Top 10 Country Music Videos of All Time

Country Music by far is one of the favorite genres among music lovers. With a blend of ballads and dance, tunes played on fiddle, banjo, guitar, and pedal steel guitar, this popular music originated from rural Southern US, has made us fall in love with itself. Now I have a list of the best country music videos of all time. Have a look—

Love Story – By Taylor Swift

The video shows Taylor Swift remembering her past life and her love story with the guy in college she just met. Basically, a flashback, the “Love Story’ in the past ends well. And here once again they met in this new life. Unlike those other songs of Taylor! A Happy Ending!

Break Up With Him – By Old Dominion

A message to a girl and telling her to break up with her stupid boyfriend. This video is a light-hearted flirting one. The lead singer Matt Ramsay is the McFly, rocking out with the band and trying to woo a young woman away from her boyfriend with the help of multiple time-traveling versions of himself.  McFly is nothing in front of the big dude, but his lady love takes everything in control and they ride off in the DeLorean. The video actually pays homage to the 1985 sci-fi movie “Back to the Future”.

Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) – By Alan Jackson

The song’s lyrics are basically a reaction to the 9/11 attack in the United States. Written in the form of questions, Jackson tried to write it capturing the emotions surrounding the attack, but he found it quite difficult. Moreover, even after completing it, he was quite emotional while recording the song as he thought he was capitalizing on a tragedy. However, Jackson earned his first Grammy Award for Best Country Song.

Independence Day – By Martina McBride

An 8-year-old goes through her horror of watching her father drinking, listening to their neighbors’ whispers about how bad of a person her daddy is, and then her mother going through a tough time and eventually ending everything. It is basically a woman’s response to domestic abuse, seen from her daughter’s point of view. The video received quite a bit of controversy because of its graphic depiction of domestic violence, how everyone knew about it but nobody did anything. In the end, the little girl’s house gets burned down and her parents die. Thus, it’s an Independence Day for her Mother.

“Mr. Misunderstood” – By Eric Church

In a handwritten letter to his fans, “Eric Church” revealed that his three-year-old son Boone McCoy Church was the one who inspired him to write this song. Well, it shows in the video that a young guy tries to search for his true passion but unable to do so. And then he starts learning the guitar, discovers rock and roll, and eventually ends up fronting a band. Honestly, we find the song and the video quite motivating as the lyrics go like, “One day you’ll lead the charge, you’ll lead the band, Guitar hero with lighting lightning hands; And the girls will like your tattoo and the veins in your hand.”

Before He Cheats – By Carrie Underwood

A cheating boyfriend, a girlfriend full of rage, and his broken car. This video shows Carrie taking revenge on her cheating boyfriend by breaking smashing his car up. As she says, “Maybe this time he will think twice before he cheats.” Way to go Carrie!

Take our Time – By Sam Hunt

The song is a mid-tempo ballad where Hunt, who plays the role of a barroom singer falling in love with a lady in distress, someone who is struggling with domestic abuse. Though at the beginning Hunt watches everything helplessly, later he takes action and helps her sneak out of the town with her baby. And Hunt, as he already said in the song, “I don’t wanna steal your freedom, I don’t wanna change your mind”, is left behind letting her go hunt the new beginning of her life. Sam, we love you!

Live Like You Were Dying – By Tim McGraw

We all love Tim McGraw for his soulful voice with meaningful lyrics. “Live Like You Were Dying” is all about how you live your life. The video shows Tim looking through his life, with his past memories and all the things he had done in his life. And asks himself at the end, “What did I do with it?” The song won the Grammy Award in 2004 for the Best Country Song of the year.

Stay – By Sugarland

This video by Sugarland tells us the perspective of the mistress of a man who is cheating on her. As the lyrics say, ‘‘Why don’t you stay, I am down on my knees; I’m so tired of being lonely, Don’t I give what you need.”  The mistress grieves about her pain as she is tired of being lonely. But in the end, she changes her mind and says, “She deserves more than being with someone who will never be fully hers.” The video was voted the fourth greatest video of the decade on

Whiskey Lullaby – By Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss

A soldier is back to his home from his duty after so many years, happy and excited. He is finally going to see his wife after a long time. And he finds her cheating on him with someone else. Without any confrontation, he leaves the house, starts drinking to death. The wife, the other hand, blames herself and she too drinks herself to death. Want to watch the video? Grab a tissue. As the lyrics say, “The angels sang a whiskey lullaby.” *sob* *sob*!

A good song becomes great with a meaningful video. I have helped you out with some of the best videos. If you have any other n mind, let us know in the comment box.

By Daisy Mali

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