding chemicals or pesticides. Organic brands could be more expensive but better in quality. If you have the budget for it, look for certification before buying a product. Natural products are best for a healthy lifestyle.


Make sure you purchase a product according to the budget you have. Expensive doesn’t always signify the best quality. The best brand would be the one that matches your lifestyle. Make sure you make a list of standards you would like to have and buy accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What are the different types of roast?

A. There are three types of roast;

Light roast

Provides a light brown color. Light brown is high in acidity, thereby goes well with milk. Provides delicate aroma

Medium roast

These beans are oily and dry surfaces and dark in color. You can drink it with or without milk.

Dark roast

Less acidic than others, it has a more saturated amount of aroma than others, most famous for espresso.

Q. Difference between blends and single-origin?

A. Blends are a combination of different beans of different places or origin blends providers of altogether different tastes as of its experiments to always present something new. On the other hand, single-origins are picked from one region and processed by one method.

Q. Is coffee naturally foamy?

A. It is not natural; it all comes down to the way of brewing. The coffee foam is called ”crema”. The coffee gives the highest crema in espresso due to its method of preparation. Espresso develops under much pressure, which provides it with more crema.

Q. How do Arabica and robusta differ in taste?

A. Arabica is known to be sharp- tangy to sweet soft. Its unroasted smell is sometimes said to be of blueberries. They have notes of fruits and sugar; on the other hand, robustas are harsh and bitter, making them different from Arabica.

Q. What is the best coffee bean brand?

A. Best differs from person to person, along with the budget. However, according to us, with in-depth checking and reviews from customers, Lavazza is our top pick. The qualities that make it to the top are, rated 4 out of 5 in flavor, comes in a super airtight package, enhanced aroma.

Q. The more the acidity, the worse?

A. Acidity is what decides the flavor of the beans. Different beans have different levels of acidity, thereby different tastes. Generally, there is no limit, but your sensitivity will decide what will not work for you.

Q. How to avoid bitterness?

A. While acidity is a natural thing, bitterness is a result of the brewing. If you extract too much from ground coffee, a conclusion will be a bitter and harsh finish. Bitter taste generally happens when your ground size is too fine or if you over brew it.

Q. Does the roast date matter?

A. yes, The near the roast date, the better to keep its natural aroma and flavor. The longer it stays, it gets flatter. Bitter and unpleasant. With airtight storage, it will last long but ultimately be sick and dull.

Best Espresso Beans on Amazon

Our top pick from our list of products

As per customer ratings and feedback Lavazza is the top pick from our list of products. The qualities that gave it this position are

  • Rated 4 out of 5 in the aroma
  • Touch of honey, almonds
  • Super crema
  • Airtight storage
  • Velvety flavor

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The Best Infrared Grill on the Market

An infrared grill is one of the freshest patterns in outside cooking. An infrared grill is a gas barbecue that utilizes infrared innovation as the heat source or as a discretionary burner. In a regular gas grill, the fire warms the grates straightforwardly.

In an infrared barbecue, there is an infrared component between the beds and the light. The gas warms the infrared element, which at that point transmits extraordinary warmth to the food. Infrared Grills augment flavour, vitality, and accommodation by using a brilliant warmth cooking framework instead of a convection cooking framework found on conventional gas flame grills. We have curated a list of best eight infrared restaurants, let’s check them out.

Our List of the 8 Best Infrared Grills

Philips Indoor BBQ Grill, Avance Collection

philips indoor bbq The Philips indoor electric grill sets up in a minute; hence one can invest more energy in cooking and less on the prep, with an incredible 1660 Watts for cooking with non-slip feet guarantees that your electric grill remains set up in its place. The advanced infrared innovation and uncommon reflectors direct their warmth towards the indoor grill cooking framework for tasty, equally barbecued food. The drip tray underneath stays cool, so there is no smoke. The most tiresome work, which is the cleaning process but with this electric grill tidying up, is possible in under a moment! Either clean the grid off or place it in the dishwasher. The electric grill also guarantees that the food isn’t prepared into its oil and fat is left alone during barbecuing using a voltage of 120 V.


  • Smokeless technology
  • Easy setup
  • Easy cleanup
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts
  • Easy to use


  • Plastic made
  • Less durable

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Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Gas Grill

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 PortableThe Char-Broil Grill2Go x200 is for the convenience of quick grilling. This model is ideal for closely following, outdoors, or the seashore. This portable powerhouse wouldn’t fret getting hurled around; its uneven development and locking cover are to endure the experience.

It can be an on-the-go tool for any outing experience because of its cast aluminum firebox which top with double tempered steel hooks and temp measure. The portable grill weighs less than 20 pounds, yet don’t let the size make a fool of you as it is in-built with a space of 200 square crawls of cooking surface. Implicit, press button start requires no batteries to touch off a 9,500 BTU burner powered by a little and effectively compact 16.4 oz. Expendable LP chamber, while the no erupt TRU-Infrared cooking framework cooks even in the coldest atmospheres.


  • Roadworthy and easy to travel
  • Easy to clean
  • Even cooking


  • Heats up too quickly
  • Defective rods and grills

Check Price on Amazon

Char-Broil 463370719 Gas Grill

Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-BurnerThe Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared Stainless Steel 3-burner Gas Grill is anything but difficult to utilize and adaptable in configuration, letting you appreciate equitably prepared food each time you grill. With 450-square-crawls of essential cooking space and outfitted with TRU-Infrared cooking innovation, it is easy to use and make meals for a gathering. It is preventive of flare-ups and cooks delicious juicy food. It also is equipped with a cover-mounted temperature measure so one can undoubtedly screen within the temperature of the grill and the two wheels add for expanded portability. This 3-Burner gas grill highlights hardened stainless steel development with an advanced and smooth look.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for a size
  • Looks great
  • Portability


  • Difficult to clean
  • Occasional flare-ups
  • Grills clog easily

Check Price on Amazon

George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

george foreman electric grillThe George Foreman Indoor/outdoor electric flame has space for more than 15 servings of heavenly meats, veggies, pastries, kabobs and that’s just the beginning! It’s right in the name, and one can utilize this grill directly outside as you can inside.

The grill is made of conceivable by the removable barbecue stand that is strong on the yard, and you can take out for countertop grilling. Also, include the removable grill plate and the licensed fat-evacuating incline, and you can make huge, delectable portions of everybody’s top picks with simple cleanup, for sure. Another exciting feature is that the nonstick coating and there’s a ton to adore about this nonstick covering. The adjustable temperature control lets you browse five warmth settings to get the best outcomes on any sort of food.


  • Apartment approved
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable stand


  • The cord is not long enough.

Check Price on Amazon

Char-Broil Performance 300 2 Gas Grill

Char-Broil 463673519 Performance Series 2-Burner The Char-Broil Performance 300 is a 2-burner bureau gas grill that conveys 24,000 BTU’s of warmth over the 300 square inches of cooking surface. The cooking surface estimates 15.9-inches wide by 18.5-inches down, and includes porcelain-covered cast iron meshes, which are rustproof, helps keep food from adhering, and are anything but difficult to clean.

Within, two tempered steel top-ported burners are robust and convey solid cooking execution. The model also highlights an electronic start framework for quick and reliable new businesses with the press of a catch and two metal side racks for included workspace which can likewise overlay down when not required or for putting away. The Performance 300 sits on four casters-two, which offers easy mobility and the capacity to keep in set up.


  • Cabinets and casters
  • Removable grease pan
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Inbuilt defect

Check Price on Amazon

Solaire SOL-EV17A Gas Grill

Solaire SOL-EV17A Everywhere Portable Infrared Propane The Solaire is the perfect go-to for any kind of outdoor gathering, be it picnics or campings, balconies, or even the backyards. Wherever one needs incredible tasting, delicious grilled food, this USA-made movable grill includes the Solaire infrared burner, which warms up in only three minutes to singing hot temperatures that lock in the juices of the deliciously cooked food. It additionally has the Solaire V-grind, which improves flavour and wipes out flare-ups.

The just gathering is to append the handles (6 jolts) and the four customizable feet, in any case, this wholly welded all-type 304 tempered steel grill is the on-the-go for usage instantly, with 140 sq inches area of grilling. Rapidly warms up in only three minutes to singing hot temperatures that give you the extraordinary kind of a seriously hot charcoal fire with the control, accommodation and consistency of gas.


  • Heats up fast
  • Cooks fast
  • Made in the USA


  • Difficult to clean
  • Defaults in the design

Check Price on Amazon

Char-Broil 20602107 Electric Grill

Char-Broil 20602107 Patio Bistro TRU-Infrared This Char-Broil is an excellent electric grilling for comfort without the issue of gas or charcoal during use and keeps the process entirely hassle-free. With TRU-Infrared cooking innovation which forestalls flare-ups, the model designed to convey even warmth and prepares juicier and tastier food. It also is an incorporated control handle to change temperatures without any problem.

The sturdy porcelain-covered grate is rustproof and simple to clean, which makes the model very durable. Incorporated control handle permits the client to modify temperatures effectively. The front handle takes into consideration simple mobility and serves as an apparatus and towel rack. With a detachable heating rack for circuitous preparing or to keep the food warm, this model is a perfect choice with an area of 320-square-inches of all-out cooking space staring everything from steak to even vegetables.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Long durability
  • Spacious


  • Takes a long to heat up

Check Price on Amazon

Char-Broil 17602047 Infrared Electric Grill

The Char-Broil Patio Bistro 240 Electric Grill is the ideal grill for the individuals who don’t wish to utilize charcoal or gas fuel and is perfect for lofts, apartment suites, galleries, and yards. Activity is essential simply plug it into any standard 120-volt outlet and get barbecuing. The Patio Bistro highlights Char-Broil TRU-InfraRed innovation, for even and succulent grilling with low flare-ups and functional outcomes.

Additionally includes a 240 square inch essential cooking surface over porcelain-covered grates which are rust proof and simple to spotless and an 80 square inch warming rack, perfect for sides. The Patio Bistro works extraordinary for cooking everything from steak to vegetables. The grilling temperature, meanwhile, is balanced utilizing a stove style control handle. Two side racks offer adequate prep and extra room and effectively overlay down for capacity when not being used. Also, when the barbecuing is done, highlights two huge wheels for simple mobility.


  • Folding side shelves
  • Mobility
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heats up quickly


  • Not easy to clean

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What to look for while buying the best infrared grill?

Extending your open-air cooking menu will be more straightforward now that you’re en route to infrared grilling. Before you make your Pick, however, you’ll have to have a couple of particulars as a primary concern, to guarantee you’re making an insightful investment. Hence, these are some key points that you need to keep in mind –

Easy to Clean

You will have to become familiar with a couple of new procedures to get the best outcomes out of your grill. For some, this may appear to be agony; however, for many others, it would mean learning new tips and deceives and placing them without hesitation. The maintenance of the infrared grill implies that one will have to learn the techniques of how to assemble the rack and how much time and effort takes. Moreover, one will have to familiarize themselves to the process of cleaning. And also make sure that food particles don’t stick to the grates. Therefore, during the purchase, you should look for the cleaning and maintenance guide. Also, you should make sure that it will make it possible on your end because different models have diverse designs and in-built ways of cleaning so it should be clear that the cleaning process is hassle-free.


When purchasing an infrared grill, one should have an idea about the durability of the product. Since not every infrared barbecue are equivalent, some will last longer than others. To get the most significant profits for your buck, you need to ensure you’re picking an excellent barbecue that you can consistently use for a considerable length of time to come. As it is an investment of a sort, it should be a high-quality grill as per our recommendation.


BTU and the heat flux are pointers of warmth yield. BTU represents warm British unit. Despite the name, it’s a standard proportion of warmth yield in the United States of America. As a rule, the higher the BTU of a barbecue, the more sizzling it can get. But, while buying one should consider the fact that this will also mean gas consumption will be higher and thus the choice should be accordingly. Infrared grill burners will prepare your food extraordinarily quick. On the off chance that you usually make steaks for enormous gatherings, at that point maybe the speed at which you can produce reliably extraordinary food will be a selling point for you.


Infrared grills have a few distinct sizes, generally subject to the item’s surface zone. Regardless of whether you’re normally serving the family, a couple of companions, or a more significant gathering, this is a central point to take into consideration when you settle on your decision. Before you purchase, consider what number of you are probably going to serve for, and buy a barbecue with a cooking surface zone that can take into account your necessities.


There are a lot of people who love barbecuing on road trips and another kind of adventurous go-to sites. Therefore, where you store your grill at home and how regularly you’ll have to move it between places is a significant factor to consider. Contingent upon your utilization, way of life, and the space you have free, you could organize an increasingly reduced, compact model.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is infrared grill better than a gas grill?

Gas and charcoal flame grill cook fundamentally however convection. As the air in the barbecue is continuously warmed by the consuming charcoal or the gas fire, the ongoing process leads to this steady and constant flow of air which likewise dries the food out. But, an infrared grill, rather than depending on hot air to move the warmth towards the food, utilizes an electric or gas component to warm a durable surface, which at that point emanates, or transmits, far infrared waves straightforwardly into the food. In the process, less air and in this way, the food holds more moisture during cooking. Hence, the infrared grill preferred over a gas grill.

Q. Why does the infrared grill smoke?

A great deal of the first run through smoking is brought about by the manufacturing residue or the assembling buildup (this isn’t harmful in any capacity). Concerning the flare-ups when you are grilling, the burner need not be turned too high yet somewhat balanced for whatever you are barbecuing. An incidental flare-up is quite reasonable.

Q. Is infrared grill safe?

Even though infrared cooking is protected, avoid potential risk and take the necessary precautions. Try not to utilize your infrared flame grill if the pivot, seal or hook is harmed. Use alert when cooking with infrared because of the high warmth created. Also, infrared grills in the given capacity can’t change or damage DNA. Therefore it is safe for use.

Q. Is infrared grill an ideal option for grilling?

Given the convection cooking, the air warmed around the food, and a significant part of the moisture can disperse. Infrared energy cooks the food itself by rapidly vibrating the atoms inside the menu, this takes into account a more substantial amount of the dampness to be held inside the food. Therefore the taste of the food remains fresh, and one can devour it in its best-cooked version.

Q. How to clean an infrared grill?

The model of each infrared grill comes with a module which helps one understand the techniques of cleaning an infrared grill. There are many videos online as well as explaining the process of cleaning the infrared grill. And it is suggested that an infrared grill be cleaned entirely twice per year. However, a few people like to do so more regularly, up to each time they use it.

Q. Do infrared grills require a lot of maintenance?

The essential maintenance that an infrared grill requires is that in any event two times every year, an infrared grill ought to be examined for wear, giving close consideration to any harm to the warming component, the infrared plate and also the grate. Worn parts ought to be replaced before utilizing and can generally be requested straightforwardly from the manufacturer. And the cleaning as per the usage, that is all it requires.

Q. Where to place an infrared grill?

Given the fact that there are several infrared grills which have the advantage of being portable, depending on the model one should place the product. Although it should be kept out of the reach of children as there is a possibility that sharp hinges and the grills can cause harm to children. Also, as per convenience and the availability of space, an infrared grill should be placed.

Q. Does infrared grill cause cancer?

Charring and burning can make way to disease-causing substances, which happens rapidly at temperatures over a specific point. When cooking on infrared, it’s imperative to watch out for the food cooked. Since your cooking time decreased, you can burn meats rapidly. Burnt food consistently presents a cancer risk that should stay away from no matter what.

Q. Is it difficult to clean an infrared grill?

Cleaning of the grill entirely depends on the model as some models are designed flexibly with the comfort of cleaning while there are many other models which make the cleaning process a tiresome one. You should give a real to the manual to get a better understanding, and also there are ample numbers of videos available online, so you can have a look at them to have a better knowledge about the same.

Q. Is it safe to keep and use an infrared grill inside the house?

It is essential for one to be very cautious while using any grill, be it electric or non- electric. As there are accidental flare-ups which may result in some way cause trouble; hence it is advisable to use the restaurant outdoors. So that there is no damage or harm induced by the same, but it is very subjective to one’s needs and can vary according to one’s choice.

Our top Pick from the above list of Best Infrared Grill

To get a hand on the best, especially when one filled with so many choices can be a difficult task, so we have made it easier for you by picking out our favourite. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill is our Pick, and we have this choice because given the cost of the product it has a high capacity and is also portable. It is highly recommended and has been approved by users because it is easy to assemble and even easy to clean. Hence, we think that this product will not be a disappointment given the fact that it can be placed in small spaces as well.

Bottom Line

the best infrared grillInfrared is better than regular gas or charcoal grilling, giving even more regardless, barbecuing to better-tasting food. Contrasted with customary gas or charcoal barbecues, your food will prepare 30% quicker. It will hold up to 35% its very own more enormous amount of regular juices, which creates staggeringly delicate and delicious outcomes. The infrared burners give even warmth dispersion over the grill, lessening the hot and cold spots found on traditional gas or charcoal barbecues.
Very few individuals own one, yet infrared flame broils are beginning to pick up in fame with regards to outdoor cooking. So for those who love to cook outside, the ones who look for ideal covering to our steaks or burgers, infrared grills can’t be beaten. Utilizing most of this, thus recent innovation, these barbecues cook your food at serious, uniform warmth. One will undoubtedly anticipate mouth-watering, grilled dinners.

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