5 Things You Might Want to Know About Dr Martens

You may have heard about the famous boots, but did you know they’ve been around for more than fifty years? The popularity of the boots has been traced to the Who and their famous Soles. What’s more, the boots are resistant to oil, fat, and petrol. So, even if you’re a die-hard rock fan, you may not have known all of these things about Dr. Martens.

They’ve been around for more than fifty years.

The Dr. Martens have been around for more than fifty years and have endured a number of changes over that time. During the 1970s, Dr. Martens became the standard work boot for British police and the army, and they quickly became synonymous with the counterculture. Skinheads, gangs, and mods wore them, and they spawned various sub-cultures. Punk and goth have since come and gone, but the iconic shoes remain a staple of the youth subculture.

While Dr. Martens are known for its classic styles, the brand is always striving to keep its roots alive while staying relevant to consumers. The name 1460 boot is a reference to the date of its inception on April 1, 1960, and is a nod to the original designs and niche culture that made the company successful. The company has also collaborated with major fashion houses and brands, including Supreme and Bape.

The boot’s popularity can be attributed to The Who

The Who’s front man, Pete Townshend, was one of the first pop stars to wear Dr. Martens boots. It was 1967, the era of the summer of love. It was the defining moment for the new, padded footwear, which soon became the staple shoe of rock and roll. The Who credited their hard-rocking style to the shoes’ soft soles. They wore them during their energetic performances, and their popularity exploded.

The Who’s influence on Dr. Martens is a little known fact. The boots were invented by a German soldier, Dr. Klaus Maertens, who was injured skiing. During his time in the military, Maertens developed a new style of shoe using reclaimed material from the ravaged city of Munich. This unique style gained worldwide acclaim and even the name has become synonymous with tough, durable footwear.

Their Soles are resistant to Oil, Fat & Petrol

The soles of Dr. Martens’ footwear are made of a special material that protects them from oil, fat, acid and petrol. The air cushion in the sole makes it resistant to these substances. The footwear is renowned for its comfort and durability. The soles are also wear-tested in the street. The USPTO has received a description of Dr. Martens’ footwear for patenting.

Invented by a German doctor during WWII

These iconic shoes were first developed during World War II in Germany. During the war, Dr. Martens fashioned air padded soles in tire-based shoes. This aforementioned innovation led to a thriving business and global recognition for Dr. Martens. Despite their controversial history, Dr. Martens are now a beloved, well-known brand of footwear.

The story of the Dr. Martens footwear company begins in Munich, Germany, during World War II. Dr. Klaus Maertens, a 25-year-old army doctor, broke his foot during the war and was unable to walk on it for months. His idea was to create a shoe with an air-cushioned sole to offer better cushioning and traction. The prototype was made with discarded rubber from Luftwaffe airfields, and his idea became a worldwide phenomenon. Eventually, a British family bought the rights to produce the Dr. Martens brand in the UK.

Pope John Paul II had a custom pair of Dr. Martens

Founded in Northamptonshire, England, the footwear brand is known for its distinctive two-tone grooved sole edge and yellow welt stitch. Pope John Paul II was a frequent wearer of Dr. Martens boots, which are also popular with celebrities like Madonna and the Dalai Lama. A pair of custom white Dr. Martens boots was once even made for the Pope himself.

Today, the company sells 250 different styles of footwear in more than 78 countries, though the US still accounts for 60 percent of the company’s total sales. Despite the popularity of the brand, Dr. Martens is now owned by Permira, a global private equity firm that has experience backing iconic global brands. Its long-standing appeal is a major reason for the company’s growth. Originally a small orthopedic boot company, Dr. Martens has evolved into a British fashion icon. Pope John Paul II wears a custom pair of Dr. Martens to promote Catholicism.

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