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Darius McCrary – Biography, Net Worth and Career

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Darius McCrary is an American actor, rapper, singer, and producer. He is best known for his role as Eddie Winslow on the television series Family Matters, which aired on ABC and CBS from 1989 to 1998. Aside from his music career, McCrary is a well-known face in the media, having appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. The following is a brief biography of McCrary.

Before becoming an actor and producer, Darius McCrary began working as an on-screen comedian. He appeared in television shows and films, including “Big Shots” and the T.V. drama “Amen.” Though he had a strong base of acting experience from his early roles, he struggled to find a major role. Eventually, he landed a small role in several T.V. shows, including ‘Seinfeld’.

McCrary started his career on television in 1987. His first starring roles were in the comedy-adventure film Big Shots. Later, he was cast in the crime thriller Mississippi Burning, for which he won several awards, including the British Academy Film Awards and the Political Film Society Award. In addition to these, McCrary has starred in several movies, including the Christian drama Something to Sing About, and has appeared in films such as Kingdom Come, 15 Minutes, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Darius McCrary is an American actor, singer, and producer. He has been a part of many hit television shows and films. His father, Michael McCrary, founded FathersCare, a non-profit organization that offers practical help and acts as a legal network for fathers and children. CGEM Talent and his mother’s agency are his reps. He has a net worth of $17 million as of 2021.

As of December 2009, McCrary has been married to Juliette Vann, Karrine Steffans, and Tammy Brawner. The two women are parents of three. He has been married three times, and is the father of two children. At age 45, he is an actor, musician, and producer. In the 1970s, he was a child star, but now he is a successful television actor.

McCrary has appeared in several television shows and films. His first film, “Big Shots”, starred Shemar Moore, who played the character of Malcolm Winters, a gas station clerk. His role on Family Matters was played by Shemar Moore. He left the show in October 2011 to pursue a solo career. Afterwards, he appeared in an episode of I Get That A Lot on CBS. He was mistaken for Paris Hilton in the episode of the television show.

Darius McCrary’s parents are renowned gospel and jazz musicians. His father, Howard, is also an actor. He was born in Los Angeles, California, and is an American citizen. After a few years of studying at a college in Chicago, he moved to New York and joined the family. His mother is a former musician, and his father, a successful entertainer, is also a producer.

The Work of Darius McCrary

His work has been lauded for its innovative quality, as he has adapted many classic works to the screen. His renowned television shows include Family Matters, Freedom, and The Young and the Restless. His recent appearances in film include the role of James Brown in BET’s American Soul. He is also an executive producer of the UMC web series Monogamy, and he is a series regular in the show.

The work of Darius McCrary is not limited to film. He has also produced his own music and is an active activist for minority and African-American rights. His short films, interviews, and skits have made him one of the most sought-after talents in Hollywood. His latest project, “Darius,” is dedicated to the arts. He is committed to promoting excellence in all areas of his life and has a passion for bringing together diverse voices.

Darius McCrary began his career as an actor as a child, starring in “Big Shots” and appearing in numerous episodic TV shows. In 1988, he got his big break on Family Matters, and appeared in several episodes as a guest. In 1998, he starred in a short film called Freedom, and in the HBO series Don King: Only in America, he played the lead role of Bowie James.

Despite the numerous roles he has landed on television, Darius McCrary is best known for his appearance as Eddie Winslow on the hit ‘Family Matters’. He appeared in all seasons, and was later awarded a coveted role on the series. His net worth is estimated at $100k, but he prefers to live a modest life. A brief biography of McCrary’s career can be found here.

The work of Darius McCrary is extensive. The actor has appeared in many movies and TV series. He played Eddie Winslow on “American Soul” and in Lee Daniels’ “Star on Fox.” He has also starred as Otis Leecan in the 2007 remake of Transformers. Moreover, he is also an accomplished singer. His success in the acting industry is reflected in his efforts to stay humble.

His talent for acting is widely recognized. His performances in ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Fathers Care’ have won him awards in the past. His many roles in movies and TV shows are impressive, but his love for music and family is the most important part of his life. His dedication to his work has made him a devoted father. He also founded a non-profit organization that brings together many talented talents.

Darius McCrary started his career as a child actor. His best known role was as Eddie Winslow on the soap opera “Family Matters” from 1989 to 1998. His work also includes a wide range of other TV shows and movies. He co-produced the movies ‘Church’ and ‘Steppin’: The Maintenance Man. The work of Darius McCrary has been immensely successful in film, television, and stage.

The Net Worth of Darius McCrary

After his role in the hit television series Family Matters, Darius McCrary has gained fame for his starring role as Eddie Winslow. He has since ventured into other industries, including music. His songs have appeared on Apple Music and Spotify, and his music has been featured on his All About U album. However, his net worth is still unknown.

According to sources, Darius McCrary has a net worth of $17 million as of 2021. His father had a net wealth of $3 million. His multiple careers have also given him a huge amount of money, including acting. In 2012, he went broke and moved in with his family. His networth has risen and fallen over the years. As of March 2012, he was owed $16 million by the IRS.

Although McCrary has been an award-winning actor and singer, his financial health has been questionable at times. He was broke and owed money to investors. After he quit acting, he moved in with his parents. Despite his high-profile career, he has a poor financial history. In 2012, he had a net worth of $16 million. Despite these personal problems, he continues to work in his chosen field, resulting in a healthy net worth.

Originally from Walnut, California, Darius McCrary’s net worth is estimated at $50 thousand. Despite his varied career, the actor’s philanthropy has kept his family and friends very happy. His networth is growing, and his net worth is set to increase in the years to come. But before that, he had to struggle to make ends meet. Thankfully, he was able to land a big-time role in Family Matters.

Currently, Darius McCrary is in a state of bankruptcy. He owes the IRS around $90,000, and has been virtually bankrupt for several years. Despite his plight, his net worth has been steadily increasing over the past several years. In fact, his networth has more than doubled since he got back on his feet. The rapper’s debt has reached its lowest point ever, and he has been trying to pay it off.

Although his father has always encouraged him to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, his father has supported his efforts by encouraging him to pursue his passion for acting. The actor is also the father of three-year-old daughter, Zoey Zanai. As of 2021, Darius McCrary has a net worth of approximately $17 million. You can check out the details of his wealth by clicking on the links below

The actor Darius McCrary’s net worth is around $8.5 million. He has achieved great success in four different fields, including acting, singing, and producing. Moreover, he is an inspiration to young people in his hometown of Los Angeles. This has made him a highly sought-after personality in Hollywood. With a net wealth of more than $100 million, Darius McCrary has earned great success in his career.


4 Best Music Videos with Strong Gaming Themes

This Ain’t Love – Antigoni

A little while back, Antigoni dropped a wonderful video for her song, This Ain’t Love, which drew acclaim.

The video offered a glimpse into her past, and used poker, among other things, to deliver a message that made for an adrenaline-packed and alternative reflection on the traditional love song themes.

Poker, dice and cards have often been used in music videos, either in a very literal sense or as a vehicle for a deeper, more complex meaning. Some tracks use similes within the lyrics to convey their message, such as The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, but have visuals that merely complement the message in the song. As music videos have developed, they’ve been used as separate entities at times –– powerful and passionate with a message that isn’t hidden within the lyrics.

Poker and casino games are often used to move the plot along in music videos, sometimes by artists who have dared to be different or trendsetters now regarded as daring, inspirational or influential. We’ve pulled together three such videos, all with different levels and meanings being served to the viewer.

You’re Makin’ Me High – Toni Braxton

Braxton has sold over 70 million records worldwide, including 41 million albums, and is one of history’s highest-selling female R&B artists. In 1996, she dropped You’re Makin Me High, which became her first U.S. number one and reached number seven on the UK charts. Already, Braxton had a reach within the industry, allowing her to make bold statements, and her use of cards in this video reflected the way women were often judged on looks alone at the time. She flips that on its head, using playing cards to rate the men, holding up a mirror to the culture of the day.

Out Of Touch – Uniting Nations

Out of Touch, a cover of a song by Hall and Oates, has a similar theme. Doubtless, when it first dropped, it was intended to draw viewers in with some cheap exploitation of the models in the video, but as it draws on, it becomes obvious there is a hidden meaning, albeit a deep one. As the titillated viewers await the conclusion of the poker game and its seemingly inevitable misogynistic end, they’re shocked. The male player, seemingly the strongest of the group, clearly hasn’t studied his poker hand rankings, as he’s the one that loses the game. It is tawdry at times and hasn’t aged particularly well, but there is a message there for those willing to look hard enough.

Waking Up in Vegas – Katy Perry

Sickly saccharine-laded bubblegum pop seems to cover Katy Perry’s music and videos adequately. Still, there is a great message about luck despite the lack of originality in this pop hit. The song is deeply soaked in Vegas-themed imagery, bright lights, dice, and cards. The couple in the video has gotten married, and they’re having a bit of luck, but that changes towards the end of the video when they’re seen losing everything and even picking up food from a tray outside of a hotel room. The final scene sees them putting their last coins into a laundromat slot machine and winning, proving that no matter how bad your luck is, there’s always hope around the corner. This might not quite be one of the top pop songs we’ve ever heard, but this message, at least, shows through!


10 Best Rock Songs of All Time


Music is fun, music is heart and soul. And when it comes to Rock music, it has been popular around the globe since the 50s. From Elvis Presley to Ozzy Osbourne, rock music has kept us amused over the decades. Here is a list of best Rock songs of all time.

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Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd

This English Rock Song by Pink Floyd first appeared on their album “The Wall” in 1979. This is The Band’s one of the most famous songs and it has been listed as the number 314th on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All the Time in 2004.Then again in 2011, this song was ranked number 5th in the BBC Radio 4’s listeners’ Desert Island Disk choices. The song is based on an alienated Rock Star “Pink” and compares his memories of “Pink” being ill as a child with his numbness towards it in the adulthood.

Rock You like a Hurricane – Scorpions

This Hard Rock song by the German Rock Band Scorpions was released in 1984 in their album “Love at First Sting”. Written by Klaus Meine and Herman Rarebell and composed by Rudolf Schenker, this Rock song has managed to be on number 31 on VH1’s list of 40 greatest hard rock songs of all the time in 2006. Then in 2010, VH1 again named this song the 18th greatest hard rock songs of all the time. Well, the song certainly make us rock like a hurricane. Doesn’t it?

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple

In 1973 the English Rock Band Deep Purple released their song Smoke on the water in their album “Machine Head”. This song’s lyrics is based on a true event happened to the members of the band in 1971, December 4th. However, the song has been ranked as number 434 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest songs of all the time in 2004. In 2005, it was named as number 4th in Total Guitar magazine’s Greatest Guitar Riffs ever. ranked it number 5 on the list of Top 10 Guitar Riftfs of all the time.

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Free Bird is actually a power ballad by the American Rock Band Lynyrd Skynyrd released in November 1974. It is quite a popular song by the band and it is often used as the finale song by Lynyrd Skynyrd during their live performances. Just after its release, the song ranked as No. 84 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also became the Band’s second Top 40 hit in the early 1975 at No. 19.

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

In the album “Physical Graffiti”, the English Rock Band “Led Zeppelin” released their hard rock song Kashmir in the year 1975. Written by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant with the collaboration of John Bonham, the idea of the song actually came from their journey through the area called “the waste land” of Southern Morocco. It has become a concert staple and it is regarded as the band’s overtly progressive epic.

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

It is a song by the British Rock Band Queen released in 1975 in their studio album “A Night at the Opera.” Though it was the most expensive single rock song at the time of its release, it became a commercial success and stayed at No. 1 at the UK Singles Chart for 9 weeks. By the end of January 1976, more than 1 million copies were sold for this single. At the time of “Bohemian Rhapsody’s re-release in 1995, it again managed to hold the No. 1 rank in the UK Singles Chart for another 5 weeks. However, it is indeed Queen’s most popular songs all the time.

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

In 1987, the American Rock Band Guns N’ Roses released the heavy metal song “Welcome to the Jungle” on their debut studio album Appetite for Destruction. In 1987, it reached No. 7 in the US Billboard Hot 100 and No. 24 on UK Singles Chart. The song was written by Axl Rose, while Rose was visiting a friend in Seattle.

Walk This Way – Aerosmith

This hard rock song by Aerosmith was released in August 28, 1975 and re-released in November 5, 1976. It was written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. In early 1977 and was ranked at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, it is listed as one of the songs by Aerosmith which helped him to get a break to the mainstream in 1970s.

I wanna Rock – Twisted Sister

Written and composed by Dee Snider and performed by his band Twisted Sister, I wanna Rock is Heavy Metal song released in 1984 in their album “Stay Hungry”. In 2009, VH1 named this song the 17th VH1 Greatest Hard Rock Song of all the time.

Stairways to Heaven – Led Zeppelin

This Hard Rock song, “Stairways to Heaven” by the English Rock Band has always been one of the favourites of all the times. It was released in 1971, 8 November. Without our surprise, it has often been referred to as one of the greatest Rock songs of all the time. In the year 2000, it was ranked as the No. 3 by VH1 on the list of VH1 Greatest Rock Songs. And in the same year, Rolling Stone magazine named this song as the 31st on their list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”. However, in 2007 “Stairways to Heaven” hit No. 37 on the UK Singles Chart.

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Well it doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore Rock Music lover or not. But this list definitely consists of some of the great rock songs of all the time. In my words, Rock without Love and Love without Rock is nothing.


Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under 200 Dollars

Noise can destroy anyone’s peace of mind. Noise cancellation headphones are popular for a reason these days. Believe it or not, it is a worthwhile investment. You may be in the busiest place or even a library where people gossip. Just put on a nice pair of your noise-cancelling headphones, and you will be ready with a quiet space of your own. These headphones will make sure your work is done. Thereby, we are here with our list of 9 Best headphones under $200 to make your task a little easier to get one.

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones under 200 Dollars

Sennheiser Consumer Audio

Sennheiser Consumer Audio

Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC is a satisfaction to the ears. No matter what you listen to, its dynamic bass will elevate you. The sound is powerful and well balanced. It is a wireless device with an aptx codex. Thereby you will get all the freedom for all other activities. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0. These active noise-cancelling headphones will make it possible for you to remove all the unwanted noise, whether in a street, airport, or train.

You will get trouble-free Bluetooth networks by using near field communication with any fitting smart devices. The controls to it are as in-ear cups. Changing songs, adjusting the volume, or receiving calls is very easy. You will get a working battery life of 19 hours, and while switching off life is 25 hours. Passive listening can also be done if you have a low battery. It is a comfortable and portable device. Its product dimensions are 7.08 x 3.94 x 10.25 inches and weigh 7.8 ounces.


  • Wireless
  • High-quality sound
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Instant pairing
  • Easy controls
  • High battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Portable


  • Problems with larger heads
  • Ear cups warm up fast
  • No hard case included

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Sony WHCH710N

Sony WHCH710N

Sony WHCH710N product dimensions are 7.84 x 2.09 x 9.02 inches and weigh around 14.4 ounces. With this you will listen only to your music, the world’s noise will turn down. Sony comes with a long-lasting 35 hours of battery life. Effective Bluetooth connectivity in one touch with near field communication. This wireless headphone not just works efficiently, looks elegant too.

The package will include a headphone cable and USB Type-C cable. The design is excellent for portability and comfort with its metal sliders. This pair of headphones will work according to the environment you are in, cancelling noise accordingly. The controls are easy to receive calls or adjust volumes. It comes with a dual noise sensor.


  • Dual noise sensor
  • Wireless
  • Comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Good Bluetooth connectivity
  • Swivel design
  • Easy controls
  • Elegant looking


  • Problems with noise cancellation
  • Complaints about the construction

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Sony WHXB900N

Sony WHXB900N

Sony WHXB900N package dimensions are 9.5 x 7.86 x 3.5 inches and weigh 9 ounces. It can cancel noise actively, and the sounds are sharp and powerful. Battery life is long-lasting with a 30-hour capacity. 60 minutes of use is possible with just 10 minutes of charging. The design is stylish, looking, and comfortable all day. The extra bass makes it more satisfying to listen. Alexa or Google Assistant is compatible, thereby, more comfortable in handling.

The quality of phone calls is clear due to an additional microphone, eliminating other noises. Touch screen sensors dials to adjust volumes, manage calls makes it user friendly. High connectivity with LDAC and NFC plus and easy to connect to your smart devices. By using the app, you can optimize your settings better.


  • Rapid charging
  • High battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Easy controls
  • Voice assistant
  • Extra bass
  • Durable


  • Sides not padded
  • Complaints about the construction
  • No multi-device pairing
  • Heats up

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Philips Audio PH805

Philips Audio PH805

The package dimensions are 10.79 x 9.45 x 3.07 inches and weigh 1.65 pounds. Philips Audio PH805 assures the best quality of music. The sounds will be a joy to your ears. It’s system picks up all the unnecessary sounds and eliminates them. The battery life is high of 30 hours of talk time or playtime, 25 minutes if ANC is on. It is + Hi-res Audio certified. The drivers are of neodymium acoustics. The bass is strong and powerful.

The controls are smooth, adjust your volumes, and manage your calls just by a touch. There is an inbuilt-mic with features as eco-cancellation for more clearer calling. The design is so made to make it easy to carry around. Philip is foldable; making it easy for storage. Managing it becomes more comfortable with voice assistance. Charging is fast, in just 15 minutes, you will get playback of 6 hours.


  • High battery life
  • Rapid charge
  • Echo-cancellation
  • Swivel design
  • Touch controls
  • Inbuilt voice assistance
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Hi-Res certified


  • Heats up quickly
  • Complaints about the touchpads
  • Problems with the stability of the sliders

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JBL 650BTNC comes with strong 40mm drivers. The quality of sound is superior with extra bass. This noise cancellation headphone eliminates every background noise. The design is looked after to give you comfort. It is lightweight, thereby easy to carry around. Rapid charging can be done 2 hours with a long-lasting battery for 30 hours, 20 hours with ANC, and BT.

The controls on the ear cups are easy to manage for volume or phone calls. An inbuilt voice assistant is another great feature. You can optimize your headphones better with the JBL app. This active noise-cancelling headphone is a must-buy product any day, and its product dimensions are 8.07 x 3.15 x 8.78 inches and weigh 9.1 ounces.


  • Rapid charging
  • Longer battery life
  • Comfortable
  • Voice assistants
  • Lightweight
  • Easy controls
  • Enhanced bass
  • High sound quality


  • No battery indicator
  • Turns off while charging
  • Complains about the construction

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Cowin SE7

Cowin SE7

Cowin SE7 comes with royal gold color. These noise-cancelling headphones can eliminate sound no matter where you are, in a noisy street or airport. The quality of sound is superior. The vocals are clear, and the bass is enhanced with precision. The battery life is 30 hours, making your travel trouble-free. Cowin is lightweight, thereby easy to carry around. Comfort is a priority with its ear cushions.

Cowin is foldable for better storage. The inbuilt microphone is of superior quality and comes with a Bluetooth of 5.0. The controls are located on the headphones making it easy to manage calls and adjust volumes. The modern microphone system offers clear calls even in bad weather, while advanced side stones make your voice better on the other side too. Its product dimensions are 7.48 x 7.48 x 2.95 inches and weigh 9.5 ounces.


  • Longer battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Foldable
  • Easy controls
  • Clearer calls
  • Durable
  • Stylish


  • Bulky
  • Complains of smell
  • Complaints about the mic

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Skullcandy comes in black color. The sound is of high quality with extra bass that gives robust and punchy music. Sony has come with advance-level of noise cancellation. This wireless headphone has a battery life of 24 hours, and rapid charging of 10 minutes can give you 120 minutes of playback. The Bluetooth and microphone work very well to provide you with hands-free calling. The design is stylish, and comfort is taken care of. The inbuilt tile tracker makes it possible never to lose your headphones.

Inbuilt Google assistant and Alexa will help you better manage your calls and adjustments of volumes. The controls are easy to operate. Its product dimensions are 2.5 x 10.2 x 8.2 inches and weigh around 15.3 ounces.


  • High battery life
  • Rapid charging
  • Comfortable
  • Alexa, Google assistant
  • Extra-bass
  • Touchpad controls
  • Stylish
  • Tile tracker
  • Easy controls
  • Durable


  • Complains about the construction
  • Complains about the sound

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Jabra comes in 4 colors, navy, copper black, gold beige, and titanium black. Jabra works on smart cancellation of noise. It adapts according to the environment and increases and decreases accordingly. Inbuilt Alexa and Google Assistant will help your task more comfortable in calling or adjusting the volumes. It is a certified rain-resistant headphone. The box includes a carry case, USB-c cable, flight adaptor, audio cable, and headset.

Battery life is 36 hours; it is best to accompany you in your travels. Charge for 15 minutes, enjoy playback of 5 hours. You can optimize your headphone better by connecting it with its Jabra app. Jabra uses 6 of the 8inbuilt microphones for better-calling quality. Its package dimensions are 9 x 7.9 x 3 inches and weigh around2 pounds.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Easy controls
  • Smartsound tech
  • Voice assistant
  • Rain-resistant
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Superior sound


  • No ANC during calls
  • Problems with the app
  • Smartsound requires location

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Tao Tronics

Tao Tronics

Tao Tronics comes in black color. Block any sound around you with Tao Tronics 3 noise cancellations modes. The battery life for 30 hours, charge it for 5 minutes, and it will be ready for 2 hours of playtime. The headphone is adjustable, and the axis is rotatable. Memory foam pads make it comfortable for a long journey. Tao Tronics has 3 ANC modes and supports aptX audio coding.

These noise-cancelling headphones come with foldable and rotatable ear cups that can be stored and carried around easily. The driver is dual 40 mm, and with its Hi-Fi audio, sound quality is of high standards. Your callings will be of superior quality no matter what weather is with these headphones. Its product dimensions are 2.72 x 3.35 x 3.11 inches and weigh 10.1 ounces.


  • 3 noise cancellation modes
  • Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • High battery life
  • Rapid charging
  • Noise cancellation mic
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy controls


  • With full volume bass gets distorted
  • No battery indication
  • Complains about the material

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5 Reasons to buy a noise-cancelling headphone

Gets your work done

Noise can be a big distraction. Noise-cancelling headphones can provide you a personal space to give focus on the task at hand. It does cost a little, but the investment will be valuable for your peace of mind in this noisy world.

Helps in concentrating on ourselves

We visit parks to connect with nature and have a discussion with ourselves amid nature. But noise is unstoppable, the only way to have an in-depth talk with ourselves is by using noise-cancelling headphones. Listening to the right track among fresh breeze can boost anyone.

Clear phone calls

Noise-cancelling headphones come with advanced technology that eliminates all the background noise and helps in clear calling. No matter what the weather is, you will hear a clear voice. Some are even water-resistant, making it a better option for calls.

Voice assistance

Wireless noise-cancelling headphones that are hassle-free to take calls or listen to music. Voice assistance can help you manage your task more efficiently. Command it directly for the audiobook or listen to a podcast comfortably.

Better sleep

Many of us live near something noisy. Some of us may develop problems in sleeping patterns due to this. Listening to some soothing music or a book before sleeping can be helpful, says research. Noise-cancelling headphones will simply remove all the noise, and you will sleep better.

Best music experience

Noise-cancelling headphones are equipped with superior sound systems. The extra bass makes music sharp and punchy. If you are a person who enjoys different genres of music, noise-cancelling headphones are for you. It provides an environment which concentrates more on the content while removing 90% of the background noise.

What to look for when buying noise-cancelling headphones?

Wired or wireless

Wireless is more expensive than wired. The only functional difference will be the wire others are just the same. So, go according to your budget. Wireless will be more comfortable to move around and do your other activities. While in the case of wired headphones, you will be connected to your phone all the time, which can sometimes be a disturbance.

Battery life

The longer the battery life is, the better. It will be a significant factor if you travel regularly. Along with longer battery life, the facility of rapid charging is also necessary to use its best. Some headphones allow you to listen with noise-cancelling circuitry off; this will save your battery for later noisy environments. Longer battery life can increase your expense, but it is a good investment.


Make sure to have in-depth research before purchasing your dream noise-cancelling headphones. In many cases, size creates a problem. Lose headphones will be uncomfortable with your head, whereas tight will suck the zing out of you. The heat will be more of a problem if it’s not in the right size for you.

The design

If you are a person who travels a lot, the headphone design plays a crucial role. Go and buy a foldable option. It will be helpful for efficient packing and storing. Being lightweight is another factor that helps to carry around easily. Design is a crucial factor In the long run.

Voice assistant

It is a lot easier to command for a task to happen than type or click each time. Voice assistant will make your tasks easy and manageable. From changing tracks to receiving a call is hassle-free with the feature of voice assistance. This feature will help while you are in the gym or taking a run.


If you are a person who continually forgets where you kept your keys or phone, a tracker feature is right for you. Tracker makes it possible to find your headphone within minutes. There will be no worries about losing it. It is one of the advanced features you can opt to have.


It is a proven fact that precaution is always better than cure. The feature of water resistivity can save you more money than not having it. We cannot predict in advance anything or be extra cautious every time. Water-resistance will keep your worries away.


Noise-cancelling headphones are often expensive, but that doesn’t mean only the costliest will work. First, figure how out how much you want to spend and the features you want to have. Even the decent price headphones work great, only some features will be missing there, but the purpose will be the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do noise-cancelling headphones eliminate every background noise?

A. No headphones can eliminate 100% of the background noise. Different brands have different noise-cancelling abilities. Sounds, especially of higher frequencies, are harder to minimize. The only way to have 100% no background noise is to use it while listening to music.

Q. How long does noise-cancelling headphones battery last?

A. The better the quality of the headphone, the more will be the life of the battery. The expensive one’s minimum battery life is 24 hours. Some can last up to 36 hours. Rapid charging is another great feature to look for while buying a noise-cancelling headphone. Some headphones allow you to listen with noise-cancelling circuitry off; this makes the battery last longer.

Q. Should I buy a noise-cancelling headphone?

A. Noise-cancelling headphones offer a different experience of listening. You can buy one if you travel regularly or love listening to music. These headphones can help you create a personal space to get your work done or focus more on your task. Research claims they are suitable for a good night’s sleep.

Q. Which is the best noise-cancelling headphone in the market?

A. Our top pick is the best headphone in the market. The features that make it top are high battery life, rapid charging, echo-cancellation, Swivel design, touch controls, inbuilt voice assistance, comfortable, durable, and it is Hi-Res certified.

Q. Which is better wired or wireless?

A. Wired are cheaper than wireless. It all comes down to your budget. Both will work similarly. The difference comes with the cable connected to your phone. Wireless is easy to carry around, so you won’t need to worry about the cable. Maneuvering is better with wireless.

Q. Are all good noise-cancelling headphones expensive?

A. Most of the effective noise-cancelling headphones is on the expensive side. But, there are also good headphones available at a reasonable price. Our list of products includes both kinds to help you choose the best for you, go ahead and pick according to your budget.

Q. Will noise-cancelling headphones cancel snoring?

A. Snores can be put in the category of background noise. Light music with it will help you eliminate near to 100% of background noise. So, yes, snoring can be blocked with noise-cancelling headphones. It is also known to be used for better sleep.

Q. Can noise-cancelling headphones damage hearing?

A. As the saying goes, too much of anything is bad. No, noise-cancelling headphones do not damage your ear. You may hear high-frequency hissing sounds that can sometimes be irritating, but they will not damage your ear.

Q. How noise-cancelling headphones work?

A. Noise-cancelling headphones come with inbuilt microphones that take in sound before you hear it. The sound is then worked on by a noise-cancelling circuit that notes the sound and frequency. Then an anti-frequency sound is created and mixed with the original sound and sent to the headphone.

Q. Why create noise-cancelling headphones?

A. Noise-cancelling headphones help airplane pilots have more focus during flights; this was the idea behind creating them in the first place. Dr. Amar Bose is the inventor who came up with the idea to build something that will help us concentrate better.

Our top pick from our list of products

As per our reviews and customer feedback, Philips Audio PH805 is the best pick for our list of products. The qualities which make it come to the top are

  • High battery life
  • Rapid charge
  • Echo-cancellation
  • Swivel design
  • Touch controls
  • Inbuilt voice assistance
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Hi-Res certified

Bottom line

We all want silence at least some point of the day. Noise-cancelling headphones give you just that. It will save from noisy office, train, bus to even people. Most of them are expensive, but it is worth it. You will notice you have done more of your work, calling quality is better, and you could enjoy your company more. The products above are just to elevate you, go ahead and opt for any of the above. You will regret not buying them earlier.

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10 Most Famous Piano Pieces of all Time

Piano pieces have always been one of the most beautiful creations of all time. We all feel quite relaxed with those beautiful musings that sooth our ears. Here is a list of few beautiful and famous Piano Pieces of all times.  Just have a look—

March Funebre – By Frederic Chopin

Composed in the year 1839 by Chopin, this masterpiece is also popularly known as The Funeral March. However, the third movement, whence comes the sonata’s common nickname, was composed in the early 1837.

Piano Sonata in C Minor, K 457 – By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is one of the first known sonatas by Mozart. Also, it is used as a teaching tool and for personal uses since then. The piano piece is divided into three parts, where each part tells different stories. But the last part is quite different from Mozart’s usual joyous and happy ending, but ends with a different sense of tragedy with a minor key.

Etudes Tableaux – By Sergei Vasilievich Rachmanioff

This piano piece by Rachmanioff is actually an inspiration. However, Rachmanioff never likely revealed the mystery about who or what exactly inspired him to create the masterpiece. The music is intense and gives you a feeling of doing something abruptly or making quick decisions.

Fantasie-Impromptu Op. 66 – By Frederic Chopin

Chopin is known for his soft, flowing pieces. But this one is a slightly different one with a fast pace beginning with a hint of sadness in the minor key. However, the pace does slow down after a few measures with a smooth melody.

Moonlight Sonata Op. 27 – By Ludwig Van Beethoven

This is one of Beethoven’s most famous pieces of all the time. it has a slow and steady pace which is composed with three different movements. It is one of the most commonly and widely played pieces with a beautiful melody.

6 Kavierstucke Op. 118 – By Johannes Brahms

This is a simple piano piece by Brahms which is inspired by Clara Schumann. Due to Clara Schumann’s arthritis, Brahms created this simple masterpiece so that there will be no issues for a person who is unable to play tough keys and also they will enjoy playing it.

Grande Valse Brilliante – By Frederic Chopin

This is known as Chopin’s first waltz and one of the most beautiful pieces ever. The piano piece is composed for a solo piano which has a very light and airy feel. I am hell sure you will stand up and dance with ease on this one.

Goldberg Variation – By Johann Sebastian Bach

This piano piece was written in the year 1741. There are a total of 30 variations and an aria which is said to be created by a man who had insomnia. The variations in the piece switch between genre pieces, cannons and the final quodlibet, ending once more with the aria with which it began.

Sonata in B Minor – By Franz Liszt

This beautiful piano piece by Liszt creates a grand scale which further divided into various subsections. This is one of the best piano pieces of all the time. And any new pianist will love to learn this masterpiece by Franz Liszt.

Diabelli Variations – By Ludwig Van Beethoven

This masterpiece is a recreation of Diabelli’s waltz. It changes its character and variation which creates a rosy mood ending it with intensity. The audiences do feel the final presence of grace in the variation.

These are most famous Piano Pieces of all time. All of us might not know how to play piano, but we do know how to feel the beauty of the melody.

To all Pianist Friends Out There:

Are you a pianist who is looking  forward to make it big out there? Here is a bonus tip: start with optimizing your social media profiles first. Then, start reaching out and collaborating with famous artists. Never lose an opportunity whenever you hear YES from another artists. Wish you all the best!


10 Best Jazz Songs of all Time


Since the late 19th centuries and the early 20th, Jazz music has become a lot more popular and also one of the most respected American Art forms. Today we have a lot of beautiful jazz songs as well as a number of amazing jazz artists. Here I have a list of some of the best jazz songs of all the time. Just have a look—

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy – By Julian Cannonball Adderley

The song was written by Joe Zawinul and was released in the year 1966. The soulful masterpiece was a surprise hit and it was written for Adderley’s album “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! Live at The Club”. The song was a number 2 Sould Chart hit and ranked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Sing, Sing, Sing – By Benny Goodman

The song was earlier recorded by New Orleans Gang and was released in the year 1937, but it’s the Benny Goodman’s version which is more popular. Released in 1937, July 6 the song is one of the best jazz songs of all time which will force you to dance along with it.

Strange Fruit – By Billie Holliday

Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday was released in the year 1939. The original of the song is a poem written by a teacher named “Abel Meeropol” protesting American racism. This song has been covered by a lot of artists since then and it has even inspired novel. It is undoubtedly one of the most chilling and haunting jazz songs of all the time.

Salt Peanuts – By Dizzy Gillespie

First released in 1942, “Salt Peanut” is bebop tune composed by Dizzy Gillespie. Honestly, the lyrics got no deep meaning but it is indeed one of the most beautiful and cheering jazz songs of all time.

Freddie Freeloader – By Miles Davis

This beautiful jazz song was written and composed by Miles Davis for his album “Kind of Blue”. The song was based on a guy named “Freddie” who frequently used to go ahead and watch Davis and his band performing without paying. It is Davis’s one of the most enduring compositions.

Birdland – By Weather Report

The song is a jazz-fusion instrumental composition written by Joe Zaniwal, the keyboardist of “Weather Report”. It was first released in 1977 in their studio album “Heavy Weather”. The song was nominated for Grammy Awards for the Best Instrumental Composition and was on number 1 on the Billboard Jazz Albums Chart in the year 1977.

Acknowledgement – By John Coltrane

Acknowledgment is a masterpiece by John Coltrane from his album “A Love Supreme”. Basically the song “A Love Supreme” is broken into four parts suite as “Acknowledgement”, “Resolution”, “Pursuance” and “Psalm”. “Acknowledgment” contains the “mantra” that gave the suite its name. it is indeed a spiritual awakening and one of the most powerful jazz songs of all the time.

Take Five – By Dave Brubeck

Composed by Paul Desmond, this beautiful jazz song was first released in the year 1959 and then re-released in the year 1961.  The song I performed by Dave Brubeck on his album “Time Out”. After its re-release, the song became an extraordinary hit and the best-selling jazz single ever.

So What – By Miles Davis

This is one of the most popular songs by Miles Davis from his album “Kind of Blue”. It is one of the best known examples of modal jazz. Truly a classic chosen for the jazz lovers.

What a Wonderful World – By Louis Armstrong

The song is written by Bob Thiele in the name of George Douglas and George David Weiss. It was first released in the year 1967 as a single. And then it topped the pop charts in the United Kingdom.  The song got many recognition and a peaked a lot of number one position in many regions around the World.

So here is a list of the best jazz songs of all the time. Jazz lover or not, you got to listen to these songs and groove once. You can thank us later!


10 Best Pop Songs of All Time


Pop music is quite a popular genre and we all love to listen to pop songs. From Mariah Carey to Ray Charles, the music world is filled with some great pop artists and they have done a tremendous job over the years. Here I have some of the best pop songs of all the time. Have a look–

Stand by Me – By Ben E. King

This song by Ben E. King was his first number 1 hit as a solo artist. Written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, this song also featured in the movie “Stand by Me” in the year 1986 as the title song.  The song is based on the spiritual song “Lord Stand by Me”.

Georgina on My Mind – By Ray Charles

In 1930, Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell wrote this as a tribute to Hoagy’s sister Georgina. The song was first recorded by Frankie Trumbauer in 1931 and became a hit. But in later year, it was again recorded by Ray Charles and this soulful version became more popular and also became a legend. His version topped the pop and country. In the year 1979, this song was officially adopted as Georgia’s state song.

Smells like Teen Spirit – By Niravana

This song by Niravana made history in the mainstream pop world. The video of the song is regarded as one of the most celebrated videos of all time. It depicts frightening, anarchic school rally. It also became a top 10 smash hit in the US.

Rehab – By Amy Winehouse

This song has history. It was one of the times when Amy was having a conversation with her producer Mark Ronson about how her father once convinced her to go to rehab once. And then she wrote this signature song of hers and recorded it. This amazing song bagged a Grammy Award and song of the year. Also hit the top 10 pop songs of the year.

Heartbreak Hotel – By Elvis Presley

Heartbreak Hotel is the first no. 1 pop hit by Elvis Presley. The song is based on a suicide news published in a news paper, which depicts a sad ending of a love relationship. The intense rock and roll and the soulfulness of the song made it the best selling single in the year 1956.

Superstition – By Stevie Wonder

Written by Stevie Wonder himself, this song was first recorded in the year 1972. Although it was written for the guitarist Jeff Back, Wonder himself had to record the song for some reasons. It hit the No. 1 spot in the US in 1973.

Fantasy – By Mariah Carey

This song became the number 1 hit on Billboard Hot 100. Mariah’s this blend of Pop R&B and light hip hop managed to gather quite hype and was driven by a sample of Tom Tom Club’s hit “Genius of Love”.

People Get Ready – By Impressions

This song from the 60s is a classic and it was written by Curtis Mayfield one of the member from the band Impressions. This song has managed to reach out to the public in a way that by many of the artists from Bob Dylan to Dionne Warwick, the song has been re-recorded.

Since You Been Gone – By Kelly Clarkson

This song by Kelly Clarkson was written by Max Martin and Dr. Luke. The song first appeared on her album “Breakaway’ in the year 2004. A bit of rock feeling was added to the song as insisted by Kelly. This resulted to a No. 1 spot at the US pop singles chart and Top 10 hit around the world.

Hotel California – By Eagles

This masterpiece by Eagles everyone’s favourite for quite a long year. With a mysterious lyrics and great music, the song reached the number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and also a received a Grammy Award for record of the year.

So here is the list of some of the classic and best songs of all the years. Pick your best one now and enjoy every bit of it. Also, if you think I have missed out on something, let us know in the comment section.


10 Best Country Songs of All Time 


Country music is an all time favorite genre. The culture from the Southern US has managed to gather a lot of attention since 1920s. However, the credit goes to our all time favorite country singers and performers. It’s because of them why country music is a popular genre. Here I have a list of 10 best country songs of all time—


Released in 2008, September 12, this country song by Taylor Swift is one of the best-selling singles of all time. The song is basically about Taylor’s love interest who was not quite popular among her friends and family members. She beautifully managed to co-relate her story with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet with a little twist. She replaced Romeo-Juliet’s tragic climax with a happy ending.


This song was Charlie Pride’s first single to reach the pop chart, peaked the number 21 on Billboard Hot 100. The song was released in October 23, 1971. It was written by Ben Peters.  The song tells us about a couple who are deeply in love. And everyone is wondering why the man is so happy all the time.  Here “Kiss and angel good morning” refers to his lover and to “love her like a devil” he is referring to himself.


This beautiful ballad country is written by Willie Nelson and recorded by several artists. But Patsy Cline’s recorded version was a number 2 hit in 1962. Though there have been a lot of artists who have recorded the song due to its genre-blending nature, the song remains popularly linked with Patsy.


This song is written by Chris Tompkins and Josh Kear which was released in 2005 in Carrie Underwood’s debut studio album “Some Hearts”. The song was highly popular at the time of its release and it reached the number 1 position and stayed there for continuously 5 weeks at the Billboard Hot Country Song.  The song is based on a woman who takes revenge on her potentially unfaithful boyfriend.


Ring of Fire is a country song written by June Carter Cash and Marle Kilgore. The song was first released in Johnny Cash’s album “Ring of Fire: The Best of Johnny Cash” in 1963. The song was ranked number 4 on CMT’s 100 Greatest Songs of Country Music in 2003 and number 87 on Rolling Stone’s list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.


The Dance is another popular country song written by Tony Arata and recorded by Garth Brooks. Released in 1990, it is considered to be Brook’s signature song. The song is based on a love story where he depicts the end of a passionate relationship and a story of someone dying because of something he believes in after a moment of glory.


This No. 1 Billboard Hot Country single by Australian country music singer Keith Urban is one of the favorites of all the time. The song has been remixed for the movie “Hoe to Lose a Guy in 10 days” and has been named as the number one country song of the first decade of the 21st century.


Released in 2012, this song was nominated for the Best Country Solo Performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Hunter revealed to “Taste of Country” about how he got the idea to write the song.  He said the song was actually an attempt to tell someone about something but he couldn’t. And this is why he took the way of music to tell that special person that they were great in the relationship together. Basically this ballad is an expression of a lover’s desire to feel wanted.


By 1990, Jones had not had a number one single in six years and that was when the critics started to write him off. Then Jones came up with this beautiful country song and stunned the music industry by remaining number one in the country charts for 18 weeks.  The song is based on a story of a friend who never gave up on his love; kept all the old letters and photos and all the memories hoping she would come back again. And when she came back, he already stopped loving her as he died.


The song is a mid-tempo ballad where Hunt, who plays the role of a barroom singer falling in love with a lady in distress, someone who is struggling with domestic abuse. Though at the beginning Hunt watches everything helplessly, later he takes action and helps her sneak out of the town with her baby. And Hunt is left behind letting her go hunt the new beginning of her life. This song became Hunt’s second consecutive single to reach number one on the “Billboard Hot Country Songs chart” in 2015.

So this is a list of some of the best country songs of all the time. Go through it, listen and enjoy every bit of it. Happy listening!


Top 10 Country Music Videos of All Time

Country Music by far is one of the favorite genres among music lovers. With a blend of ballads and dance, tunes played on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and pedal steel guitar, this popular music originated from rural Southern US, has made us fall in love with itself. Now I have a list of the best country music videos of all time. Have a look—

Love Story – By Taylor Swift

The video shows Taylor Swift remembering her past life and her love story with the guy in college she just met. Basically, a flashback, the “Love Story’ in the past ends well. And here once again they met in this new life. Unlike those other songs of Taylor! A Happy Ending!

Break Up With Him – By Old Dominion

A message to a girl and telling her to break up with her stupid boyfriend. This video is a light-hearted flirting one. The lead singer Matt Ramsay is the McFly, rocking out with the band and trying to woo a young woman away from her boyfriend with the help of multiple time-traveling versions of himself.  McFly is nothing in front of the big dude, but his lady love takes everything in control and they ride off in the DeLorean. The video actually pays homage to the 1985 sci-fi movie “Back to the Future”.

Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) – By Alan Jackson

The song’s lyrics are basically a reaction to the 9/11 attack in the United States. Written in the form of questions, Jackson tried to write it capturing the emotions surrounding the attack, but he found it quite difficult. Moreover, even after completing it, he was quite emotional while recording the song as he thought he was capitalizing on a tragedy. However, Jackson earned his first Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

Independence Day – By Martina McBride

An 8-year-old goes through her horror of watching her father drinking, listening to their neighbors’ whispers about how bad of a person her daddy is, and then her mother going through a tough time and eventually ending everything. It is basically a woman’s response to domestic abuse, seen from her daughter’s point of view. The video received quite a bit of controversy because of its graphic depiction of domestic violence, how everyone knew about it but nobody did anything. In the end, the little girl’s house gets burned down and her parents die. Thus, it’s an Independence Day for her Mother.

“Mr. Misunderstood” – By Eric Church

In a handwritten letter to his fans, “Eric Church” revealed that his three-year-old son Boone McCoy Church was the one who inspired him to write this song. Well, it shows in the video that a young guy tries to search for his true passion but unable to do so. And then he starts learning the guitar, discovers rock and roll, and eventually ends up fronting a band. Honestly, we find the song and the video quite motivating as the lyrics go like, “One day you’ll lead the charge, you’ll lead the band, Guitar hero with lighting lightning hands; And the girls will like your tattoo and the veins in your hand.”

Before He Cheats – By Carrie Underwood

A cheating boyfriend, a girlfriend full of rage, and his broken car. This video shows Carrie taking revenge on her cheating boyfriend by breaking smashing his car up. As she says, “Maybe this time he will think twice before he cheats.” Way to go Carrie!

Take our Time – By Sam Hunt

The song is a mid-tempo ballad where Hunt, who plays the role of a barroom singer falling in love with a lady in distress, someone who is struggling with domestic abuse. Though at the beginning Hunt watches everything helplessly, later he takes action and helps her sneak out of the town with her baby. And Hunt, as he already said in the song, “I don’t wanna steal your freedom, I don’t wanna change your mind”, is left behind letting her go hunt the new beginning of her life. Sam, we love you!

Live Like You Were Dying – By Tim McGraw

We all love Tim McGraw for his soulful voice with meaningful lyrics. “Live Like You Were Dying” is all about how you live your life. The video shows Tim looking through his life, with his past memories and all the things he had done in his life. And asks himself at the end, “What did I do with it?” The song won the Grammy Award in 2004 for the Best Country Song of the year.

Stay – By Sugarland

This video by Sugarland tells us the perspective of the mistress of a man who is cheating on her. As the lyrics say, ‘‘Why don’t you stay, I am down on my knees; I’m so tired of being lonely, Don’t I give what you need.”  The mistress grieves about her pain as she is tired of being lonely. But in the end, she changes her mind and says, “She deserves more than being with someone who will never be fully hers.” The video was voted the fourth greatest video of the decade on

Whiskey Lullaby – By Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss

A soldier is back to his home from his duty after so many years, happy and excited. He is finally going to see his wife after a long time. And he finds her cheating on him with someone else. Without any confrontation, he leaves the house, starts drinking to death. The wife, the other hand, blames herself and she too drinks herself to death. Want to watch the video? Grab a tissue. As the lyrics say, “The angels sang a whiskey lullaby.” *sob* *sob*!

A good song becomes great with a meaningful video. I have helped you out with some of the best videos. If you have any other n mind, let us know in the comment box.


Top 10 Most Controversial Music Videos of All Time

Controversies and entertainment are like two sides of one coin. They complement each other. Well our celebs and artists somehow manage to put controversy in almost everything they do. And it quite amuses me as we find few more gossip to munch on. Now that controversies make everything more interesting, there is a list of top 10 most controversial music videos of all the time. Have a look:

Only – Nicki Minaj

This video by Nicki Minaj gathered all the controversies when the animated video unknowingly (?) depicted Minaj as a powerful dictator from 1940s.Due to which, Minaj had to face a lot of questions and criticisms from the viewers as well as the critics. Minaj took the help of Twitter to appologise saying that it wasn’t her concept and she deeply regretted the fact that it offended others. However, thedirector of the video, Jeffrey Osborne told MySpace, “If my work is misinterpreted because it’s not a sappy tearjerker, sorry I’m not sorry. What else is trending?”

(s)AINT – Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson is widely known for his self-expression and repellent acts. This video by Manson provides the alternative version of a person’s sexuality and sexual preferences to the viewers. However, to be honest we find the video a bit disturbing with Manson cutting himself, masturbating or engaging in cunnilingus and it is indeed an explicit video which deserves quite a lot of controversy.

Jeremy – Pearl Jam

This video by Pearl Jam led to a hell lot of controversy when a mass killing perpetrator in 1996 revealed he was influenced by this video. Based on true story of a teenager named “Jeremy Delle” who shot himself, the video shows the torments Jeremy had to go through because of the bullies in school. However, the video ends with Jeremy killing his classmates.

Lemon Incest – Serge ft. Charlotte Gainsbourg

The video shows a 12 year old daughter who sprawled out on a bed beside her shirtless father. Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte Gainsbourg had to face quite a bit of anger and controversy because of their “Lemon Incest.” Taking on burning topics like “incest” and “pedophilia”, the father daughter duet inspired controversies about health, innocence and the manipulation of power. Well the lyrics say, “The love that we’ll never do together.”

The Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke ft. T.I. Pjarrell

With inappropriate lyrics, it is almost impossible for anyone to not to make a controversial video showing three grown men paying models to frolic around them topless. However, it is basically the lyrics that much more vulgar which says, “I know you want it” and “I’ll give you something big enough to tear you’re a** into two”. This led the song to be banned from multiple university campus in the UK. Seriously, who talks like that?

Born Free – M.I.A

This video was removed from YouTube because of its “violent contents”. However when it was first released in 2010, it gathered quite positive response from the viewers. The 9 minute clip portrays violence and shows cruelty and torture towards a group of red-haired young men in a desert by a group of armed men. The video ends with the youngest boy being shot in the head.

Heart Shaped Box – Niravana

Despite being a controversial one, this video won two MTV VMA awards in 1994. The video tries to talk about society’s quite a few issues like cancer, people’s hatred for each other, drugs, religion and stuff. It shows stuffs like a fetus in a blood bag, an old man being crucified and other metaphors to mean death. Creepy!

Do What You Want to – Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly

We don’t really understand how Lady Gaga chose R. Kelly a convicted pedophile to feature on this video. And cherry on top, the director for the video was Terry Richardson, the infamous photographer accused of sexual abuse and coercing. Te original video was never released but a leaked 30 second clip to TMZ, shows explicit contents. A hidden source even quoted to New York Post the video was “literally an ad for rape.”

Like A Prayer – Madonna

The controversy’s child Madonna released this video in 1989 with contents like “black Jesus”, Madonna trying to titillate him and her dancing around burning crosses. This cost Madonna quite a bit as The Pope publicly condemned her and she lost her lucrative endorsement with Pepsi. Why Madonna why?

Looking Hot – No Doubt

Despite of being quite a clean video among all these in the list, this video by No Doubt faced quite a bit rage because of its stereotyping and appropriation of Native Americans. Released in 2012, the band had to pull down the video almost immediately after it offended the Native Americans. However they later apologized to the Native Americans saying it wasn’t their intention to hurt anyone.

Well, we are music lovers. Controversies or not, we love to watch the video of the songs we like. And a bit of controversy in something makes it more interesting. So here is my list. If you happen to find anything new, please feel free to let us know in the comment box!