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Children Learning Reading Review – Updated (2022)

Parenting can be tough and it is indeed one of the most important jobs in the world! To ensure that your child gets the best of early learning, it is very important to introduce them to learning from a very young age. This can sound easy, but it is one of the hardest jobs. Nearly every parent storms their brains to find the perfect learning material for their children. 

This is perfectly normal as parents want the best education for their children. The foundation of this learning starts with literacy skills. Literacy skills play a vital role in the early education of your child. According to various research studies, phonemic awareness is extremely important and is a foundation for early learning. But this can be tricky, as many parents have no idea of where to start! However, to make this task easy, there are various learning programs, specially created for children in the age of two and above to make early learning smooth and effective. 

Children Learning Reading Program is a digital learning program, specially devised for children to help them to read from a young age. In this page, we will post detailed Children Learning Reading review for you. 

What is Children Learning Reading Program? 

Children Learning Reading Review - Detailed & Updated

It is a very unique learning method where parents are greatly involved in the learning of their children. This learning program is based on phonics and phonemic awareness instructions to help toddlers as young as two years old to read. 

This program is a very simple learning tool that provides a stage-by-stage learning method that helps young children to comprehend texts easily. It is a detailed 12-week course and is divided into two stages. It is further divided into fifty lessons which can be completed at your own pace. So basically, this program aims at teaching phonemics awareness to your child which will enable him to learn new words easily. 

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About the authors of the Children Learning Reading Program

It is a unique program that is created by Jim Yang and his wife Elena Yang, who are themselves parents of four children. The idea of creating such a unique program came into their minds while teaching their children to read. By incorporating all their experiences and knowledge, they have created a great learning program that will make reading fun and easy for other parents. 

For whom is the ‘Children Learning Reading Program’ made?

This unique learning program is designed for children belonging to the age group of 2 years old to 6 years old. It is designed for this particular age group as parents should start to teach their children from an early age to make them well equipped for the future. Various research studies also claim that early learning has a lot of benefits and can prove to be extremely beneficial in laying down your child’s foundation of education. 

However, this learning program needs active participation from parents as well. You will have to take out at least 15 minutes of your daily time and engage with your kids for this learning program.

Features of ‘Children Learning Reading Program’

The Children Learning Reading Program has a blend of a lot of unique features:

  • This course has a lot of basic information, relevant study guides, and background details. 
  • Tips and tricks to easily understand the sounds and hence understand words.
  • It provides knowledge on setting up a proper mindset, dealing with kids who are resistant to learning, organizing lessons and expectations. 
  • It includes e-booklets with lesson plans in detail, background details, and reading materials. 
  • It has auto-recordings which shows the proper way of pronouncing each phoneme independently. 
  • It offers several cue cards in a pdf format. These cur cards can be easily printed.  

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Types of packages

The Children Learning Reading Program comes in three types of packages: the foundation package, the standard package, and the premium package. The authors are so confident of their curated course, that they also offer a 100% full refund, 60 days questions-asked policy. Here are the details of these packages:

The Foundation Package: 

The foundation package is the basic package and is great if you want compact learning. 

Cost: This package costs $39. 

Contents of this package:

Being the basic package, here is everything that you will get in the foundation package:

  • Step-by-step guide of lessons of stage 1.
  • Lesson printouts of stage 1.
  • Videos of stage 1. (It showcases the author Jim Yang teaching his child with the stage 1 methods.)
  • MP3 audio clips and letter sound.
  • Common sight words.
  • Nursery rhymes.
  • Math workbook and learning numbers for children (even learning conversion of units such as 187 cm in feet). 
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • Free 12 weeks of one-to-one counseling. 

The Standard Package:

The standard package consists of all the contents of the Foundation Package and in addition to that, it contains more advanced modules. This will enable your child to get on with more advanced learning. 

Cost: This package costs $69.    

Contents of the package:

The Standard Package teaches a step higher than that of the basic package:

  • Step-by-step guide of lessons of stage 2. 
  • Lesson stories of stage 2. 
  • Lesson printouts of stage 2. 
  • Videos of stage 2. (It showcases the author Jim Yang teaching his child with the stage 2 methods.)
  • Free lifetime updates.
  • Free 12 weeks of one-to-one counseling.

The Premium Package: 

The premium package consists of everything that is included in the standard package. In addition to that, it has also several added modules.

Cost: This package costs $89.

Contents of the package:

The Premium Package has the following added modules:

  • Workshop and lesson videos for children: This DVD recording documents the teaching journey of authors Jim Lang and Elena Lang in 12 weeks. They use the prescribed methods in the course and teach their 2.5-year-old son, Ethan to speak and read English fluently. 
  • Detailed descriptive video: This video focuses on the program and explains it in detail. It also offers some tips which will help your child to read English fluently and confidently. 
  • One-click button printout for stage 2 lessons: Stage 2 of the module is advanced and consists of 22 videos. To ease your job of teaching, with a click of a button, you can take printouts of all the 22 lessons. 
  • Rhymes of stage 2: When it comes to young children, colorful pictures appeal to them in a more effective way than written text. In this context, you will get access to all the colorful illustrations of the rhymes in each section present in stage 2.    

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Why is a program like ‘Children Learning Reading’ important?

The Children Learning Reading Program is devised for children aged from 2 to 8 years. At this age, early learning is very important for a strong foundation. The Children Learning Reading Program is a great choice for your child, since like programs like these offer a lot of benefits for your child. 

  • Boosts your child’s IQ: Early reading makes your child smart. According to research, reading not only makes a child smarter but also improves his intelligence. It also helps children with the lower cognitive ability to learn effectively. 
  • Early learning makes children successful in the future: According to Matthew Effect, learning to read early can be directly related to future success. A child can turn out to be a poor reader and might have a difficult time catching up with his peers if he is not introduced too early learning. 
  • Early reading strengthens grammar: A great benefit of early learning is that it will strengthen your child’s vocabulary and increase his writing skills, reading ability, and self-confidence. It will also improve your child’s fluency and comprehension skills and will make him independent. 
  • Reading can bring a lot of knowledge: By introducing your child to reading from an early age, you make him knowledgeable. This is because he gets to learn new things from an early age. He can learn about a lot of different things like getting to know new animals, places, and a lot of other things, which he would not have known if he was unable to read. 
  • Early reading can enhance your child’s imagination: When your child gets access to reading from an early age, it opens up a new world of their imagination and comprehension. 

What is inside Children’s Learning Reading Program?

Children Learning Reading Program is a comprehensive learning tool for children. It has a lot of features and is very simple and easy to use. Here is an insight into this learning tool:

  • 50 fun lessons: The whole course is divided into two stages. The first stage has 28 lessons. It covers fundamentals that are essential for covering up the 22 lessons in the second stage. Both these stages are designed in such a way that it teaches your child the basic phonic knowledge that will enable them to read. Every stage has an accompanied detailed document that lays down instructions for your child to read. 
  • Short inputs: Short and crisp inputs are important when you are teaching your child to read. This learning program offers lesson formats that can be used to teach your child in a few minutes. Teaching your kids to learn to read can be tricky as they can get bored soon. A lot of texts do not appeal to a child, so using the hands-on learning technique and keeping the texts short can engage your child better. 
  • Full parental guidance: This product also offers a full parental guide. It not a lesson, where there are videos and some explanations. The authors have done a great job in guiding the parents behind their approach. This enables the parents to understand their task more easily and know the reason behind it. 
  • Hand-on learning: According to various research studies, children learn the reading process faster when they are presented with hands-on games. It is also a fact that children learn more from online games and hands-on gaming sessions rather than from solving worksheets and staring at a screen. 
  • Guidance to the parents if your child loses interest: Author Jim also explains in detail in the guides the ways by which your child will retain his interest. He explains beautifully that every child is unique and requires a different approach. He also highlights the fact that teaching should always be a fun process for both the parents and their children. The moment there is frustration, the process should be stopped.     

Pros – Children Learning Reading Program Review

The Children Learning Reading Program has a lot of benefits for your children. Here are the pros of this uniquely designed product:

  • This learning program can be started with children who are as small as two-year-olds. 
  • You get three packages to choose from and there is no monthly subscription required. It is a one-time buy.
  • Once you purchase your desired package, it is available for a lifetime. 
  • It is a proven system of learning. There are several testimonials of happy parents all over the internet! 
  • Detailed step-by-step techniques and guides are provided for every lesson. Parents who have no clue can easily teach their children by following these simple instructions. 
  • This learning program offers a user-friendly approach for children as well as their parents. 
  • There are three types of packages to choose from according to your flexibility and need. All three packages are affordable and have a reasonable price when compared to similar reading programs. 
  • There is a 100% refund policy if you wish to apply for a refund within sixty days of purchase of this product. 
  • It a very simple, illustrative, and easy-to-follow learning program.
  • The printed cur cards offered in this program are very engaging and effective for children. 
  • This learning program can be very effective as it is supported by scientific proof.  

Cons of the Children Learning Reading Program

The pros of the Children Learning Reading Program outweigh the cons of this program. Here are the cons of this program:

  • You need to dedicate at least 15 minutes of your time every day to this learning program. 
  • There is no mobile or tablet application for this program. It can be accessed through the website only. 
  • Several worksheets need to be done by your child to make them effective. You will have to print the worksheets for your kids.   
  • This learning program is only available in digital format and cannot be availed in workbook format. 
  • An active and continuous internet connection is required to access the course. This can cause a hindrance as many people do not have a dedicated and strong internet supply. Since internet supply is mandatory for this learning program, buy this product only if you have a dedicated internet connection.  

Does the ‘Children Learning Reading Program’ work?

Children Learning Reading Review 2021

The answer is a definite YES! 

However, the effectiveness of this program depends upon your child’s learning capability and your effort. Although the course is designed for 12 weeks, there is nothing wrong if your child takes an extra few weeks to complete the course. In the end, you should remember that this program should not feel like a burden to your child. Allow them to complete it at their own pace. 

If your kid is a slow learner, they will take additional days to complete the course. Also remember, that the effectiveness of this program also depends upon your dedication. As said before, you will have to spend at least 15 minutes of your daily time teaching your child. 

The Children Learning Reading Program follows a traditional learning approach. It focuses on developing a strong foundation for your child through the phonics approach. This helps the child to understand the sounds involved with every alphabet. This method not only helps your child to learn every individual alphabet but also enables them to read new words on their own. 

The Children Learning Reading Program has received a very positive response from parents. However, consistency and dedication are extremely important for your child to learn. If you open this course once a week then it will not give the same results as a daily practice would give.    

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. For whom is the ‘Children Learning Reading Program’?

The Children Learning Reading Program is specially designed for children who fall into the age group of 2 to 6 years old. However, this program is also helpful for kids who are above this age group. If your child is lagging or has difficulties regarding the topics offered in this program. 

This learning program can be used by: toddlers, kindergarten students, preschoolers, or any young kid. The author Jim Yang had taught all of his 4 children to read fluent English using this technique when they were under the age of three. 

Q. In how many weeks can I see a difference in my child’s reading ability?

The learning capability of children differs from age to age. However, if you spend at least 15 minutes of your daily time engaging your child with the program, then you should be able to see a difference in your child’s reading in about 12 weeks. 

Q. Why should I choose the ‘Children Learning Reading Program’ over other programs?

Most of the reading programs have a different approach. They follow the ‘look and say’ and ‘whole word’ approaches. This approach helps the children to memorize the shape of the words. This system is not effective for children who have the poor memorizing capability. 

When it comes to the Children Learning Reading Program, it focuses on building the foundation rather than making your child remember words. So it is much more incentive and fun for your child to progress. 

Q. Is it too late to start with this program if my child is above 6 years?  

It is never too late to start with anything! If your child is lagging and is having difficulties reading, then this program will help your child with the fundamentals. Author Jim Yang has used this program with many children aged 6 and 7 years old and has seen great improvements in their learning ability. 

The main focus of this program is to teach children the fundamentals of reading by enabling them to learn the proper technique of reading words. 

Q. Before starting the ‘Children Learning Reading Program’ should my child know the alphabet? 

The only pre-requisite of this reading program is that your child should be able to speak. The program is divided into two stages. The first stage focuses on teaching your child the alphabet and the sounds associated with them. 

Q. Is the ‘Children Learning Reading Program’ also available as a physical book?

The Children Learning Reading Program is available only in digital format. The worksheets attached at the end of the lessons can be printed out by parents. This learning program contains several audio clips, text-based guides, etc. 

Being in a digital format, you do not have to wait for weeks for your product to arrive. It can be accessed instantly after payment. It also reduces the overhead cost for Jim as he does not have to maintain a physical store and in the end, you benefit from it as you get the product for a low price. 

Another great benefit of this product is that if you lose access to the product for any reason then all you have to do is mail, Jim. He will send you another download link from where you can access your product- all for free! 

Q. Can more than 15 minutes be spent on the ‘Children Learning Reading Program?    

It has been found that many children are very curious learners and they want to learn to read. Being a very engaging program, kids might want to finish more than one lesson. So if you have the time and your child is very eager to learn, it is recommended that you spend more than 15 minutes per day. This way your child will become good readers even faster. 

It is a very unique and proven program whose sole purpose is to teach your child how to read in a very engaging manner. So if you have been looking for such kind of a product, then this program can be the best deal for you!

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