10 Laptop Bags for Women Reviewed

Laptops have become a necessity today in everyone’s life. And with that, the need to keep them secure and protected from outside has also risen. This coupled with the want of style has what brought us here today. Herewith the list of 10 laptop bags for women reviewed.

Given below are a few of the toughest and stylish Laptop Bags that one can find and easily purchase from Amazon:

WEWEON Laptop Bag

WEWEON Laptop BagThis is a large, multifunctional tote bag. The canvas is washable and the padding around the laptop pocket is good. If you are wondering what we mean by large, then here are the dimension: 19.00”x 15.5”x5.5” (length, height, width respectively).

There is an extra pouch provided just in case and the bag is suitable for all occasions. You can use it for work, for a party, and almost anything that comes to mind. Apart from the main Laptop pocket, there are multiple pockets provided for your use. WEWEON’s Laptop Bag comes in Black. It is a highly recommended product. The bag protects your laptop against impacts courtesy of the impact foam cushion.

WEWEON Laptop Bags have satisfied its customers and so remain in high demand.

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Keepwe Lightweight Best Laptop Bag for WomenKeepwe Lightweight Laptop Bag

With the external dimensions of 16.00”x 12.6”x2.8”, Keepwe Lightweight Laptop Bags may seem inefficient, but prove to be quite the underdog here. Firstly, as evident from the name, they are lightweight and weigh just around 600g. Secondly, they are waterproof. So you can now go out and enjoy a sudden downpour if that’s your thing, and not worry a bit about your precious Laptops or IPads as they remain securely zipped inside your Keepwe Lightweight Laptop Bag.

The protection and padding are of foam and work nicely in preventing any damage to your Laptop. As a bonus, you get to choose from two colors- Black and Blue on Amazon.

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Keepwe Messenger Shoulder Bag

Keepwe Messenger Shoulder BagOkay, if Keepwe Lightweight Bag does not interest you, then perhaps Keepwe Messenger Shoulder Bag should. Made up of Nylon, this product too is water-resistant. It can easily accommodate your laptop and the bonus is that it can be used by all men and women alike.

Keepwe Messenger Shoulder Bag too has similar dimensions of 16.1’’x11.8’’x 3.9” and can easily be used for your MacBook Pro. It does not develop an odor over time and comes in three colors- Black Blue and Khaki. While the Khaki seems a bit dim, we recommend the blue color.

You can purchase it from Amazon and with that, you can also buy a protection plan.

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ECOSUSI Ladies PU Laptop Bag

ECOSUSI Ladies PU Laptop BagPerhaps Nylon and Canvas are not your things. In that case, we say you take a look at ECOSUSI Ladies PU Laptop Bag. Unlike the previous entries, it is has a zipper compartment on the side. The letdown? It’s dimensions. It is a bit small compared to other products. It is 14” in length and can at most fit a 13”.

The look is very professional. Leather gives you an exclusive feel. Moreover, ECOSUSI offers choices in terms of color. You can buy a brown color or any other available color like Red Blue and Black. Perfect for professional use.

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CoolBELL Laptop Bag

CoolBELL Laptop BagCoolBELL Laptop Bags are designed for those who do not like much decorations or fancy on their bags. It is made up of Nylon, Oxford Cloth. Due to this, it is water-proof and does not get scratched easily.

CoolBELL Laptop Bag comes in two sizes and four color variants. You can choose the 15.6” size or opt for 17.2” one. In terms of color, you get Grey, New Grey, Black, and Purple. The 15.6” is enough for most daily-use professional Laptops.

A durable bag for those who like to do more. Definitely a product worth buying.

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Ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag

Ibagbar Canvas Messenger BagNext up is ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag. The name itself is a dead giveaway regarding the material of the bag. So we are only going to discuss the dimensions and features. ibagbar Canvas Messenger Bag can fit your 14” Laptop easily with enough padding to safely protect it.

There are many pockets, 9 to be exact. Apart from the main pocket for your Laptop, these pockets can be used to fill whatever else you may need for your work with ease. If you buy the Dark Grey color variant from Amazon.

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Wowbox Messenger Bag

Wowbox Messenger Bag
Wowbox Messenger Bag is for those who do not like monotonicity. That’s a big word. A break from canvas and nylon bags, we bring you a leather bag. But unlike leather, you will see no wrinkles or folds on the surface of this one.

WowboxMessenger Bag has dimension of 13″x10.5″ x 4.1″ (internal dimension). When you buy this product, you get magnetic clasp locks, and therein lies the dilemma, while the product is good, the locks are can become ineffective after prolonged use.
If you want to buy this product, we would advise you to buy the Green one which is priced a bit cheaper and affordable laptop bag for women.

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Brinch Multi-functional Best Laptop Bag for WomenBrinch Multi-functional Laptop Bag

Now let’s look at Brinch Multi-functional Bag. It is a Laptop Bag designed with your MacBook in mind. It includes an adjustable shoulder strap with padding to provide comfort while carrying and comes with a magnetic flap.

The magnetic flap lasts long. Brinch Multi-functional Laptop Bag comes in three sizes- 14”, 15.6” and 17.3”. Moreover, Brinch lets you choose from a wide range of colors including pink and black. Brinch Multi-functional Laptop Bag is made up of Suit Fabric to provide good protection to Laptops and iPads and everything else that you may carry in it.

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CoolBELL Laptop Briefcase

CoolBELL Laptop BriefcaseAlright, CoollBELL Laptop Briefcase is not really a briefcase, strictly speaking. But it provides the same amount of protection. Made up of Oxford Cloth, there is a waterproof lining on it as well. You can choose from Black Purple and Grey and if 15.6 “ is too small for you, then there is also a 17.2” size variant. It is the best laptop bag for business travel too.
It’s a resourceful bag developed for the modern professional.

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Letscom Shoulder Laptop Bag

Letscom Shoulder Laptop BagLetscom Shoulder Laptop Bag is stylish, to say the least. You can check them out yourself. The fabric of this product is made up of strong linen. It is a tear-resistant product that is designed for those who like to take the rough road.

This durable Laptop bag comes in two colors—Light Grey (with orange zipper) and Dark Grey ( with blue zipper). We leave you with the price and hope that you will explore the very features of this bag yourself.

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