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Movies & TV Series The Life of “Vin Diesel”: The Night-Club Bouncer Who Became a Hollywood...

The Life of “Vin Diesel”: The Night-Club Bouncer Who Became a Hollywood Sensation


So, you think any celeb from Hollywood becomes a sensation because they were born with a silver spoon? Wrong! There are a lot of celebs who have worked their asses off so that they can achieve what they have become today. These inspiring real life stories make us really proud and we just can’t stop appreciating it.

And guess who one of the most inspiring actors of Hollywood is? Our beloved “Dominic Toretto”.

Mark Sinclair was a “nobody” before destiny hit him hard and he was starred in 2011’s biggest hit Fast & Furious. We call him Vin Diesel.

Born in 16th of July, 1967, Vin Diesel never saw his real dad as he left before he was born. But, he was quite beloved by his African-American step father and his mother. Vin was brought up in California and had a very keen interest in acting as his step-father was an acting instructor and a theater manager.

As Vin grew up, his interest towards acting kept rising and he ended up studying acting and screenwriting in college. However, being restless and the urge of being an actor made Vin drop out from college in the middle and he ended up directing, writing and acting on his own debut venture, a short movie named “Multi-Facial”; which was screened at the Cannes.

If you think Vin was as bulky as he seems now, then no! it was during the time when he was working at a night-club when he started bulking and also acquired his current name.

In the year 1997 Diesel made his first full-length film named “Strays”; although the movie didn’t do well, still he was noticed by director Steven Spielberg and this is when he bagged a role in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”, which was a war classic movie.

Till 2000 Vin did a lot of roles; some worked and some didn’t. And then 2001 happened when Vin became a household name and a heartthrob around the World. The movie “Fast & Furious” became the biggest hit of the year and everyone fell in love with Vin’s character, “Dominic Toretto”. But that was not it. I the year 2002, Vin starred in “XXX Xender Cage” and bang! Vin entered the league of action heroes. Since then Vin has starred in a variety of roles. From being a “Witch hunter” to an “army dude”, or even an antagonist in movies like Riddick and Pitch Black, Vin rocked it all.

Fifteen years from when he was starred in “Fast and Furious”, Vin is now a millionaire with a net worth of almost $150 Millions. Not only money, he has earned the love of millions of hearts and is now among the beloved action heroes like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. We all love Vin and just like he said, “It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning’s winning.” And yes Vin! You won us all with a huge difference.

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